Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 505 Freedom Revisited and Thin Mint Control

Day 505

Freedom Revisited and Thin Mint Control

I was up really early today. So early in fact, I’m a little embarrassed to say. OK, uh—let’s call it, slightly before 3am. BUT---I did get five hours of sleep, maybe not enough, but fairly normal for me. I’m a mid-afternoon napper, everybody knows this about me. If I answer the phone between three and five pm, I always hear “I didn’t wake you up did I?” Why so early? I had several things to accomplish before 6am. I did my non-weighted squats and sit-ups before my first cup of coffee. It isn’t a big early morning workout by any stretch, but it feels really good to do something first thing, it really does. I’m laying off any movements that put any kind of stress on my arm. It’s about 90% healed, I mean---it feels worlds better, and I’m so relieved it wasn’t something permanent. But I’m being super careful now. We’ll get it to 100% and then we’ll have no mercy, ok…no mercy within reason.

I prepared another egg-white/veggie stuffed Flat Out wrap this morning. It taste good, really good, but one of the main draws for me is the fiber content. 9 grams of fiber packed into one! With my fruits and veggies throughout the day, I’m confident I’m hitting between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day---and that’s a good thing for various reasons we need not discuss.

I arrived at the studio early to get some work done ahead of the week. I’ve really need to tighten my focus and realize that weight loss writing and speaking isn’t what I do for a living just yet. These words are not mine, but that of the man who signs my paycheck, and I honestly deserved to hear them. I get so wonderfully passionate about weight loss and all of the freedom it allows---and I want that for my family, friends, readers, and anyone who has the weight to lose. I spend a lot of time communicating with people concerning weight loss and I even booked a non-paying corporate weight loss speaking engagement recently for March. But still, radio is what I do, and I do it well. I’m luckier than most. I need to remember that.

I summed up this freedom that fuels my passion on Day 449, here’s an excerpt: The changes in the way I feel cannot be described, I mean---I can try, but how do you describe freedom? Freedom to breathe again, freedom to move without pain, freedom to sit anywhere in any chair I want, freedom to fit into any vehicle I need or want to, freedom to fit, freedom to feel confident in a crowd, freedom to be me, the real me. You see my friend, the real me has been trapped for so long. Oh I was still good old Sean before, but everything I did, everything I said, every single situation was affected by my size when I weighed over 500 pounds. Those restrictions are gone, allowing me to just be me. I don’t have to be embarrassed by my size anymore. Never again will I worry that I might embarrass my kids in public or at their school. They tell me I never did, bless their hearts. The changes people see in my attitude and personality is simply because that insecurity is gone. And we’re not even done yet. Oh the places we'll go with this newfound confidence and freedom---and attitude.

If you’re one who has also experienced this freedom, you already know the feeling I describe, isn’t it amazing? If you’re working toward that freedom, don’t you ever give up my friend, don’t ever settle for less. You deserve to feel this good.

My plans tonight called for a good workout with Courtney. I lifted weights for a half hour, did more non-weighted squats (as I watched the youngsters do big-time weighted squats---I’ll get there!), and I did a treadmill 5K walk/jog. I haven’t really made an effort to increase my running endurance, but it is getting better naturally. I noticed tonight that the running part wasn’t as taxing. I must remember to breathe properly though, yeah---sometimes, for no apparent reason, I try to hold my breath. Hmmm. It was easily the hardest workout I’ve put myself through in the last two weeks. Weigh day is coming on Wednesday---I want to see some numbers. I just can’t accept that I can’t lose some more poundage before I start gaining muscle weight, seriously---it’s there to lose, it is!

I talked to Melissa Walden and she has agreed to write a guest post for this here blog! It’ll be my first ever special guest post! The subject? Metabolism and calories. I’m excited! She’s a very busy person, but said she would be happy to do it and will let me know as soon as it’s ready. Look for it soon!

I couldn’t help but notice a box of Girl Scout Cookies today on the desk of a co-worker. My favorite no less, thin mints. We use to have a restaurant here in town that made homemade ice cream with crushed thin mint cookies. It was the greatest ice cream of all time. If that restaurant were still open, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I’m kidding, it just might have been a blog devoted to cookies and ice cream. Anyway, Thin Mints---on Gayle’s desk. I simply asked her about them, kind of baiting her to offer me one…and that’s when she said it was a gift from the Girl Scouts. You see, every year---as media, we get a bag of cookies to “sample,” and then we can talk about them on the air. So every year I must eat Thin Mints to remind me of how good they taste. I need to sound genuine on the air, right? I checked the calorie count for the first time today. Four of those little delicious cookies check in at 160. Yes, 40 apiece. I had one. Then one more, then, well---then I confirmed how good they tasted, savored the flavor, enjoyed my 80 calorie indulgence and went about my day. I was done at two Thin Mints. Thin Mint control isn’t something totally easy, but I just couldn’t afford a triple digit calorie allowance for cookies. I just couldn’t do it. And just so my co-workers know---I haven’t hidden several boxes in my studio for future super- secret consumption. That kind of stash is a thing of the past. That Sean doesn't work here anymore.

