Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 561 If Everyday Was Like Monday and Getting My Picture With Grandma

Day 561

If Everyday Was Like Monday and Getting My Picture With Grandma

Mondays are special. Monday was always the day. The day it would all turn around. I would convince myself that Monday, all would be right. My resolve, my consistency, everything would be perfect or as near to perfect as possible. If I could have put all of my Mondays together, I would have lost this weight a long time ago. I had some good ones! What would happen when Tuesday rolled around? Well, it wasn't Monday anymore, but no problem! Another Monday was always less than a week away! And since I was waiting for another great Monday start next week, let's eat like we're never going to eat again! This inconsistent pattern left me scared, feeling hopeless, and over 500 pounds. I guess you could say that I've had an unstated goal this entire time: Give everyday that fresh start Monday feeling. It's not always easy and it's never perfect, but it doesn't have to be for success.

I started my Monday with three whole eggs, over easy--my favorite! I didn't have mushrooms or cheese, just eggs. It was simple and good, and 210 calories. I had a banana for desert, checked in with some blogging friends and then dropped onto the floor for some non-weighted strength training exercises. Yes, desert for breakfast, it was a banana! Anyway, I didn't do my squats this morning. I don't have a good reason really, I mean---I usually do the squats first. For some reason I decided to give my quads and gluts a break this morning. I quickly ran out of time and had to jump in the shower, brush, and dress for this day, all in about fifteen minutes! I cut it a little too close much of the time, I do...it's a bad habit really.

I felt horrible all day today about something I didn't do yesterday. I didn't realize it until I was looking through the pictures from our 83rd birthday get together with grandma. Did I not take a picture with my dear grandmother? What? Kelli is always snapping pictures. It's nothing for her to fire off fifty to a hundred or more at one gathering. How did I not take one with grandma? Some may not like all of the pictures all of the time, but I've always had an appreciation for what she's doing. Even though I kind of don't like not having control over what pictures she chooses for her blog. I want to say, "use that one, and toss this one, and don't dare post that one, and..." But I don't and I wouldn't. She's giving us plenty of pictures that we'll cherish someday. I wouldn't have near the catalogue of before pictures if it were not for Kelli's love of pictures. I always hated those 500 pound-plus pictures back then, but I love them now...the bigger the better! Oh grandma...I'm getting a picture with you today!

I decided, I was making a special trip for my picture with grandma! I had a nice little visit with everyone and we took some good pictures! Kelli and my mom are doing so wonderfully with their food and exercise--and they're both making some mental breakthroughs that will carry them along this road. I couldn't be happier for them!

I made it back home and headed straight to Wal-Mart for some "Sean staples." You know...mushrooms, eggs, cheese, apples, bananas, flatbread wraps, chicken breast, and coffee. I'm such a creature of habit huh? I guess! Oh well...it is all good! I ran into an old co-worker in the store. You can always count on running into people at that place, something I always dreaded at my heaviest. I look forward to running into old friends now.

I hurried home and decided that I was getting to bed relatively early, well, actually it ended up being just after 10:30, not too early afterall. But it was a good Monday, it was. I feel good. And I love the pictures below. Grandma is so sweet, happy 83rd grandma! I love you!

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,




I also took some pictures with Kelli and Keith. I'll post those tomorrow!


  1. Glad you got to see make the trip to Stillwater to see yoru family and get your picture with your grandma.

  2. Yes, I love the "Monday" feeling too! It is good that you cherish your grandma...I miss mine...and wish I would have spent more time with her. Your "Sean Staples" are great! You know what works for you, so why would you buy anything else? ;) Have a great "2nd Monday" today!

  3. I know what you mean about Mondays. Sometimes it's because of a brutal weekend. Have a wonderful week!

    9 weight loss

  4. I can see a real resemblance between you and your Grandma, especially around the eyes. She looks so good and you mom does too.

    I never had a thing about starting Monday, for me it's always "tomorrow" I will do better. I remember taking my 2 month old baby and 2 year old to WW meetings. The tomorrows have turned into 10 years. Sad.

  5. It's awesome that you went and said howdy to your gramma again to take pics. YOu never know.
    The last time I saw my Aunt Dorothy, We had a nice talk..she had lost a lot of weight and was looking good...I flew back to germany and seven months later she died of a heart attack.
    I didn't see that coming. She was only in her fifties.
    Never miss an opportunity...and if you miss one, go back and get it, lol.
    Great post sean.

  6. Glad you got the pictures taken. It's nice to see someone say they are going to do something when it comes to family and doing it!! Such a great person!

  7. Just found this blog and it is just what I needed!! Thanks Sean!!

  8. Great Photo's Sean, well done you going back for the photo's. You have reminded me I must go and see my Auntie Theresa. Thank you



  9. Love the grandma pics!

    I was getting into a rhythm with food, too, and was thrilled about it, but now that I am pregnant I don't want any of those things and its driving me nuts!Oh well....Back to the drawing board!

  10. You really are a hot looking guy Sean :)

    Nice pics with grandma.

  11. Sean, you've been such an inspriation to me and have made me re-evaluate my priorities. I mentioned you in my blog. I do hope you'll visit me. http://www.411gurl.blogspot.com
    Thank you as your words have a made a difference in me.
    I made good choices today. Free brownies were announced at the table in our accounting department. I passed. "Go Me"
    Sidenote: I watch Ralphie every chance I get. He's one of my favorites. I hope he gets to where you are one day. I've always wished that for him. Take care.

  12. You are hilarious! I would have gone back to get pictures with Grandma too. I really admire the love and respect you have for the women in your life.

  13. Sean,

    You are by far THE MOST ispiring person in our lives when it comes to tackling this whole weight issue.

    We've honored you with a blogger award in appreciation.

    We LOVE you!!!

    Come by our blog to pick up the award!

    Jana & Tina
    Diet Buddy Girls

  14. Your grandma looks lovely--you're so lucky to still have her around. Good for you making the effort to capture these great moments.


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