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May 16th, 2015 Happiness: Part Two of Yesterday's Post

May 16th, 2015 Happiness: Part Two of Yesterday's Post

After celebrating and exploring my Epiphany Day Anniversary yesterday, I thought it would be good to share a broader perception. When May 15th, last year, hit--I couldn't stop thinking about it. Four days later, after 96 hours of examining this entire thing, I shared a follow-up post titled "The Secret to Happiness" on May 19th, 2014.

The title sounds grandiose, I know--and really, might even be considered an eye roller to some. But I believe, with 100% conviction, that this thing is exactly that, the secret to happiness.

There is one question you can ask yourself that, in answering, will help you apply this perspective along your own path. That question is at the end of this DDWL excerpt from May 19th, last year:  

The thing I've focused on the most the last several days has proven to be a wonderful exploration.  It is, in short, the secret to happiness. Millions have figured it out already and they live it every day. Millions struggle with understanding it and they spend years, sometimes a lifetime in pursuit of it. The thing about loving and caring for the constants within us, the things that can't ever be taken from us, the elements making us who we are deep down no matter what comes or goes in this life is a key to emotional freedom.

I think about the man in India who lives with his wife and kids in what can best be described as a tent.  He gets up everyday and walks for miles into the city where he pulls a rickshaw, transporting tourist and business people for 8-12 hours a day. Then he walks home and has dinner (usually white rice and anything else they can afford) with the family he loves. He's one of the happiest people you'll ever meet.

I think about the person who was able bodied their entire life before a drunk driver rendered them a quadriplegic. Yet, some of these people who have had so much taken away from them, are transformed into some of the most inspirational, positive and fascinatingly happy people in this world.

I believe that people who find and live their happiness are doing so, because they're connected to the core qualities within them that can never be taken away. Whoever first said "happiness must come from within," this is what they meant. 

If we tether our identity, self-worth, definition of success and happiness to anything that naturally fluctuates or can change dramatically, then we're in for a roller coaster ride of emotional unrest.

I've always attached my self-worth to my weight. Well, until now of course. I've often talked about potential and not living up to potential. But here's the thing: Potential is tied directly to the constant qualities within us and if our focus is on the pursuit of happiness in every direction except within, then those qualities aren't allowed to flourish, to grow--to give life to the potential within us all.

This whole thing makes me want to take the best care I can. I've never felt more determined to return to a healthy weight. It's what I need physically. What I need emotionally isn't affected by weight loss. And making that distinction provides a nice inner calm, a peace.

The question to determine these inner qualities needing attention and love is: What are the qualities in me that remain regardless of my weight, regardless of my financial situation, regardless of my relationship status, regardless of my professional success--what about me stays the same when all of these other things can and do change?  My heart, soul, sense of humor, natural compassion for others, likes and dislikes, pride in parenting, artistic talents, selflessness, humility, etc. Have you made your list?  And when these constants are cared for and loved, watered, so to speak--they grow, they flourish--and they give us what we need to experience emotional freedom, the freedom and ability to claim our happiness come what may.

The list should be things that existed at your heaviest and healthiest weight. These things have been within you throughout your most prosperous times and your times of financial struggle. These things have lived in you when you were single, in a relationship or married. These things are what make you, you.

Simply acknowledging these things doesn't mean "we're fixed." It's a daily practice in perspective.

Today was a long and very busy day. I was on location doing broadcasts from 7am until after noon. After we wrapped the broadcasts, I had just enough time to return the station vehicle, drop by the studios for a few things--then home to prepare lunch and grab a short nap before departing for a special VIP party hosted by a really good client of the radio station.

I didn't do an intentional workout today, however my Fitbit says I burned almost 550 calories--and that's more than I typically get from 30 minutes on the elliptical.  

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  1. Hey Sean, Great Blog! I found you yesterday looking for weight loss blogs that included strength training. You have certainly had quite a rollercoaster ride! I am currently on the edge of 200 pounds lost in the last 2 1/2 years. It's been really tough, and the last year or so has been very successful, as i finally started focusing on getting active instead of just diet. We can do it! I tried blogging and didn't really stick with it, wish I had after seeing how you can look back on all you've done! I still have a ways to go, another 40 pounds and I will reach just under half of my starting 465 pounds. I don't plan on ever being "skinny" I am just not built for it, but i plan on being healthy. Keep the faith sir.

    1. Dave, congratulations on your incredible success! It feels amazing doesn't it?
      This last year has, without a doubt, been my best.
      We can and we ARE doing it, every day!
      Thank you for sharing here! I'm glad your search brought you over. Look around! :)
      40 pounds... nice, Dave. Very nice.

    2. Thank you sir. Just realized my photo is my Google+photo from quite a few years back... lol. I guess that is a "Before" photo now. I guess I'll have to change that.


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