Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 507 Weigh Day Results and A Wonderful Gift

Day 507

Weigh Day Results and A Wonderful Gift

Weigh day is something I've always looked forward to on this journey. After years of avoiding the scales and the reality it screamed, I don't mind at all these days. After describing to a friend my 600 calories before 10am, not to mention the liquids I pour into my body from the time I wake, they suggested I weigh first thing in the morning-- “You know you would weigh less.” I've heard this several times over the course of the last 507 days, and I know it's true. I've just held onto the idea that if I weigh at around the same time (afternoon on weigh day) every time, then it all evens out. Makes sense, no? But after today, well, I just might make the change to early morning weigh-ins.

It's not bad at all. I weighed 269 today. I made it to the 260's!! But I must admit, I wanted and expected more than a 2 pound loss. Three or four pounds was really what I felt I earned and it frustrates when we don't get what we feel is rightfully ours. But I must remember, and I do, that these days are different for me and my body. I'm normal, I'm completely normal. Losing over 200 pounds the first 365 days, then slowly taking off 36 more the last five months has been a real down shift that I've had to mentally adjust over. As much as I don't want to admit it, I have to honestly say...I could have done more over the last five months. I know that, but still losing 236 pounds in 17 months is phenomenal---don't get me wrong, it's changed my life. I'm very happy, thrilled actually. But it's only natural for me to analyze, often times over analyze, ways I could have and should have done better. Of course I have the power to change whatever portion of my performance I'm unhappy with, it's not too late. My body is a canvas, I can make it whatever I desire. It's a powerful and very simple concept. It's a decision, that of the iron-clad kind.

I opened the mail today and found a key to a bigger box that contained a wonderful gift from a friend and fellow blogger. You know I've talked recently about how I can't find any Joseph's brand flax seed, oat bran, and whole wheat 60 calorie pitas. Well, thanks to my friend I now have a freezer full! It was the most delightful thing! Thank you my anonymous blogger friend! She probably wouldn't mind me mentioning her name and blog, but I'm writing too early to get permission right now. Also included in the package was a CD that will now have a home on my iPod and a book I plan on reading front to back before the weekend is finished. The book is called “Food Rules-An Eater's Manual” by Michael Pollan. I've already skimmed a few pages and found it very interesting. I've evolved to a point where I desire to learn more about better food choices and this book is going to be helpful in this pursuit of a better understanding. Again, thank you my friend---You know who you are!

I'm happy that yesterday's post struck a chord with several people. It's that kind of self-discovery that has the power to set us free. It's getting to the honest rock bottom of the truth, and simply wiping away the muck of excuses and rationalizations that have kept us fat forever. It's liberating and it really makes this journey enjoyable instead of a constant struggle. Thank you for the wonderful comments and e-mails concerning that post.

Things are about to get crazy busy at work. I'm adjusting my approach to maximize efficiency. Isn't that the constant challenge in everything we do? How can we do it better? At work or in the weight room or with our calorie budget, it's a commitment with a positive consistent effort. I'm still learning this stuff myself, so don't you think I know it all, because I surely do not! I'm enjoying this road. And I thank you for following along with me. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I have been struggling with choices this week but when it comes down to it as you said the decisions are mine and excuses don't cut it, it is time to step it up a gear and do better for me, thanks Sean for sharing your journey and your honesty

  2. Congratulations on your loss Sean! You are amazing!

  3. Congrats on 269!! How have the workouts been? Maybe you can post on how they are going? Also its about time to post a 269 head shot!

    Come see my Weigh-in Today

  4. Good job Sean. I too have had that delema about when to weigh. When the dust finally settled, I ended up weighing every Thursday morning... right after my work-out. I guess my twisted thinking is that on the weekend... when it seems that I stuggle the most with my eating... I have 4 to 5 days of work-out to go before I have to weigh again. Check my blog at Thanks!

  5. Congratulations on another loss and another "decade" of weight! I think you're right about weighing in - so long as you do it at roughly the same time of day, it's really more about how your numbers are week over week, not what they are at different times of day. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Haven't you recently started working out at the gym? That could affect your weight of weight loss, especially if you're building upper body muscle. Of course, you're right about getting down to normal too. We're going to have to learn to be satisfied with slower weight loss on the scale.

  7. Hi Sean. Congrats on your loss. I can think of a hell of a lot of people who'd be very happy indeed with a 2lb loss - including me!

    I'm sure that you've done a lot more than simply lost two pounds of fat - you may for example have lost 4lbs of fat and gained 2 lbs of muscle. And any muscle gained is going to burn yet more fat. You're onto a winner with muscle gain.

    I think you're doing brilliantly!

    Bearfriend xx


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