Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 17th, 2019 All The Plates

October 17th, 2019 All The Plates

Since our last edition, I've maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've exceeded my daily water goal, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

This week has been a turbulent re-entry into my regular schedule. The elements of my daily practice have been good but it's certainly taken extra measures to navigate. The lesson learned for me: After an exceptionally involved trip, take a "buffer" day off for rest in between the trip and returning to work! Next time!

Mom and I were invited over to Irene and Allen's place the other evening for dinner and visiting. I was surprised to receive the invitation considering both Irene and my youngest, Courtney, are recovering from surgery. Allen did the cooking, so Irene and Courtney were able to relax and rest. The prepared meal looked incredible and most of the time I can find a way to make it work into my food plan, but I couldn't with this one. It wasn't a big deal. I brought my food, prepared it alongside theirs, and we all enjoyed a meal together. The visiting with family was the star of the show!

It wasn't long after we arrived when Phoebe and Oliver headed to bed. Oliver let me snap a quick pic but Phoebe refused to cooperate with PoPo's camera in her face! Phoebe must have been mirroring her momma because Courtney wouldn't let me have a pic either! I understand, post-surgery and all!

Noah and I enjoy making faces at the camera. He also caught me up on his school activities, school work, and what he loves most about school: Physical education class! His enthusiasm was an absolute pleasure to be around. He just might be a normal eater, too, when he left quite a bit of his dinner on the plate, he said, "I'm not hungry." For me, even at 6, being hungry wasn't a requirement in order to clean all the plates! I'm so happy for him!

My foundational routine of prayer, meditation, visualizations, and affirmations were done first thing, my food is packed, planned, and ready, and I'm ready for today's schedule. This afternoon will find me at a local elementary school for their PTA's Family Fun Night. Our radio station is a Partner In Education for this particular school, so every year I go out there to play music and make announcements for the event. This is one of those annual events we've done for at least a decade or so. Naturally, my brain connects this to wherever I was along this road at the time of the event. I'm grateful that this year finds me in a really good place with my daily practice of things.

I'm headed to the studio for this morning's show with a spring in my step and a positive attitude in my head. I'm prepared to make this a great day! My oldest daughter, Amber, and my granddaughter Raegan will arrive this evening too! They're spending the next four days here! My heart overflows!

Have an amazing Thursday!

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  1. I am always hopeful the grandchildren didn’t inherit my sad relationship with food. So far, so good—they are all super skinny. My sons were t so lucky. My middle boy is probably over 500 lbs. I worry so about him, at almost 42, I know his health is seriously compromised. And of course I blame myself. The oldest son has started running marathons and lost 50 lbs and is doing great. The youngest fights the weight battle with a little more success than his older brother. He’s only 33 though so I hope it doesn’t get worse as he gets older. I try to lead by example. But the example I set was a little late. They were all grown men before I turned myself around, lost weight and got healthier.


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