This new 1800 calorie budget she has me on is very easy to navigate. I know you might feel like slapping me when I talk about having a hard time hitting 1800, but I’ve just been very accustomed to the 1500 a day. I’ve had to make an effort to increase…and now it’s simple. I’ll hit that 1800 everyday easy. I just had to get out of the 1500 calorie pace.

Wow, something special about Day 505 on this journey. It’s just a number that represents where I started. 505 pounds. I’m not really a tattoo kind of guy, I don’t have any, and have never really desired one. I may have mentioned this before, I don't remember, but I’m going to get one. Just one mom, relax! I want a small ‘505’ on my face. I’m kidding!!! No seriously, on my chest over my heart. I want to see that number when I’m getting ready everyday. Right there, close to my heart--as a gentle reminder of where I’ve been. Awwww, now isn't that special?

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. The snarky kid in me thought... at least it was not 420. You would have to explain that one.

    I do get excited about all the possibilities an active lifestyle has opened up for me.

  2. "Freedom... everything I did, everything I said, every single situation was affected by my size when I weighed over 500 pounds."

    For those of us that have experienced this, we totally understand how deep the feelings run behind those words.

    When you write your book, be sure to include this excerpt. Anyone reading that, who is looking for hope, will know without a shadow of a doubt how genuine and authentic you are.


  3. Impressive, inspiring, and suberbly interesting blog. Note, however, the Mayo Clinic website recommends a 1600 calorie minimum for those over 250 pounds, and 1400 minimum for those under it. Cheers, and good luck.

  4. Mmmmm. Thin Mints. Amazing to think I tiny cookies is 40 whole calories. And maybe I should tell you that Edy's (maybe it's called Dreyers where you live) has a lower calorie, lower fat, SlowChurned Thin Mint Ice Cream. Limited Edition this time of year. I've been working on a carton for about 2 weeks now.

  5. Congrats on day 505 Sean! And on only eating two thin mints.

    You're wonderful.

  6. Day 505, amazing. I *love* the idea of getting a tattoo of that number, and I may do the same. 298. I can't even believe I let it get that far, but then again, none of us can, right?

    Love me some Thin Mints, and at 40 calories a pop, I will savor my ONE box very slowly! What a change from years past!

  7. A tattoo, on your face! Did your mom just fall out of her chair??? An interview with Melissa might be fun, too. Maybe with video...I'd love to see those "get out of bed" sit ups you mentioned the other day. You can tell your boss that at least those of us within listening distance started listening to you because of your weight-loss motivation! Heck, I'm even tuning into a country channel to hear you! (Please don't tell my kids! They know I'm a huge Beatle's fan!)

  8. Your boss must be a god amongst mortals

  9. You know, I'm not into tatoos at all, but I can totally see you getting one (not on the face lol) but above your heart. Wear it with great pride. I think that's a fantastic idea.

  10. It is very liberating to not be overweight anymore, though I was never above 215, so still had mobility, though people treated me like ass. I don't have more self-confidence as much as people actually look at me now, I'm not invisible. I have to confess that I still buy a box of thin mints or two every year, trans-fats and all. I do eat one or two at a time, every few days, and the boxes last about 4 months, longer if I forget. Ice cream and potato chips get eaten quickly, thus they don't come home with me. I'm glad you're eating a bit more, I'm a 150 lb woman (moderately active) and I would starve at 1500. I suspect I eat around 2000/day, though I don't count so can't say for sure, but can approximate from the few things I do eat that come with calorie counts, and how long it takes me to digest them.

  11. Freedom what a great way to think of the end of such a huge journey, thats what I am doing working my way towards freedom it gives what I am doing a really positive outlook and sums up what we are all trying to achieve cool!!!!

  12. I love the sentiment behind the tattoo....however, I'm a little curious. Didn't you say at one point that you're the guy afraid of flying insects that sting?? lol This will definitely require an On-the-Go video when they hit you with that needle! :)

  13. I'd be tempted to make up the difference between 1500 and 1800 calories in Thin Mints alone. But that wouldn't be healthy, would it? ;D


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