Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14th, 2016 Calling An Audible

April 14th, 2016 Calling An Audible

Keeping it relatively short tonight and getting more sleep. It was a very busy-productive day on many fronts--and proudly, I can say: I maintained the integrity of my weight maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my water goal, grabbed a great workout and was active in spot-support exchanges via text.

The original plan tonight was to have my oldest daughter and her husband over for dinner. I planned on grilling. Instead, time became short--and when a grocery trip was needed before I could start dinner, we called an audible and decided to dine out.

I planned on grilling some really good, lean burgers--and using a sugar free/flour free sprouted grain Ezekiel bun for me. When we changed plans--I decided to still have a burger...if, I could get the restaurant to use my Ezekiel bun instead of theirs.

This was by far the boldest request I've ever made at a restaurant. It was a little easier to do considering this is a place that knows me very well. In fact--in my 500 pound days, this was a frequent spot for me. The staff, especially ownership/management, are all the same as back in the pre-transformation days. I rarely dine there--maybe a few times a year now--but back then, oh my-- at least a few, maybe more, per month. They've witnessed my transformation and they know how important I make what I do--and they've always honored special requests.

Tonight's request was received with enthusiasm. Not only did the owner accommodate my request, she also copied down the information about sugar/flour free Ezekiel and mentioned considering making it available for their customers. That's very cool.

Tomorrow starts a very VERY busy weekend for me. I have a midday speaking engagement for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a fundraising golf tournament for which I'm on the host/organizing board (and unfortunately can't play in--not that I play--but it's a scramble, so it doesn't matter how horrible I play), a three to five pm location broadcast at a car dealer followed by traveling to my hometown comedy club to open two stand-up comedy shows tomorrow night (and two shows Saturday). I may have stretched my schedule too thin. It will take some exceptional planning and strategic maneuvering to insure my success. We'll see how this unfolds!

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  1. Sean, you have a lot more, shall we say, "Chutzpah," than I do when it comes to asking restaurants for special accommodations. I have taken food from home with me to restaurants, but I always use it discretely, so the servers don't notice, specifically a small container of my low-cal ranch dressing for both salads and as dip with fresh veggies. Several restaurants offer these great salad/veggie options but have no low-cal dressing available, so if we are going to one of those places, I try to remember to put a small container of MY dressing in my purse. Then I quietly take it out of my purse, use it and put it away. Like I said, NO CHUTZPAH! Good on you for having the determination, courage and nerve necessary to ask for these special accommodations. This is what it takes, and you've got it!


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