Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 225 Remember Me? and The Motivating Thoughts

Day 225

Remember Me? and The Motivating Thoughts

I never get tired of surprised reactions to my smaller size. It happened again this morning during my radio show. I had some local community leaders in studio and one of them hadn't laid eyes on me in several months. There's not enough exclamation points to fairly illustrate his reaction, but take my word for it, he was blown away by the difference. That kind of reaction is going to happen a bunch in the future and I'm ready for that wonderful feeling anytime! In fact, I may go out of my way to run into old acquaintances and associates just to see the look of disbelief. Actually, this could become an addiction! A fun little game I could play where I try to interact with people that know me from the past without them recognizing me, until BOOM, the big reveal! “It's me, Sean!” I'd shout. “Sean who?” they might reply. “Sean Anderson, you know, the really big guy from Mr. Wade's freshman algebra class!” Or even better, I'll make a point to track down some folks I worked with at various radio stations and comedy clubs. Those reactions would be much better. I might even get all “cowboy'd up” and track down the program director that rejected me in Fort Smith back in 1995, remember that story from Day 13? (If you haven't read Day 13, go back in the archives for that painful story of weight discrimination.) His jaw would drop as I boot scooted right in front of him in my Wranglers and cowboy hat. Maybe he would offer me a job so I could laugh in his bewildered face! Then he might call security and I'd have to jump on my horse for a fast getaway. As I rode away I could yell “Is this country enough for ya? Yeee Hawww, giddy up!” OK, maybe I'm getting a little carried away here. This “will they recognize me” game might be a little hard to play now, but within the next several months, maybe not! Who knows what image this magical transformation will show at 300, then 270, and 230. It'll be awesome to find out! I met a guy the other day that told me he weighed 330 before he dropped 30 pounds recently. I have to tell you, he didn't look like he weighed 300. He looked good, much smaller than 300. And all I kept thinking was, I'm only 50 some odd pounds away from that weight! And he wasn't as tall as me, so what will the next 50 pounds reveal? That's exciting and one of the “motivating thoughts” that fire me up everyday.

Motivating thoughts are extremely important to any journey. I have an entire library of them in my head. I have the big serious ones, like not dying young, and living to see my grandchildren grow up someday. Another one: Achieving everything Irene and I ever dreamed of in our wildest teenage bride and groom minds. Then I have the not so serious ones, but still important to me, like going to an amusement park with my family and fitting on every single ride, even though I have a weak stomach and it'll probably be a horribly nauseating and possibly messy experience, I'm just going along on the ride to hear the “click,” you know what I mean? The laughter and joy we'll share will be well worth it indeed! I may even book a flight for no other reason than to fit comfortably in the seat on the plane. We'll land, have lunch in the DFW terminal, then fly back in total comfort without a seatbelt extender or crowding the person next to me. I'll never forget the horrified reaction I had one time when I was told the flight I was about to board was completely full. I was really counting on a few empty seats so I could have an extra seat for the other half of my butt. It was a really uncomfortable flight and I totally feel horrible for the poor little old lady that was stuck next to me...seriously, she was literally stuck next to me. I'm not sure what she was trying to write down that entire flight, but it may have been her last will and testament. It really wasn't fair to her at all and that's exactly why I'm not opposed to morbidly obese people having to buy an extra seat on flights. I totally understand that policy. Oh sure, I wish the seats were a little bigger, but they're not, and if someone is going to take up space on a seat that someone else paid for, well that isn't fair. If you're an obese person like me and you're offended that I would defend the “morbidly obese must buy an extra seat” policy, then you're obviously not finished playing the role of the victim in your obesity story. Remember Ralph Marston's words from Day 193: “...The way you are able to continue holding yourself back is by maintaining the illusion that you're a victim. Once you realize that illusion, you will naturally and easily move forward. In fact, it is easier to fulfill your best possibilities than it is to avoid them. So let go of the blame and watch the limitations drop away.” You can read more from Mr. Marston at his website www.greatday.com Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, motivating thoughts. Develop them, keep them, don't ever let go of them, live to really live them!

I'm less than 48 hours from my official bi-weekly weigh in and less than a week from the final weigh-in of the “Lose To Win” Challenge. I can't wait to step foot on the scale, I know it will be good! I'm most excited about finding out how much weight combined has been lost by all participants. That will be a fantastic number, I guarantee! Thank you for reading. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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