Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30th, 2015 Every Single Bit

July 30th, 2015 Every Single Bit

My speaking engagement was a good one today. It needs a little refinement/tweaking, a little more order, but for the first time speaking of it all instead of writing about it, I think it went well. It's a powerful topic, this whole self-worth/identity stuff-- a smart move for me would be to temper the emotional exploration with a few more laughs. I'm an experienced comic. I can handle that!

My plan wasn't to eat lunch at the event, but the offer was there and everyone else was eating--and we were at the hospital cafeteria with some decent choices, so I decided to go ahead with lunch prior to speaking. I selected some options I felt good about (see tweet below).

One of the members of the civic organization, knowing I was speaking today, stopped by the local Opportunity Center and picked up a special guest to join us. Lance is a longtime listener of my radio show. His memory is impeccable. He can bring up things I've talked about on the air from years ago. He's a devoted and loyal listener. And he's really the epitome of a positive perspective. Lance is blind and has a prosthetic leg. In fact, he showed me his new leg today. He loves it because it's much more comfortable than his last. With all of the challenges Lance faces everyday, he makes time to smile, to laugh and to enjoy the things he loves. I'm honored that one of those things is my radio show. Seeing him and witnessing his reaction to my, "Hey, Lance," made my day. Talk about inspiring. That kid, wow, very inspiring.

I hurried back to the studio for some production work before getting to a doctor's appointment at 2:15pm. I have a blister on my inner/lower lip. I'm not sure how or why it came about--but it was bothering me enough to get it checked out by my doctor. It turned out to be nothing serious. My doctor shared the story of when he had the exact same thing. He tried to take care of it himself, but it kept coming back. Finally he made an appointment with an ear-nose-throat doctor and they were able to take care of it once and for all. He recommended the same for me, then made the referral. I'll spare you the gory details of the needle... and yeah--it might take care of it, but just in case, the ENT appointment will if it doesn't.

After the doctor's visit, I wasn't feeling my best. I came home, prepared a substantial snack or "lunch part 2," if you will and made my way into a long nap. Upon waking, I decided to declare today a rest day from exercise. Seemed like a reasonable choice today. It wasn't my plan going into today, but it was certainly needed tonight.

I prepared a good dinner and simply relaxed. That did feel good. Tomorrow's a very busy day with my show starting at 6am and location broadcasts from 9am to 2pm, likely followed by production time back at the studio. I'll make sure to have a good breakfast and some snacks packed for the extended midday before a late lunch tomorrow afternoon. It sometimes takes a careful plan to follow my plan. But it's worth the effort. Every single bit.

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  1. Glad to hear the speaking gig went well and that your long-time listener was able to enjoy you in person. How heavy were you when you first started using the elliptical machine? If I can build enough courage I might join a local gym. Starting off I may only be able to handle the treadmill, but I would like another low impact option for my knees. I tried the elliptical years ago, but didn't quite catch on and felt like I was either too heavy or just doing it wrong.

    1. Good question, LTR. I think I was in the 370's when I started doing level 2 on the elliptical. I took it very slow...gradually increasing the levels every month or two--eventually making it to where I am now, on level 19. Starting with the treadmill is a great idea. I think you're making a fantastic decision to get the membership!! Seeing Lance was a joy!

  2. Ok, first, you didn't miss a post... I posted that and not sure what happened until I refreshed... so anyway... glad you blister is gone! That is an odd spot for a blister and must of been a bit uncomfortable. Glad its gone.
    Nice looking lunch-es... :)
    Glad your speaking engagement went well, too.
    Have a great day!

    1. Glad you refreshed! :) Yeah--the blister isn't completely gone, but it'll get there. The ear, nose and throat doctor will get it gone for good with his procedure for these type of things.
      Thank you for the lunch(es) compliment! LOL Hope you day was awesome, Rosie!


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