Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 200 Bonus Blog By The Numbers

Day 200

Bonus Blog By The Numbers

200 Number of Daily Post (not including bonus blogs)

1,036 Average number of words per blog post

207,300 Total number of words

137 Pounds lost

342 Number of pounds the four of us have lost as a family

17,379 The number of times the blog has been read (combined both versions)

1,013 Number of reader comments (Both versions combined)

14 Number of pant sizes I've gone down around the waist

321 Approximate number of miles walked

46 Estimated number of low fat vanilla ice cream cones consumed

17 Number of countries that have read this blog

34 Number of states that have read this blog

3 Number of near meltdowns

60 The hardest day so far

82 The second hardest day so far

58 Number of songs on my iPod

28 ½ Number of weeks so far

15 Official Weigh-Ins (including Day 2)

.68 Average number of pounds lost per day

4.8 Average pounds lost per week to date

24 Estimated number of small Wendy's Chili I've consumed

11 Number of different fast food restaurants I've enjoyed

365 Number of days per year I worried about dying because of my weight prior to this journey

0 Number of days I've worried about dying in the last 5 months

I could go on and on. Day 200 is such a wonderful thing! This is my celebration. Putting numbers on a page! It's a far better celebration than eating a truckload of calories in the name of accomplishment!

My favorite number from above?

342 Number of pounds we've lost as a family

That's what it's all about. My dream is coming true with that number. Irene and me leading our daughters out of the trap of obesity is the most important thing. We spent years setting a horrible example, now we're turning it all around and learning together how to accomplish what seemed so impossible before. One day at a time, one step at a time, slowly but surely we'll make it to our ultimate goal. We will because our “good choices” far outweigh the “bad choices.” And with good choices come good consequences. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Awesome Sean~ Look forward to your new blog and keep up the great work! High five to your family to what an excellent support system! Nicole

    You guys are an amazing inspiration~


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