Friday, April 8, 2016

April 8th, 2016 I'll Keep Checking On That Status

April 8th, 2016 I'll Keep Checking On That Status

Blessings are all around for me this week. I'm full of enormous gratitude. And these blessings come right in the middle of some of the busiest days I've experienced in a long time. I think that's good, actually. The busy schedule challenges me to be extra aware and reminds me to embrace the fundamental elements of my continued maintenance, tightly. 

Stability can be easily sacrificed in the middle of high stress and emotions. I mean, seriously--you're reading the blog of a professional stress/emotional eater! It really wasn't that long ago when my solution to almost everything was more food. The key to refraining from that sacrifice, for me, starts with acknowledging that food isn't a fixer. Food isn't a therapist. Food's only job is to nourish my body. And this acknowledgment pushes me in the direction of facing feelings--instead of stuffing them, and handling stress with action instead of retreat. Staying centered spiritually through my private/personal prayer and meditative time is imperative--and staying in regular contact with good one on one and group support connections is critically important for me in this process.

One of the big differences between my initial weight loss and my turnaround from relapse/regain is an awareness and appreciation of how the slip and slide can start. The humbling experience of regain cemented the fact that I'm never beyond relapse. My continued maintenance isn't guaranteed. I don't "got this," I only have the rails of support I've installed within my plan.

Taking what I do seriously, each and every day--while doing it in a way that makes it easy to laugh, smile and enjoy life along the way, and always remembering that I'm only as stable as my next good choice--keeps me well.

The outpouring of support surrounding Monday's Today Show appearance has been like having a birthday on Facebook every day, all week long. You know what I mean? Your birthday hits and suddenly your Facebook page lights up like the 4th of July and Christmas rolled into one! I'm immensely grateful for this level of support. At the same time, I struggle with the fact that sometimes, and especially of late, I can't keep up--because I want to personally say, "thank you" to each and every post--and every comment.

Today was long. I finished my morning radio show a few minutes early in order to travel twenty-five minutes away to a rare early-morning location broadcast. I grabbed some almonds and water immediately after because I knew lunch would come a little later than normal. I made my eye brow waxing appointment (omgoodness--my uni-brow is relentless. My eye brows grow at pace rivaling the late-great Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes), grabbed coffee and headed to the station for production work. I didn't leave the studio until after four pm. Kristin gave me a ride to the repair shop for my car--then it was home for a fast one on one support call--and a much needed nap. 

My head hit the pillow not too long after News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City presented a feature story on my weight loss and upcoming trip to New York. My phone immediately lit up with loved ones and friends congratulating me on the segment and also with Facebook notifications. I spent some time conversing with a few friends before setting a couple of nap alarms, insuring a well rested and productive Friday night. I prepared a good dinner and enjoyed a fabulous workout, too.

It's been a well rounded day!  

A big thank you to Lance West, the anchor in the following segment--and much gratitude to Lacey Lett and photojournalist Kevin Josefy for a superior job and a tremendous honor:

What a cool coincidence that this story started at precisely 5:05pm? 505 was my starting weight in September 2008.

Tomorrow starts early with a location broadcast from a big grocery store followed by packing and preparing for the 6am Sunday flight from Oklahoma City.

These are exciting times on the DDWL! I feel like I'm navigating it well. I'll keep checking on that status!

Today's Live-Tweet Stream:

Thank you for reading and watching! And thank you for your continued support,


  1. Really exciting! Congrats on receiving so much positive recognition for your hard work. You're an inspiration.

  2. Enjoy your Today Show experience. I return-messaged you on FB, with some insight that you may or may not find helpful. I guess my only advice is to take it all in and ENJOY ever moment. I know I did, and I still have such great memories of that NYC trip. So does my husband, and I know a great deal of that has to do with the fact that it was pre-cancer diagnosis, and we were so much more care-free back then, although we weren't even aware of it. A few short months after our return we got the stage 4 diagnosis, and life since then has never been the same. So I just try to appreciate all the opportunities my weight loss has given me, as I know you do. The greatest gift though is life, and I really do try to live in the moment and enjoy it all! Good Luck!!! (I know you don't need it.)

  3. How cool
    Thanks for posting it I wouldn't have seen it otherwise .. You know being down under and all
    Proud of you

  4. Have the "record" set for the Today show for Monday! Can't wait to see how great you do! Life may not be the same after this - be prepared......

  5. So proud of you. Please don't forget us when u become famous and you will!!!!Robin W.

  6. Enjoyed the News Channel 4 story about you, Sean. Thanks for posting it.


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