Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 465 Special Message To A New Reader and Weigh Day Is Good

Day 465

Special Message To A New Reader and Weigh Day Is Good

Getting up at 3:30am seems so unnatural. I did it again this morning. By 3:45am I was on the elliptical in the fitness room. I hopped off and onto the treadmill after a short warm-up, I was off to the races. I finally took a nice jog on the treadmill. I have to jog to feel like I'm raising my heart rate these days. A simple power walk takes too long to get me there. I can power walk a mile and not even break a sweat at this point, but when I bump it up to a light jog---OK, that's when the heart and sweat glands take notice. I'm here to workout. At 3:45am? Have I gone mad? As much as you might expect me to say that I'm making this a part of my morning routine, I'm not. No way, no how. There's no excuse for not getting the workout worked before bed, in the afternoon, or early evening. No excuse at all! Same with writing this blog. My mornings must be strictly about breakfast/showering/and morning show prep! I'm getting there!

The day before a holiday break is always busy. You may relate. Everything must get done before our absence to ensure things go smoothly while we're away. That was the case today. I had also planned to watch The Godfather this afternoon with some friends. Why The Godfather? Because I've never watched it before---and that is downright unacceptable at Team Radio! I had to cancel. I needed a serious nap this afternoon, nothing major---an hour at least. Then I would hit the scale for another wonderful weigh day!

Well...Uh, yeah. My hour nap turned into two with zero effort on my part to stop it. I knew the doctors office/clinic would be open late---so I wasn't worried about that. I needed the sleep. I arrived at the clinic shortly after 7pm, ready to face the scale! I love these bi-weekly trips into that office, I do. I've written many times before about how this office staff remembers me as a patient in my worst condition and highest weight. I can't stop them from smiling from ear to ear when they see me now. The nurse on duty told me about her father and his serious weight related conditions, including sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and unfortunately diabetes. She knows that if he were to lose weight it could dramatically improve his health. She expressed real worry, overwhelming concern and love for him, and it reminded me of the worry I created for so many years for my family. She said she was going to point her dad to this blog.

And just in case she did, ---this is for him specifically or anyone else just starting their journey: I'm not some super human weight loss machine, I'm not a weight loss guru, I'm not an expert or doctor. I'm just a man who spent his entire life morbidly obese and finally cut through the self-imposed complications/barriers, and did something to change my life. I was over 500 pounds for years...and now, through a very simple common sense approach I've lost over 230 pounds. I no longer take any kind of medication, nor do I have sleep apnea. I'm completely free to live and breathe like a normal person for the first time in my life. My family doesn't worry anymore about my weight killing me. You can have this freedom too. You can choose change before change chooses you. You can do this no matter what you think otherwise. Please go back in my archives and read from Day 1. I'm far from perfect, but perfection isn't the goal. Living is! Along the way you'll notice that the simple approach and the mental exercises are both paramount to success. You ready to live? You ready to feel better than you have in years or ever? Let's do this. Ask your daughter how bad of shape I was in prior to this transformation---She has my permission to share the ugly details! You can do this. And your daughter can ease her worry about you. Bless you sir. I wish you the best.

Where were we? Oh yeah...weigh day! Or in this case, weigh night! I stepped on the scale and found another 3 pound loss waiting! That's two in a row! I'm thrilled. The next weigh day should put us into the 260's---and that's just awesome! I weighed 272 tonight, down from 275. That brings the official total to 233 pounds lost in 465 days. You know how hard it was to not use an exclamation mark after that? I'm trying to cut down. ;)

I sincerely appreciate your support and readership along this road. We'll be traveling in a blizzard tomorrow to get to grandmas house for Christmas. We'll take plenty of pictures I'm sure---I can't wait to share them with you in these pages. I plan on using one of these pictures to update the sidebar photo of this blog! That picture is now officially 32 pounds old! Yeah---272 feels pretty good. I hope you have a safe, warm, and wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Congratulations on your loss.

    Have a safe drive and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

  2. Enjoy the magic of the season with your loved ones. Travel safely. Merry Christmas! :)

  3. It doesn't take an expert to lose weight and get takes heart, soul, and determination and you are a heavyweight in all categories.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Merry Christmas!! (i gave you extra exclamations)

  5. Hi Sean. Wow. You have my full admiration for getting up before 4am to exercise. Pretty amazing!

    Travel safe and have a great holiday!

    Bearfriend xx

  6. !!!!!!!! (I'm an editor; I give you permission.)

    <3 Sandy


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