Friday, October 4, 2019

October 4th, 2019 It's All Relative

October 4th, 2019 It's All Relative

Since our last visit, I've maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've exceeded my daily water goal, I enjoyed a good workout at the RecPlex, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

It seems to be a challenging period for me lately. I know I'm not the only one. These times happen. There's never an expectation of everything sailing along picture-perfect every single day, week, or month. That's not how life works. The thing I must do is lean into the plan practice instead of away from it. I've lived through the various sides of this road--and experience tells me, when things get stressful or emotional--or a potent combination of the two, I must take extra-special care of the elements helping keep me well. It's not easy some days! Some days really suck. But I know how quickly the tide can turn in a direction I don't want to go. Extra measures are sometimes required to weather tough periods. The good news is: Difficult times pass. We hold on and we make it through. We let go and the difficult times worsen and stay much longer.

When I'm not giving myself the level of self-care I need, I realize it's not because "I'm busy" or "It's been a stressful day," no--those are the outs. I believe the reasons for lack of self-care go far deeper into our mental and emotional relationship with self. Instead of me saying, "I'm going to work on doing better," I must say, "I'm going to love myself enough to care, enough to realize I'm good and deserving of better care, and I gotta repeat the words and intentional actions enough to truly change those deep-seeded (subconscious) beliefs I've held about me. We must realize we're fantastic beings worthy of the best plans, actions, and care possible." 

I stopped by mom's after my visit to the RecPlex tonight. We shared a good visit! I'm feeling really well tonight. Tomorrow finds me doing two different back-to-back location broadcasts. I'll be planned, ready, and open to making it a great Saturday. I hope yours is fantastic, too!!

I've shared with you many times about the weight loss support group I facilitate. There's something special about this group. How can a group with a coach/mentor--and a team of members, help your weight loss efforts in this last quarter of 2019?

It's the power of accountability and support. It's not going it alone. It's sharing this commitment with fellow team members who are "in the same lifeboat," as Dr. Marty Lerner puts it. Our individual plans are unique, our goals are unique, our current status (weight loss/maintenance) can be different--my goodness, we have members just getting started and some who are in maintenance mode or real close!

We have members who have lost in excess of 100 and 200 pounds--and some who's goal was 20 to 50 pounds. Here's the thing: It's all relative. One person's 50 is another person's 150.

This is a diverse group-- but one thing is remarkably similar. Each member who makes an effort to engage, commit to their individual practice, and embrace the accountability and support offered, typically experiences the type of success that goes beyond anything they've experienced. This isn't a "diet group" or a food plan, and we all don't have identical practices. We each make it our own.

Are you on the fence about joining this small and exclusive private group? If you have any questions for me--send them! or text me: 580-491-2228

The latest 8-week session starts on Wednesday, October 9th. It includes a "secret" facebook group for members where we support one another along the way. Membership in the group includes as needed call and text support with me and other members, and a weekly group conference call where we work together to help create your unique plan, identify challenges and find solutions. The fee for the 8-week session is $120.00 That averages out to $15 a week or $2.14 a day.

Could this be a potentially life-changing tool for you? If you pick it up and use it, it could be!

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  1. Flu shot time. With all your public appearances and regular visits to nursing home, you are at high risk. And I do not think you probably have time to be sick. . .


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