Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 513 Not The Same---Inside or Out and "What's Next For You?"

Day 513

Not The Same---Inside or Out and “What’s Next For You?”

I’m feeling very optimistic these days. I’m always an optimistic person, even in the face of stress. It’s that “survivor” instinct that keeps me looking forward. I’m thrilled about where I am and from where I came. Yes, from where I came. I’m happy and at peace with my former morbidly obese self. I’ve forgiven 505 pound Sean for the years of neglect that negatively influenced my family and brought me very close to an early death. He was a very lost man who used food as his compass at every turn. I often times refer to him as another person, a different person---no longer with us, and I’m not the only one. I have friends in the weight loss blogging community that do the same thing. My mind has been transformed in such a profound way, it’s hard not to think of my former self in those terms. I’ve always heard “you’re still the same person on the inside,” but I’m not so sure I believe that anymore. I’ve changed more dramatically on the inside than out. Good thing I didn’t realize all of the changes I would experience along this road, because it might have scared me from trying. Change is sometimes a scary thought. But this gradual change, this evolution of good choices, this change has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

I started my Tuesday with a quick warm-up workout of squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. It’s really not much, but it’s enough to get the blood moving of a morning. I dripped the coffee and grabbed a banana. I’m out of oatmeal again---that’s too bad. I need some more—so, once again it was eggs. I stuck with the egg whites this morning, scrambled up a bunch, atop a 60 calorie pita. My breakfast routine must sound like the same thing everyday. It does become routine with little variation, but I’m comfortable and happy, so it’s all good. I sipped my morning coffee while I ate and watched a little news and weather. I talked with Ann too. She was getting ready for her trip into NYC for Dr. Oz. Before long it was time to shower and dress---a busy day was directly ahead.

Thank you “M” for watching Day 165 Bonus Video Blog of my first weight loss speaking event. That night was very special to me. I’m so happy I have that first one on video. It’ll be the first of many. “M” is a relatively new reader. She reports that she’s “reading from both ends,” and I appreciate that. I always suggest reading from Day 1. Now that we’re over 500 days in, it seems like a big thing to suggest, but I feel it’s important for a complete perspective. Every now and then someone will ask “Why don’t you put everything in a nutshell along the side of your blog?” Why? Because it wouldn’t fit! I’ve written, even recently, post that outline my weight loss philosophy and epiphanies along this road, but nothing can replace the gradual changes along the way. The struggle, the emotions, the little victories, the big weigh-ins, the big victories, the fun…and I mean fun--it's all in these pages. You couldn't get all that from a micro-scoped version of my journey.

I had a guest in studio this morning that has been a regular reader and she asked me a direct question off the air: “So, what’s next for you?” Great question. My first answer is simple: I’m not done. I still have serious work to do on this body. And secondly---I said matter-of-factly: I’m going to be a weight loss author and motivational speaker who travels the world conducting seminars to groups of morbidly obese people looking for the way out. I’m going to share my story and approach in such a passionate way that the power of that communication will have the potential to spark something within each person in attendance. I’m going to be vocal about what I’ve learned along this road, I’m not going to back down or sell out to the industry. I’m sickened by some of the companies and products that make up the 30 billion dollar a year weight loss industry---some that are even held in high esteem, even though what I’ve learned in my own experience shines a glaring light on the flaws of some of these more organized “commercial” plans.

I’ve never been a fighter, ever. But you’re going to witness a weight loss warrior my friend. Yeah, to say I’m passionate about weight loss is a slight understatement. The only two well-established bright spots I see in this industry: Weight Watchers and Richard Simmons. Weight Watchers, because their plan is strikingly similar to mine---they understand the importance of the mental changes required. And Richard Simmons, because everything he does is done with a sincere compassion. He understands, he’s been there and he’s devoted his entire life to the fight.

Anyway…enough of my ramblings. What about the rest of my Tuesday?
I arrived home late in the afternoon, just like yesterday. I took a nap, just like yesterday. And I worked out at the YMCA just like yesterday. It was a solid day---another one that I feel good about as I put my head on the pillow. And that’s what it all comes down to really. Hitting the pillow knowing that you did well is a very comforting thing.

Thank you for reading my friend. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Sean, I can't wait to attend one of your seminars once you start traveling with your message! I'll be at my goal weight by then, but my butt will still be in the seat for that talk!

  2. Be sure and put Southern Oregon on your seminar schedule... I'll be there, too! :-)

  3. You will make a wonderful author, mentor and motivational speaker. Go for it. Share it with anyone who will listen.

  4. Sounds as if you have hit your stride. Very well done. Very well done indeed.

  5. I'll be waiting over here, hurry up!!!



  6. It's really pretty simple. Calories in need to be less than calories out (within reason of course) and you have to have respect for yourself and honesty with yourself to make the proper choices. That's it. That's the whole plan. For the people that say it doesn't work? They are missing one of the components whether it's because they don't want to or aren't ready. Once you're there, it works itself and you just have to be the one steering.

  7. I know you will be an awesome author and speaker! You have a lot to share with others.

  8. Don't ever lose that passion Sean! I do truly hope you understand how many lives you have touched, and how many of those you have changed!

  9. What I have got from reading yours and Tony's blogs is that you just have to do it everyday, consistency in excercise and what you eat and if you do it everyday you will get the results and you will maintain your weight. You have to spend sometime on yourself so that you are able to live your best life. Cool Talking about it and leading by example very powerful.

  10. Your passion is truly motivating.

    I love the idea of leaving behind your old self and thinking of him/her as another person. It sounds like such a strong and powerful way to separate yourself from old bad habits.

  11. I have no doubt that you will reach your potential with the weight loss and fitness. It's a joy to watch you follow your dreams with the motivational speaking and I love your desire to help others. :)

  12. They are missing one of the components whether it's because they don't want to or aren't ready.
    how to grow taller

  13. I remember a story where, on his death bead, Sammy Davis, Jr. tossed an imaginary ball to Gregory Hines. I can see Richard Simmons doing that with you some day! (But hopefully not from his death bed!) And regarding your routine breakfast choices, I have heard that very healthy folks eat basically the same thing for breakfast and lunch during the work week, and will only change that up on weekends. Kind of makes sense. I have a friend who brings a salad everyday for lunch. I, like you, used to be a "no-rabbit-food" kind of eater. But I took her cue and now have learned to enjoy my salads, too! Just had to find the right low-fat dressing, and add some fruit and sunflower seeds and nuts. Yummy!

  14. I love that you can admit you love Richard Simmons. Not many men are brave enough to say it. I love him too. :)

  15. Great post! I'm behind in my reAding but wanted to mention that TOPS is very similar to WW But is non-profit and WAY cheaper.


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