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Day 508 Busy Thursday and Groceries Without Ingredients

Day 508

Busy Thursday and Groceries Without Ingredients

I really think it's time to reevaluate the early Thursday training session with Melissa. I had to cancel again this morning, and that's not fair to her---and it's not doing me any good not to be there. My crazy schedule just isn't designed for getting up before 4am, especially now. I had very little sleep and needed to be at the studio earlier than normal this morning because of the snow fall. I'll be talking with Melissa soon and hopefully we can work out a schedule I can keep. I seriously value her guidance and expertise, and I'm really looking forward to her guest post coming soon right here!

I knew that today was going to be one of those days that just wouldn't quit, and it was. We're temporarily a little shorthanded at the studio, and when that happens for whatever reason, we all have to pitch in and do a little extra to get things done. It's actually a good thing in a way. When we're down a person, it makes everyone realize what all that person does everyday. It was a super long day at work, no time for lunch---but I still had to eat something. If I would have realized the load today, I would have packed something...but once again I found myself completely unprepared. A couple of co-workers decided to order some baked sandwiches from a local pizza place. I worked out a deal to split one with a co-worker and we were set. I declined the potato chips. That half a sandwich was still 340 calories and honestly lacked in the filling department. It wasn't the best calorie value, but it was what it was---something to eat and keep me working toward the end of the afternoon.

I made a Wal-Mart grocery trip before heading home. A friend of mine asked “Did you read the labels?” and then I realized something good. I didn't get anything with an ingredients list. Yeah, no labels to read at all. I picked up skinless boneless chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, shrimp, mozzarella, and bananas. The best shopping trips are the ones like this. Real food, real good food.

I arrived back at the apartment more than twelve hours after I left and I was ready for a nap! But it was 6pm and as much as I wanted to rest, I knew it wasn't a good idea. I talked to a friend who encouraged me to eat dinner, workout, then go to bed at a decent hour. Yeah yeah, I know what's right, but sometimes you just want to crash! Even after my friends words of wisdom, I still thought about laying down for 'an hour.' Yeah right! When I'm this tired, there's no such thing as an hour nap. I knew that if I hit the pillow then, I might as well set the alarm for 4am---I would be done for the night! So, I talked myself into doing the right thing. Sometimes we have to talk ourselves into the right moves, you know? I do this by simply thinking about how good I would feel if I did exactly like my friend suggested. Eat, workout, to bed. I would feel accomplished! So that's what I did.

I prepared two, that's right, TWO pita pizzas for dinner. And get this, together---they still struggled to hit 400 calories. I put extra cheese on one just to boost the calories a little. I made them with the wonderful Joseph's 60 calorie oat bran, flax seed, and whole wheat pita bread---added a tablespoon of tomato sauce, some green and red peppers, mushrooms, shrimp, and thinly sliced low-fat part-skim mozzarella. I threw them in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and there you have it---dinner was served! If lunch was a horrible calorie value, this made up for it! I love the calorie value in these tasty little personal pizzas, just perfect really.

After enjoying my dinner, I suited up and laced up for a trip to the YMCA. I hit the weight room for some strength training and the fitness room for a treadmill 5K walk/jog. The weights gave me a pretty good idea about the healing of my recently injured left arm. It's good, about 98%. There wasn't a movement I couldn't do, so I'm very happy. The treadmill 5K was pretty routine for me. I mostly walk at a 4.0 pace with intermittent burst of running as high as 5.8mph (ok—it's running to me!). I must increase my endurance at the higher speeds! But I'd settle for just making it all the way through a 5K without walking. I've agreed to do a 5K leg of a relay marathon in April, and I need to be there by then. I don't want to let the team down!

A friend and fellow blogger sent me another book today! I sincerely appreciate that! Thank you! So now I have two new books to read! “Food Rules,” and the book that arrived today: “The New Rules of Lifting” by Lou Shuler and Alwyn Cosgrove have some amazing information packed inside. I have some serious reading to do!

I'm headed for a busy Friday, I just know it. I'm packing some extra food tomorrow for sure! Thank you for reading. Below you'll find a couple of photos. My dinner tonight and a picture of me in the kitchen trying to look all cool. Notice I said trying, yeah---I should smile more, because this journey has been and continues to be something to seriously smile about. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Shrimp, green and red peppers, fresh mushrooms, and mozzarella atop a 60 calorie pita X's 2!

I like being able to identify my cheek bones. I didn't even realize I had any of those before! 269 baby!

Before shot with my youngest daughter Courtney. Just threw this in there for contrast.


  1. Sean you are looking good man! Your doing a great job too! We all know that life throws us curve balls and messes with our daily routine but thats just life. You may not always get the daily workout in or make the best calorie choices but no ones perfect and it happens. Your doing great and looking good-just remember that no matter how bad of day you may have.

