Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 446 One of My Favorite Parts and Stair Climbing--a Non-Issue!

Day 446

One of My Favorite Parts of Me and Stair Climbing—a Non-Issue!

Today was a perfect storm of a Friday. It started at 4:30am and refused to let me rest until 8pm. I needed to work on the house more, but my body decided I was done and had to sleep, and I did, until just after midnight.

The day was non-stop busy. Radio show until 9am, commercial production until 1pm, and four remote broadcast—an hour each until 5:30pm. I was scheduled to drive in the Christmas parade at 6pm; I then hit the house by 6:45pm to concentrate on all things move related. I made it until 8pm when I was suddenly swallowed by the “big man’s” recliner, I couldn’t resist…I was spent. It was a good day really. It may sound as if I’m complaining, but I can’t complain really. I’m very fortunate on many different levels.

I discovered that I might become a watch wearer after all. One of my broadcasts this afternoon was at a jewelry store with a fantastic selection of watches. I’ve never been a watch wearer because my wrists have always been too fat and puffy to wear a watch comfortably. Now, my wrists are as small as they can be. You can see the “bump” bone! (I have no idea what that bone is actually called, but I do know that I can touch finger to thumb around it now, so any watch will fit just fine. Maybe I can find a Swatch like I use to wear in eighth grade. Remember the Swatch? If not a watch, maybe I’ll wear a bracelet of some kind. My wrists have become one of my favorite parts of me, isn’t that crazy? I use to hate them too. Not anymore.

Finding time to eat today was a challenge. A big thanks to a couple of my co-workers who provided a small piece of thin crust cheese pizza, a half a turkey sandwich, and some fresh fruit for lunch, it really saved my day! I also had a 100-calorie rice krispy treat. The float behind me in the parade was passing out the 100-calorie portioned snacks. I arrived home at 840 calories for the day, and failed to eat anything else until after midnight. Well! I was sleeping! Then I woke up and realized that I needed to work the rest of the night on the house. I still haven’t been back to sleep. I’ll be hitting the pillow in about an hour, and I can’t wait!

My apartment is up a flight of stairs. I’m telling you, I doubt the old Sean could’ve moved up and down those stairs like I’ve done the last couple of days. You know what I noticed? Nothing. That’s it. I didn’t notice a single sign of being out of breath. I didn’t have to stop, and I didn’t look like death doing it. I quickly climbed up and jogged down those stairs every time. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Bonnie is a long time reader and although we’ve never met in person, I consider her and her husband friends of mine. In her comment yesterday she said that she hoped I was doing as well mentally as I seem to be. Bonnie, thank you for the comment and I understand what you mean! I’m really handling things much better than I expected. I have my moments, but overall I really am this upbeat and positive. It’s the only way to be. I’ve watched myself develop a pattern of self-destruction over the years, and now I’m keenly aware of when my emotions might be leaning in that direction. This is a positive time in my life regardless of my personal/marital issues. It’s certainly not perfect and certainly not what I planned or pictured, but it is still a wonderful road. One of the fundamental principles I’ve hung onto from Day 1 is the simple truth of: Every choice we make has a consequence good or bad. Our entire life is made from our choices and the consequences of those choices. We decide. It’s completely up to us. I’m doing right by myself for once in my life. It’s a wonderful feeling; it really is incredible to feel empowered to change. You know what I’m talking about!

Thank you for reading. I’m going to sleepy town now for the first time in my new bedroom. Time to try out the new linens! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. You are amazing. That's all I came here to say...

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  3. That "boney bump" at your wrist is your styloid process on your ulna bone..LOL Your doing amazing, hope you weekend in great and you can get all settled!

  4. Wow that is one busy day!!
    Have a good rest tonight.

  5. It's great that you can climb the stairs without huffing and puffing.
    I am also glad you are keeping yourself in a positive place mentally.

  6. You love your wrist bones...I love my hip bones. :)


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