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Day 509 Turning Off Cruise Control and Zeusmeatball's Liquid Inspiration

Day 509

Turning Off Cruise Control and Zeusmeatball's Liquid Inspiration

As I read Day 144 today (I read a year old post everyday) I noticed a fired up---hitting on all cylinders attitude. I had just come off a double milestone weigh day the day before with a seven pound loss that crossed the 100 pounds lost mark and sent me flying into the 390's. It was the thick of it, the fire was burning hot---and it still burns, but I've allowed the flames to calm a little too much. I've lost another 129 pounds since that day and now, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must find that gear again if I ever want to fully realize my fitness goals. And I do want it. And I will reach it. I need to stop enjoying my transformation so much. What do I mean by that? Oh, it's nothing I haven't talked about several times in these writings. At this point along the road things are drastically and wonderfully different, it's too easy to become settled and thrilled with the difference. When you come this far, and feel this good for the first time in your life, it's real easy to slowly cruise along. I'm turning off the cruise control.

I think I'm normal. And when you consider the many changes I'm experiencing, you realize how easy it might become to just cruise along. As much as I say “I refuse to allow my circumstances to become an excuse enabling this slow cruise to my goals,” that's essentially what I've done. I have had people tell me how surprised they are that I haven't completely crashed already. I know too much to ever go back, so I'm not worried about crashing, but cruising along in a comfy zone? Yeah, that's a different story. Again, cruise control OFF!

So what am I going to do about breaking that comfort zone? I'm going to get back into my workout groove where nothing stops me from getting it done. I'm going to become fanatical about certain foods (like making sure I eat some steel cut oats everyday) and water consumption---oh boy—if ever there was a glaring imperfection on my journey, it's inconsistent water consumption. But I've done it the way I've done it, and along the way I've proven that you can do it without being perfect. Too many times in the past I've tried to be perfect, and that leads straight to a crash every time. We don't crash around here and we're not perfect. But we are successful---and that's the ultimate goal, right?

My role model in the water consumption category is Zeusmeatball over at One Man's Trip To The Half. You can find his blog at The guy has lost over 200 pounds like me, yep we're in the same exclusive club and he really inspires me to drink more water. He often drinks more than a gallon a day. I read his blog and come away thinking, wow---that's a lot of water...I need to drink like that!

We had a mandatory meeting today at the Poncan Theatre. The construction crews are working on renovations for our new state of the art studios and business offices. We took a tour and the plan was to have a company provided pizza lunch. I declined the lunch. Yesterday I had a lunch I wasn't happy about, and it wasn't going to happen two days in a row! I was prepared with some fruit and a chicken breast back at the studio. I had the fruit, skipped the chicken, and made myself a shrimp and veggie pita pizza when I arrived back at the apartment. I wasn't sacrificing in the name of convenience today!

I grabbed a nap this afternoon. I know, I know, but I needed it to be able to make it late into my Friday with friends. I have to decide when a nap is acceptable. Not all naps are created equal, some are needed, some are just lazy excuses to not do other things we need to be doing. This was an acceptable nap.

As I write this Friday post the next day, recounting a wonderful day along this road---I have my eye on lunch and a killer workout at the YMCA. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Running on cruise control is exactly why I have remained 10lbs away from my goal weight for a year now. It is so easy to get comfortable and allow yourself to relax and make excuses. And each time you make an excuse it hats easier and easier to keep making them. It can be hard to get back on the right path sometimes. I have recently regained some focus but there is a guy and an upcoming trip that is helping to keep me motivated. You have been wildly successful and you know how this works. You'll get there. I know you will. Love ya Sean!

  2. *it GETS easier and easier ... Damn auto correct

  3. Sean, I love reading your posts. It would be so easy to stay on cruise control because where you're at is so much better than where you've been. It's a real inspiration to see you choosing NOT to do that, and figuring out how to stay determined to keep going full steam ahead. Have a great workout today!

  4. A gallon of water? I'd be floating away! Good luck.

  5. did u read my comment on day 508 ?? if not ... please do.
    cheers !

  6. Dude, I just wrote about that very thing yesterday....I still remember saying something about how you seemed to have gotten a little happy and the funny thing is..I KNEW I WOULD DO IT TOO.
    And I did, January was that month for me...that...I am going to buy clothes and revel in feeling pretty normal kind of month.
    Now I am back at this sucker full force.

  7. A gallon seems like a lot but when I totted up my water in drinks and whatnot I've been pretty close most days.

    Zeusmeatball is an inspiration, just like you.

  8. I've got cruise control on too... Loving new me too much- and new me needs to go on a diet too!! As you say- what happened to the days of fanatical exercise- I found myself at the gum twice some days... all gone by the wayside.. I hope you can inspire me!

  9. whoops.. maybe not the gum ha.. Meant the gym obviously.. :)

  10. Hey thar Sean, Thanks for the mention and indeed it is a lot of fluids but I honestly believe that it helps me with the dropping weight ;)

    oh and its closer to "more than 2 gallons per day" !! lol its a wonder I don't drown!

    Oh! and I LOVE your idea of reading a post from a year ago! I sometimes go back and re-read my older posts but I will read a whole month and its random, this read an old post per day thing shall be added to my day thank you for the idea!

    As Ever


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