Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12th, 2016 Like Opening Gifts

April 12th, 2016 Like Opening Gifts

I needed more time tonight in order to share all I wanted to share about the New York-Today Show trip. I'll wait until tomorrow to go into detail.

The biggest difference as far as maintaining the integrity of my plan, for me, was found in the perspective I chose to embrace. It wasn't too many years ago when a special occasion, like this trip, would immediately come with a declaration of defeat. I cannot count the number of times I've said "Well, obviously it's going to be too hard to stay on plan while I'm away--so I guess I'll just do the best I can," which wasn't truthful, ever.

The key phrase here: "...the best I can..." leaves plenty of room for me to play the victim card later, as in, "I was trying to do the best I could--but you should have seen that menu--it was impossible," or "I was famished between flights--and I was trying to do the best I could, but you know how hard it is in a food court!! What's a person to do?"

The words, "I guess I'll do the best I can" is closely related to another phrase I once said all the time in regards to losing weight, the ever popular, "I'll try." Both of these phrases, for me, was always code for: Off-plan, full throttle every step of the way. Yoda said it best: "There is no try. Only do or do not."  I might be paraphrasing Yoda.

I could always formulate fantastic reasons why it couldn't work--and each one with a set of circumstances I could mentally manipulate in order for me to feel good about it all. I was letting myself off the hook. And then, I'd pat myself on the back for being kind to myself in the process. But is it valid? Was ditching my plan of taking extraordinary care and proceeding to stuff myself to excess really being kind? 

Shifting the perspective from "This can't possibly work," to "How can I prepare for this to work in harmony with my plan?" 

For me, now, it starts with my personal set of non-negotiable elements: I will maintain the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget and I will remain abstinent from refined sugar. Those two things are not up for debate. The calorie budget is certainly adjustable if the time comes and it's determined my body needs more to maintain a healthy weight. But it's not adjustable simply because I'm on a mini-vacation. The adjustable approach works well for some--and if that works for you, perfect. For me-- I know, I'd take full advantage. I simply need more structure than most. And that's ok. The abstinence from refined sugar is a super solid non-negotiable. I won't say I'm never going back to eating refined sugar. But I'll say this--I pray I never do. I just can't imagine anything being worth trading away the mental clarity, peace and calm being refined sugar free has created. 

How did I plan for this trip to work well for me? I'll go into more detail in tomorrow night's edition.

Sorry for the cliffhanger! I could seriously write all night. But I'm back on my show tomorrow morning! Sleep calls.

 photo thumb_IMG_4317_1024_zpsnhwsar5a.jpg
In the TODAY Show studio.
It was great getting back to the Team Radio Studios this afternoon. I slept in really well. Made it to a 1:30pm meeting and jumped into production soon after. I accomplished quite a lot before a full evening that included the weekly teleconference support group I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri and Kathleen Miles, preparing an amazing dinner and getting a super workout.

I'll admit, I'm still a little buzzed after the NYC experience. And I'm especially grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support that's come my way. Reading the supportive messages and comments has been like opening gifts, constantly. Thank you.

Today's Live-Tweet Stream:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. I'm studying your menus and just wonder, how/where do you get the egg whites you use in your omlets? And if you're separating eggs, what do you do with the yolks?

    1. Bonnie, I separate the egg whites by hand. I toss the separated yolks. My decision each day on how many whole vs. whites to use depends on what else is on my plate for that particular breakfast. Two and Two seems to be the norm... but sometimes it'll be 3 whole-- or 1 whole and three whts--just depends on how I'm structuring the meal--and how I'm maneuvering the calorie budget in order to keep it reasonable. Thanks for the questions!

    2. Thanks, Sean, I have to get over my fixation on "wasting" food...it leads me to eat things just so they aren't thrown out and to eating anything that's "free". It all ends up on me! You are so inspiring, I have started using your tweets as menu suggestions!

  2. Of course your coffee tastes better from your TODAY mug!!! Lol! I can't stop watching your segment!


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