  2. Sean,

    You are doing great with your 5K work. You may also check out the Couch To 5K training program. It made a believer out of me. I just finished week 4 day 3 this morning and ran two cycles of 3 and 5 minute jogging intervals. It really puts you on an organized progression.

  3. If you had read the label on those bananas, you would have found that they've got "100% of banana-y goodness."

  4. Hi Sean. Well done on the no-labels shopping. You know it's good food if it doesn't have a label. I'm impressed!

    And those pizzas look great. You may have just inspired me to give them a go!

    You look great, though tired. I hope you got a good nights sleep. More sleep = more weight loss as I'm sure you know already.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. You do read the comments! Glad you included the pic. Like those pizza's to. Love pizza, but haven't found a healthy alternative for one...

    Come see my weigh in...

  6. Gorgeous! Hot! Gorgeous! Hot! Aad that's just the Pizza ;o) Just Kidding..LOL

  7. I really like hearing how you are flexible when your schedule and food choices get all re-arranged. It's proof that we can do this, all we need to do is not make excuses. Great example!

  8. Wow Sean - you look terrific! What a contrast!

  9. Those are some good looking pizzas...and cheek bones!! :)

  10. wonderfull...and where do you get those pitas.
    I make pizza with thin crust whole wheat stuff..but if I can get a better calorie value I will.
    Great picture. you are doing great sean.

  11. man ... somebody should give you a nobel prize or something like that for your efforts ! truly amazing !! i have just started reading ur blog from day 1 and have reached day 59 and i read the daily updates too .

    i know that you are stuck on a weight loss "plateau" ryt now as u're not losing the fat easily . I'll tell you why ... please please please read it carefully and try n follow it . i was stuck on a similar plateau when i was trying to lose it , then i met a pro bodybuilder on net and he explained to me all the physiological aspects of weight loss . any way i'd like u to know that bodybuilders are the champions of fat reduction and muscle growth ...on an avg they have 4-5 % of body fat only !!!! (during ON season of course )

    so here's the deal .

    as u have been working out for a long time ... Your body has got accustomed to the daily ritual of u putting ur muscles and heart to work . what's happening is that ur body now stores a certain amount of calories just for your workout everyday and u dont get the real benefits of workout (i.e very few fat cells are broken down for energy coz u hav them stored already ). think of this as a piggy bank of cals in ur body which is kept just for ur workouts every day, so whenever u workout , u dont withdraw from your "main" account or moreover withdraw very little from it .

    the solution ... its pretty simple ... u have to throw it a curve ball(i'm using ur metaphors :p) ... i.e you'll have to make certain changes to your workout schedule . you'll have to follow a routine known in the fitness world as HIIT . short for high intensity interval training . turns out that doing 20 min of HIIT is almost double the effectiveness of a regular 20 min workout . HIIT is done on the cardio activities such as cycling , running/jogging , swimming , rope skipping etc etc .it has been tested scientifically that HIIT elevates the metabolism KING SIZE for more than 48 hours !!!

    one more thing ... if u have started weight training already... focus more on the larger muscles of the body ... namely the thighs (hamstrings and quadriceps ) , the lateral deltoids or more commonly known as "lats " and back muscles . the more you train (read weight train ) them the more you'll becoming efficient at losing fat as u already know that we burn cals continuously due to our muscle tissues ... (thats why they are known as active tissues ! )

    if u are interested in knowing the HIIT workout i can help u , heck i can even make you a workout schedule ! even ur trainer at YMCA can help you . trust me i have myself gotten out of a similar situation .

    u're my hero and seriously i'd like you to lose the remaining pounds ASAP .

    best wishes ,

    find me on fbook

  12. oh ... i forgot to tell u the best part ... u can lose 0.8 to 1.3 kilos/week ( 1.8 to 2.8 pounds /week ) for SURE on HIIT . thats way more than what u're doing ryt now.

    u can even google HIIT .
    and one more recommendation
    Tom Venuto's Burn the fat Feed the muscle
    i have the ebook with me if u want i can mail it to u . he is the best weight loss coach ever !
    best of luck !

  13. Wow Sean! You look handsome! I'm just blog hopping tonight, and came across yours...keep up the great work!!

  14. Do you know how many hours I've spent during our Health Talks about the difference between a 'real' food and a 'fake' food and your Wal-Mart story about not having to read ingredients is BRILLIANT! I'd give my whole lecture and end with questions like "What about Cheese-Whiz? What about Diet Coke? Those are 'real' foods right?" Those were obvious signs that I was not the teacher that I thought I was.
    WOW Sean - you need to start teaching my health talks. LOL! :)


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