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Day 454 Irony of The Pitchman and "I Told You It Was Him!" A Very Cool "Wow" Reaction

Day 454

Irony of The Pitchman and “I Told You It Was Him!” A Very Cool “Wow” Reaction

My Saturday started early for a change. I had an 11am broadcast at a local Hallmark store, so I was up early enough to cook a good breakfast before heading out. Part of my job today was communicating with the listener all of the details concerning the selection of Godiva chocolates and the hand dipped truffles for which this store is known. I almost spent 100 calories on a truffle, almost, yeah...I just couldn't pull the trigger on that choice. Chocolate is good, don't get me wrong, and truffles are even better, but 100 calories in that little bite, no---I just couldn't. It's choices my friend. I chose to sample that amazing cheesecake the other day, I'm not sure if I would have had I realized how loaded it was. I knew it was loaded, but not 200 calories loaded, you know? I was OK with accepting 150 calories for the cheesecake indulgence, but when I discovered it was actually 200---uh, it was too late. Oh well. It was good. It was very easy to say no to the truffle. I value my calorie budget too much, and that's good. But really, the only reason I didn't “invest” the 100 calories in that truffle is because I'm not a chocoholic. I like chocolate, but I don't need chocolate. Cheesecake on the other hand, oh my...yeah, I occasionally need cheesecake. I think I'll stick with the lower quality, slightly more calorie friendly cheesecake in the future. 200 calories for a tiny little triangle was just ridiculously indulgent.

It's sometimes an awkward irony to have a job where I occasionally have to speak about how wonderful a food is, and how people should buy and eat it. It's what I do. And it works because I am all about “nothing is off limits,” even truffles, cheesecake, chocolate lava crunch cakes, steaks, pizza, pasta, and a number of other things I've had to speak about on the radio. Anything is permissible with proper portion control. However, I also understand how it must sound to some listeners who know of my weight loss success. “Is that Sean telling us how we should order a 16 ounce ribeye or huge chicken fried steak?” Yeah, that's me, but it's my job. And those things are good. But if I order one, you can bet I'm feeding three or four people! Wow, and to think, I use to salivate at the thought of eating an entire 16 ounce ribeye. Now, I'd go with a petite sirloin, and probably still split it with someone. You know 4 ounces is a normal serving---and surprisingly satisfying!

During the broadcast today, the sales rep for Team Radio brought the two of us a large thin crust pacific veggie pizza. She had a piece and left the rest of this big pizza for me. I enjoyed a piece, then picked the mushrooms and olives off of another piece. I love mushrooms and olives. I'm still trying to accept spinach on pizza, I don't know about that just yet. I guess it's OK, but I'll be honest, I picked the spinach off my piece. As the broadcast neared the end, I was scanning around for a trash can to toss the rest of the pizza. I hate to be wasteful, I do, but what am I going to do with this thing? I didn't want anymore of it and the sales rep didn't want anymore. Just then I noticed a homeless man walking through the parking lot. I pulled up alongside and asked if he liked pizza. He did, and his eyes got big when I handed him the box. I hoped it made his day. It sure made me feel good to give it to him.

I had a grocery trip to make tonight. You never know what kind of Wal-Mart trip it's going to be. Will I get in and get out fast? Or will I run into a bunch of people and spend a majority of the time visiting? Tonight the latter was true, and I enjoyed it immensely. Right when I walked in the doors I heard someone say “Hey skinny!” I turned and found the director of the YMCA. He remembers me at 505 very well. He's thrilled with my success and I know he's happy that using the YMCA facility has played a major role in that success. We talked about the new YMCA that's being built on the west end of town, how wonderful it will be when it's finished, and he offered to take me out to the construction site this coming week and show me around. I'm looking forward to that!

One of the non-food items I needed was a remote control. I made my way over to electronics and started looking. There was two women standing in my way in front of the remote selection, but I wasn't in a hurry, no big deal. They noticed, apologized, I smiled and said “no problem,” and they walked away. I noticed that they both turned and looked back at me, and were talking. Huh, well, I hope it's good I thought. I continued looking for a remote and just a minute later they came back, right up to me. “Are you Sean Anderson?” one asked. “Uh, yeah, I'm Sean,” then one said, “I told you that was him!” They proceeded to indulge me in a bunch of compliments on my appearance. You see, the one that was so convinced that it was me---she attended the “Lose To Win” weight loss seminar kick-off back in February. She remembers my talk that night. (by the way---you can watch that nearly 40 minute seminar talk on Day 169-Bonus Video Blog in the archives—it's edited down into four youtube segments) I had lost 119 pounds at that point, and now we're almost double that number. The other one hadn't laid eyes on me since I was over 500 pounds, probably at a remote broadcast or something radio related, so she wasn't expecting this. I thanked them for the 'wide eyed-big smile' compliments and they were on their way. Wow, that felt good. Isn't that neat? I use to dream about losing enough weight to “freak people out,” and here we are spreading the “freak!” I just have to smile, always. This journey can be so fun.

On the way out of the store I ran into Chris and Stephanie Williams. Chris was the director, and Stephanie the producer of “Call Me Henry,” you remember---the play where I realized my dream of acting in a leading role. They had a role for me to play for one night only on February 13th, 2010. Since my calendar doesn't stretch that far yet, I said absolutely yes. It's a one night deal. I can do that, no problem! It was good to see the two of them again. Chris and I plan on eventually getting together and writing a stage play based on the inspirational life of my brother Shane. He was a special young man and deserves a special production in his honor. He's going to get it! I look forward to starting that project soon, probably after the first of the year.

Another wonderful day along this road is in the books. I received a comment from a brand new reader on my Day 1 post. Ms. X writes: I just came across your blog, I can see this will be a very inspiring blog for me! I love your writing style, your sense of humor, and your honesty. I've only read part of your most recent post at this time, and day 1...I can see I have the equivalent of a book to read to catch up. Your first post sounds very much like me, I am at the beginning of my journey. I'm so glad to see someone that has been so successful that started out where I am now!

And that my friend is one of the reasons this blog is so important to me. It's important because this “book” I've created here proves that it can be done, even for someone like me, hopelessly and morbidly obese for so long. It can be done, without any special programs or pills or any kind of surgery or other weight loss aid. It can be done. And there's many of my weight loss blogging friends that have proven the very same thing. It's a wonderful thing!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Sean I am sure you made that homeless guys day when you gave him the left over pizza. You are doing so great and seem to be dealing with all the changes in your life fairly well. You are a strong person so no matter what cerve balls get thrown your way you can make it through. I can't wait until you write your first book and like I said before I will be one of the 1st people in line to buy it when it comes out. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Nice post, and your right the choices we make are so important. Hey Sean, check out my blog I blog about fitness too.

  3. I tried to give a homeless guy in new york city a cheeseburger once...
    he looke me dead in the eye ans said "No, thanks...I'm a vegetarian'.
    Other people were incensed...I thought it was hysterical.
    Way to stick to his convictions.
    And I know what you mean about that truffle. Somethings just arent' worth a truffle is one of them.

  4. I agree, it's mostly about determination, and motivation. Weight loss regardless of size, can be achieved naturally, but it's the mental aspect that dampens the drive. As a last resort, weight loss surgery is usually recommended and is helpful in most cases since before and after the surgery, the individual is usually given support from a registered dietitian.


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