Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10th, 2016 Tomorrow, It's TODAY on NBC

April 10th, 2016 Tomorrow, It's TODAY on NBC

I couldn't sleep last night. Like an excited kid the night before a big trip--I tossed and turned and finally, after less than an hour of sleep--and restless sleep, I jumped up. The flight out of Oklahoma City this morning was set for 6am. I needed to be parking my car by 4:30am at the very latest!

In a situation like this, it's important for me to tighten my embrace of the fundamental elements I make important each day, not loosen them in the name of the trip. Traveling and experiencing stunningly surreal happenings isn't a reason to relax my plan. Of course, it was my reason to do just that on so many past occasions throughout my lifetime of morbid obesity. Recently, someone commented something to the effect of, allow yourself a good meal while you're in New York. The thing is, I allow and enjoy good meals every single day! If I didn't genuinely enjoy my food choices, I wouldn't be here, today.

I can't tell you how many trips I've taken in my life where I was convinced the food and quantity of food was the key element in making it a great time. Being out of the food fog opens me up for new perspectives to come through. Now, I realize some of the greatest things about a trip like this--and usually, they're things I wouldn't have appreciated any other time in my life. Please don't get me wrong--there's not a single thing wrong with a passionate appreciation of good food, especially on a trip--and New York has good food wherever you look!! Remember, I'm referring to boundaries specific to me, developed in consideration of my experience/history.

Maintaining the integrity of the plan away from home requires a higher awareness and a willingness to plan well. I was cutting fruit, weighing it and bagging it for my carry-on bag very very early this morning. If I have what I need, I won't fall for what I don't.

I stayed in close contact with support friends today. And I even had a chance to meet up and enjoy lunch with Eileen, a member of our support group conference calls!

By the time I took a nap this evening--I was toast. And it was truly one of the best naps I've experienced in a very long time. It was solid.

Oh--almost forgot-- The first person I ran into after exiting the car at the hotel this afternoon was Jay Leno!! He just finished a fast Oh wow--it's Jay Leno conversation with some others, so I almost didn't say anything--but then I couldn't help myself. We talked about stand-up--he asked me where I was from and what I was doing here. I told him--then a few more seconds about comedians we both know and what they're up to these days. It sounds like a lot--but seriously, I'm pretty sure we crammed it in quick, within 30-45 seconds. And I didn't ask for a picture with him--because don't you know he likely gets that constantly, wherever he goes, every single day... but as he walked away, I immediately wished I had politely asked for a selfie. Given how much influence his career had on me as a young kid and helped encourage me towards stand-up---I can't believe I missed the opportunity. But on the other hand, I was proud of myself for keeping my fandom in check!

Tomorrow's a big big day. I'll wrap this post with some pictures and the Live-Tweet Stream from today's traveling experience. Thank you for reading. It's TODAY on NBC, tomorrow!!!!

Oh--and by the way--please don't worry if you miss it LIVE (it'll be in the last hour of the program)--because a link to the entire segment will be up not long after it airs live. It'll be on my facebook, twitter and this blog, later--tomorrow night or early Tuesday morning!

 photo IMG_0884_zpsxoujf755.jpg
Radio City Music Hall is right across the street!! Fascinating to me! I'm super excited--can you tell? :)

 photo IMG_0816_zpsw3b4tin5.jpg
This was very cool. I've never had someone hold my name up at the airport! He was such a nice man. What a wonderful experience visiting with him on the way to the hotel. Great first interaction with a native New Yorker!

 photo IMG_0853_zpspzoiscw9.jpg
Studio 1A-- This is where Today on NBC happens!

 photo IMG_0827_zpsksgja0ao.jpg
30 Rock Selfie

 photo IMG_0841_zpspuqpnejy.jpg
Eileen Watkins-Dunne lost an incredible amount of weight before experiencing a relapse/regain. She's now lost 97.5 as she works back toward her healthiest weight!! Eileen is a proud member of the support groups I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri and Kathleen Miles! It was wonderful to meet Eileen in person! Thank you for making that happen, Eileen!

I'm surprising not beside myself silly-nervous. I feel a nice calm. I hope and pray that calm continues!

Today's Live-Tweet Stream:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. Best of Luck on the Show. Looking forward to watching

  2. Oh my golly! I am so excited for you! I'd have eyes like that if I were to visit anywhere in the States I think! But Radio City! Wow!!! Break a leg!

  3. You're awesome!!! So excited for you ��

  4. You're awesome!!! So excited for you ��

  5. Your segment was just a "flash" - over almost before it started. Ohhh
    I thought they'd let you explain a LOT of your journey but it was skimming the surface. Oh well, better than what time they gave the girl they had on with you. What a great experience Sean! Can't wait to see what comes from this.

  6. You were great today Sean! Are you staying at Ckyb Quarters? That's where we stayed. Like you, I concentrated on exploring NYC, rather than eating mostly because the whole trip was due to my weight loss. It didn't seem right to make a pig of myself eating anything and everything I wanted. I also enjoy the simple pleasures of being normal sized, not only on airplanes but everywhere. This morning in my htsucal therapy the therapist commented that the table was squeaking loudly as he lowered it so I could get off. My first impulse was to point out that the squeaking was probably due to my weight, because for so many years I dreaded any kind of mechanical/electrical chair, etc., fearing them when I went to the dentist or hairdresser because if they malfunctioned it WAS due to my obesity. These are such simple things. Things that most people don't even think about, but to those of us who have been morbidly obese, these experiences can be terribly humiliating and I NEVER forget it could easily be my reality again if I don't stay committed to my new lifestyle. Thanks for the reminder of how important those seemingly inconsequential NSVs really are!

  7. Sean - enjoyed seeing our hometown celeb on national TV - you are a wonderful inspiration. It made me aware of your blog. Will be following you on your blog!

  8. Sean - enjoyed seeing our hometown celeb on national TV - you are a wonderful inspiration. It made me aware of your blog. Will be following you on your blog!


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