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Day 208 A Nice Message In The In-Box and A Good Friday 10K

Day 208

A Nice Message In The In-Box and A Good Friday 10K

When I received a personal e-mail from Richard Simmons on March 6th, it was an amazing feeling. Beyond amazing really. Richard Simmons is an American icon of weight loss and fitness, and he took a few minutes to type a personal message to me? No way. Yes, yes he did. He never came right out and said that he's read the blog, or parts of it, but he said some things that indicated to me that he did read about some of this journey. I honestly read that e-mail thirty times for at least a half hour, just staring at the screen in awe of his personal words. Yesterday I had another wonderful e-mail moment when I opened up a personal e-mail from Ralph Marston. Remember on Day 193 when I posted an inspirational paragraph from Ralph Marston? After I did that, I realized that I violated his copyright, so I found his website and officially requested permission to re-publish his work on that particular blog entry. I admitted to him that the request was coming after the fact, but I wanted him to know that I did it, and I apologized for not requesting permission prior to posting that evenings blog. I also asked him to read the blog. I highly recommend his “Daily Motivator.” Mr. Marston is a successful author and one of the most gifted motivational writers of our time. It thrilled me that he actually did go back and read several days of my blog. He even watched the Day 165 Bonus Video Blog of the “Lose To Win” Kick-Off speaking engagement. Here's what he said about the blog and video: I did take a look at several of your blog entries and can truly feel the sense of positive dedication and commitment that come through your words. Your motivational speech is delightful, completely engaging, and very inspiring. I know you will make a difference in the lives of many, many people. Wow, that's so cool my friend. I'm so honored that he took the time to do that and then offer those words, what a great person. Let's face it, he could have just sued me for copyright infringement, or just sent back a standard form letter granting permission to re-print, or not, but instead he took the time to do this. Thank you Ralph Marston, your writing inspires me deeply!

Good Friday is a special day, and I thought, why not have a Good Friday 10K walk? It was so much fun last Saturday night, why not try it again? This time I had company. Courtney laced up her shoes and so did our “Lose To Win” teammate and friend, Brandon Jackson. Normally we don't “visit” when we workout. The headphones go on, the tunes are turned up, and we're in our own world of lyrical and rhythmical motivation the entire time. But tonight was a wonderful change that could only happen when two people maintain about the same pace. Courtney's pace was a little quicker, so she listened to her iPod and did her own thing, quickly moving ahead. Brandon and I maintained the same pace and talked the entire 6.2 miles. When we started I told him that I didn't know if I could keep our pace up, thinking I may have to back it down a few notches at some point, but I never did. It was a better workout than last Saturday night's 10K, I promise! Again, my approach to the 10K is different than my “hard two” or 5K on a treadmill or at the trail. Since I'm going for distance, I have to pace myself so I don't over do it, but still get a great workout. I'm reminded just how good it was every time I get up out of this chair. Brandon and I shared a wonderful conversation. I'm thrilled that he really understands that the critical “forever” parts of this journey have little to do with food and exercise, and more to do with the way we think. We're on the same journey and on the same page with every aspect along the way. Last Saturday's 10K set my personal record for miles walked at one time. And tonight's 10K did the same thing for Brandon! Courtney was getting a blister on her left heel, so at the five mile mark, she waited for us to finish. That 5 miles was a personal distance record for her too! I know she felt bad about not doing the last 1.2 miles, but she shouldn't! If I had a blister brewing, I'd be off that trail much quicker than her. The last thing you want is to be hurt and have that effect your workout for the next several days. Courtney did the right thing! I have to say, the feeling of accomplishment is awesome, and even more so when you're sharing it with others who are accomplishing the same thing at the same time.

When we got back home I immediately grabbed some carbs in the form of a Blue Bunny 70 calorie Dream Bar. Those things are incredible! And I still can't believe only 70 calories, but it's true! I wish I would have taken a picture of my dinner plate tonight, I should have posted it here. Oh well, I will others. It was an amazing dinner. I grilled some really inexpensive steaks on the grill, seasoned them up real good, and man they were amazing! We had salad on the table for Irene and Courtney (I don't like salads, remember?), I had green beans with melted white american cheese, Irene and Courtney had some broccoli with cheese (I don't do the little green trees either), we also enjoyed a corn cobbette, and a baked potato with real sour cream. For desert? Fresh watermelon and cantaloupe chunks. That's eating real food, normal portions, and losing weight every single day doing it! During our 10K tonight, Brandon and I talked about how some people take the very unhealthy approach of “extreme low calorie” or simply not eating at all to lose weight. People do it all the time because they see food as the enemy. Our metabolisms need food to work properly, our bodies need food to function normally, food is not the enemy, food is our friend. It took me years and years to finally discover, that instead of food being the enemy, I was. Listen, I'm not a doctor or a dietitian, but I promise they'll tell you the same thing. You have to eat food to lose weight in a healthy way. Thank you for reading. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Wow Richard Simmons. That's neat. It sounds like you were really energized by him. I never "met" him but I went with a friend to see him live once. He seems "real" and genuine from what I saw as he talked to the crowd.

    Maybe I might be blessed like you someday with an e-mail from "Conan" that was to say that I was on track and to keep on keeping on. For me if I was to hope for an email someday maybe It would be for an e-mail from the icon Arnold. If I had a fitness "idol" it would be him, he knew what he wanted and just wouldn't quit.

    wow that's a lot of walking! Gee, I was all hyped up on yesterday doing 3.01 miles for an hour and then I read this. I'm all about walking. I'm thinking it's low impact and the only trick is to keep on walking for an extended period of time (within reason of course)

    Walk-a-bouts are the foolsfitness way- Alan


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