Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 524 Cereal--A Trigger Food and No Tattoo--Not Tonight Anyway

Day 524

Cereal—A Trigger Food and No Tattoo—Not Tonight Anyway

Cereal. Yeah, it. I had a bowl tonight. Kashi Heart to Heart with ½ a banana, some blueberries, and Almond Milk. I measured everything too and even with the was 230 delicious calories. As I approached the end of the bowl, I felt that old familiar reflex to fill the bowl again. I'd never had sugar free almond milk, and it absolutely rocks. Is this a trigger food for me? I think so. Wow. I recognized the old habit and said it out loud. Ann was dealing with the same trigger. We shut it down...we talked about it, we worked through. As much as I say I'm in 100% control, I still have these old cravings and habits that try to sneak up on me. I haven't made a concentrated effort to keep certain things away from me, but I have just naturally stayed away from having any of this stuff in the house around me: Ice Cream you have to dip into a bowl or eat out of a carton, cold breakfast cereals, breads, peanut butter, and I'm sure there are others.

I just have to be extra cautious around these things. My defense system, or “Steel Curtain Zone,” is heightened when these things are around. Because seriously...As 'in control' as I am, and as successful as I've been—I'm still a food addict. I mustn't forget that. Ever. I've argued with this idea before, but I can't deny it any longer...The idea that once you're an addict, you're always an addict---I hate that. But on many levels, I can clearly see that is the truth. We're all recovering food addicts, just talkin' ourselves down off of ledge after ledge. It's gonna be all right, really...we're going to make it.

The plan today was very simple. Get a decent workout, have a great homemade dinner---prepared by someone other than me—for me. Oh, it was so nice! And after that special dinner---we would head out to get that tattoo I've often mentioned. 505, my starting weight, on my chest---really small, right over my heart, and backwards. So I see it 'right' in the mirror. It seems I didn't plan this very well. When we called ahead to the preferred tattoo shop in Kansas---they were completely booked for the night. So we tried a local place...nope, not happening tonight. I had big plans for this tattoo! The On The Go Video would have been fun to shoot and post here. Oh well, I'll get it soon. I really wanted it tonight, but it's fine. I'm patient!

Ann took the time, trouble, and expense of cooking me a lovely meal tonight. The homemade sauce was just amazing. It was full of flavor and cooked all day long, filling my apartment with it's sweet smell. She used organic whole wheat spaghetti and a roll that we split from Whole Foods. She also roasted some veggies for a side dish, but I didn't do any of those. Roasted summer squash, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and peppers---red and green. We're having them for lunch tomorrow instead. And yes, I will be eating them too---probably on a Flat-Out pizza!

Thank you for reading! This has been a wonderful Saturday despite it not being everything we wanted (no tattoo---mom is happy I'm sure!) And tomorrow will be the last day of this little break from the day to day. I needed this, I really did. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

This is a wonderful plate of whole food goodness. And below 500 calories for the entire plate. Easily the most flavorful—best tasting spaghetti I've ever experienced. Nice Job Ann, Thank you!


  1. Sean, it is great when we recognize those trigger foods. I try to eliminate them from my diet completely. I stopped buying Weight Watcher ice cream for that very reason. I liked them too much. It was too easy to grab a second one. No matter how much I lose, the fat girl is still inside of me!

  2. I so get the cereal trigger food thing and how it triggered both of you. How great that you were able to work through it as individuals and as friends. Cereal was one of my first binge foods as a kid. Bowl after bowl. In college, my dorm cafeteria had a cereal "station"- an entire small room sized area of bins of different cereals and milk dispensers. I know there were many of us that gained more than the freshman 15 from there. Today, I don't buy cereal. It is just too risky on a day to day basis. But on a recent vacation I safely enjoyed it in our condo and occasionaly I'll measure a small bowl of my husbands cereal.

  3. I remember days of the never ending bowls of Froot Loops and whole milk. Yeah...I occaisionally still eat more than my fair share of Kashi Go Lean Crack ... I mean Go Lean Crunch. That's why I didnt bring that cereal home to you :-) The almond milk is not sugar free, it is unsweetened. Glad you enjoyed dinner.

  4. Hi Sean. I can't have cereal in the house at all. In fact I can't really have anything in the house that can just be eaten straight from the packet. Apart from fruit and salad. They can live in their little plastic bags in total safety from me!

    Glad you had such a lovely weekend.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. Good for you for recognizing your trigger foods. I try to do the same, though sometimes I admit it to myself when it's too late (until the next time at least). Just found your blog.Love it. Kudos to you!

  6. Golden Grahams is my crack cereal. Haven't bought a box since I started trying to lose this weight last June. However, I've encountered it at my sister's house the last couple of weeks when I've gone up to babysit. I'm surprised you don't have a Whole Foods closer to you! Mine is about a 25 min drive from me. Love that store!!! :)

  7. Wow, your lady friend has done an awesome job informing us of your "activities" for the duration of the trip. I guess it's part of moving on, right?

  8. oh oh...what tammy said. Golden grahams...I could probably eat the box.
    I don't do cereal or tons of wheat products. It triggers binginess. I keep any flour stuff to a minimum...that includes most pasta.
    IF I have some it's one or two servings a day. all else is dairy protein fruits and veggies.

  9. Oh yes, the trigger foods. Mac and cheese - the boxed kind. It's complete crap, I'm a good cook and yet...the mac n cheese makes me crazy, crazy I tell ya!

  10. Funny - cereal food can be a real trigger for me, too. I just snack on it. Just today, we bought a little from the bulk bin to see if I can have it in the house again without going nuts :D

  11. I am so happy for you that you had a great few days.



  12. Yes, I react to that cereal and other sweets that way too. I recently watched that Food, Inc. movie and am realizing that the addiction is somewhat planned on the part of the food industry, also. I'm not copping out on my own responsibility, but it's interesting to see things in a broader context!

  13. Loved the meal. Pasta has always been a weakness for me. My wife makes an amazing rizzoto. Glad your feeling well.


  14. trust me, there are a lot of "cereal killers" out there!

  15. Pizza is my trigger food. If it's in the room I will eat it.....


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