Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12th, 2015 On Constant Watch

July 12th, 2015 On Constant Watch

One of the biggest blessings to come from this turnaround has been the ability to sleep well. I woke after seven and a half hours last night and felt great. Anyone who has experienced the ravaging effects of sleep apnea knows exactly what I'm talking about. If you're using your C-PAP and it fits well and works the way it's designed to work, you know what I mean. The difference is night and day. For me to sleep without a C-PAP and sleep well, breathing normally, and waking to the unmistakable feeling of being properly rested, is just miraculous. I'm very grateful. I also know from experience that my sleep apnea symptoms could very well resurface, even at a healthy weight. I hope and pray they don't. If they do, I'll get treatment. It's certainly something not to be ignored, ever. And I'm on constant watch, a high level of awareness, just in case.

Today was a rest day of sorts even with a workout. I took time to relax, prepare an exceptional Sunday brunch and relax some more. After yesterday's schedule and event--and mainly the moving of the equipment, I needed time to recover.

I made it to the YMCA today for a good cardio workout. I could tell I was feeling sore from the natural workout I received yesterday, so I opted for cardio only. And perhaps it was because of the soreness or maybe because of all the missed workouts last week, but wow--level 19 on the elliptical ride really challenged me today.

I made my way to Stillwater in order to finally get together with mom for her birthday dinner out. Her birthday was Thursday, we celebrated tonight with dinner and a good, albeit short, visit.
 photo A Mom Birthday dinner selfie_zpsepvllrqg.jpg
Mom doesn't look 70 at all. And no, she doesn't color her hair! We have a collection of mother/son selfies--this one from tonight as we were leaving the restaurant.

Our server tonight kind of looked at me sideways a couple of times as I was ordering with plenty of special requests. It wasn't anything different than how I always order the ingredients for chicken fajita crispy tacos... No beans, no rice, no cheese, no peppers and onions, no pico, no flour tortillas--empty corn taco shells instead--with a side of lettuce and sour cream. This order is why my favorite Mexican place close to where I live, only charges me six bucks plus tax... Chicken, lettuce, sour cream and taco shells. I do get tired of them occasionally--and when I do, I prepare something else at home--or order something else out.

I like the chicken fajita crispy tacos for a variety of reasons. The calorie count/calorie value is outstanding. The creaminess of the sour cream, the crunch of the shell, the coolness of the lettuce and the warmth of the chicken--it all combines to make a very flavorful and satisfying experience. The chicken from the place (one of our favorites) we dined this evening is the best I've had. The flavor is above and beyond any other I've tried.

Tomorrow starts a very busy week with play rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performances starting Thursday. We're having a dress rehearsal of sorts tomorrow night because the reviewer is coming. We'll also be short staffed at the studio with one of my colleagues taking vacation time. It could get interesting!

I will plan to the best of my ability and if it gets stressful, I'll be reaching out for support to help me through.

Weigh day is coming up on Wednesday. It will complete the first three weeks of maintenance. I'll take the number and use it to adjust. I'm pretty sure I've lost some more. I can feel it. And I'm not too worried about it. It will take me a bit to find my maintenance groove and that's okay with me.

I found a pair of size 32 waist Lucky Brand jeans in my closet. They were gifted to me a long while back. I tried them on and realized, I don't think I'll ever be a size 32. I kept them in case I somehow fit into them at some point. They fit over my behind just fine...but there's no way to button them...and since both sides were firmly against my hip bones, I doubt even excess skin removal surgery someday will put me into size 32. Size 34 waist? Possibly. Not 32. I laid them out so I'll remember to donate them to the Salvation Army. Someone is going to be very happy with these jeans!

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  1. Why no peppers and onions on your fajitas? I see you do eat them.

    1. I'll typically skip the onions and peppers at a restaurant because they're most usually prepared in oil and depending on the place, a lot of it... I eat them at home because I know what I'm using to cook them...just a little olive oil spray and measured heat! :) Good question!

  2. Loved the photo with your mom. I don't color my hair, either, but lately I've been thinking I may take the plunge. A little too much salt is beginning to mix in with the pepper, I think. :}

    Too bad we don't live closer! My son is 6'2"" and wears a size 32. Yes, he was spared the short fat he can wear those long skinny jeans. :D Yeah. I'm a riot, I know. Snicker.

    So happy to hear about the good sleep!


    1. Thank you, Deb! I'm afraid I have hair from my father's side of things. I'll be going salt and pepper gradually over the next 10 years... And full on gray the following 10... But the trade off is, I get to keep the hair!
      Yeah, those jeans-- they aren't fitting me no matter what, I'm afraid! And that's cool!

  3. I don't have apnea, but I've suffered bouts of insomnia many times over the years. I've noticed better and longer sleep when I'm consistent with exercise and eating low- to moderate-carb. Your mom looks great!

    1. Glad you're getting more rest! The connection between how we're taking care of ourselves and the positive effects is crystal clear!
      Doesn't she? I love her so much! Ty, Rachel!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mama! You guys look so much alike. Every time I say that to someone my dad will say... "You don't get pears from a apple tree!" LOL he cracks me up! Sorry, again random.
    So, yea, I'm struggling. I know you don't really care but I feel I had to say it. You do so well. Heck, everyone is doing so well... Not struggling that I'm gaining but if I'm not careful I can start going the other way. I've maintain the loss now for to many months. I know I can do that. Now I have to get my as# in gear and lose the final 30 lbs! PUSH me Sean! ha lol... I don't want to get comfortable at this weight. On another note...
    What men are in size 32 waist jeans?? I KNOW no one.. that is a very small man!
    Take care!

    1. Oh Rosie, I do care. Where you are is a place where it's very easy to get complacent. It feels great to be where you are compared to where you've been. Congrats on maintaining very well, you should be proud of this. It's a sign that you've found a good personal groove for maintainence... Now, if you're ready and truly desire another 30 pounds of loss...ask yourself, what changes, what modifications do you need to your plan in order to give yourself the results you desire? Bring it home, Rosie. Do it for you!!! Prove to yourself you can, because you can!!!! And the difference between where you are now and where you'll be in 30 pounds, might not be huge physically-- but mentally and emotionally, monumental... Bring it home, Rosie. You deserve it, my friend.

  5. Hi Sean, I've been away for awhile but am trying to get back to blogging. I was just recently taken off my C-PAP and it still worries me a little. I have about 20 to 25 pounds to lose but used to be much heavier. Wish me luck. Your mother is cute and doesn't color her hair? Lucky woman!

    1. I totally understand that feeling of anxiety that occurs when you're released from using the machine. Your body has undergone so many changes and this is part if it... I hope and pray your positive results and effects of your weight loss continue to give you great rest without it. Congrats on your weight loss to date! And understand, if ever those symptoms come back, you can go back to the C-pap therapy. Some are never able to do away with it--and I know of people who have never been overweight and they need and use a cpap machine every time they sleep... I'm just glad you're resting well right now... If that ever changes, you'll immediately know it-- and can address it.
      Thank you for the mom compliment-- she's the greatest!


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