Friday, May 1, 2015

May 1st, 2015 It Fit Perfectly

May 1st, 2015 It Fit Perfectly

I felt exceptional today. I didn't necessarily get any more sleep than I normally do, yet I was able to work through the day without an afternoon nap. I don't know how to explain it, really. Unless it was quality over quantity. Could be.

I'm emceeing a big wedding tomorrow night. Today was tuxedo fitting day. I suggested using the same measurements from last time, after all, it wasn't that long ago. The fitter, knowing how I've lost weight and continue losing, recommended new measurements. They had to size me down.

The jacket is a 44 long and the shirt is a Large, instead of an extra large. The jacket size is smaller than at my previous low weight in November 2010 and I'm still 10 or 12 pounds away from that weight.

The only reasonable explanation is something I noticed a long time ago. When I lost over 100 pounds in 2004, then quickly gained it back, I gained in different places. Parts of me remained smaller. The biggest example was my wrists. Only pre-2004 before pictures show my top weight wrists. Even the most recent relapse/regain period didn't give me big puffy wrists.

When a size 44 long was suggested today, I balked, "No, I don't want it to be too small and uncomfortable." Joe at Spray's Tuxedos insisted I try it on. It fit perfectly. I didn't feel like it was too small, at all. It felt good. Joe added, "You don't realize how small you've gotten. You're now smaller than me." To me, Joe looks like an average size guy. I'm fitting into sizes smaller than him--it just doesn't compute very easily. My brain seems to get an error message when I try to embrace the reality of my new smaller size.

I made it into the Y tonight for a good workout. then to the store and home to cook a wonderful meal. I almost picked up my usual chicken and zucchini squash tacos with lettuce and sour cream from the Mexican restaurant a few blocks from my apartment. They ring it up cheap. $6.52 for the entire order. It's difficult to prepare a homemade version for less.

I decided to cook my dinner tonight, considering I'll likely be dining out with an old friend and broadcasting mentor for lunch tomorrow--and if I have my way, we'll be going to that Mexican restaurant and I'll be having the chicken and zucchini fajita tacos. Best I not do them back to back.

I'm headed to bed relatively early for me on a Friday night. No short nap today. I can feel the difference in my tiredness. I'll be out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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  1. Beautiful Sean. I love your commitment! You inspire me every day👏

    1. LTT, thank you! That feels good to read. :)

  2. I've noticed a different trend in this round of weight loss. Your eating more vegetables and a bigger variety of vegetables. You better be careful Sean, a salad may slip in there ;) I'm like you though. I don't put anything in my mouth I don't like and I too tend to stick to the same things for certain meals. I thought about changing up my breakfast from my two usual boiled eggs and pulled out the frying pan to make a omelette but before I knew it those eggs were boiling. Not sure if it was me just wanting it the easiest way or not wanting to wash the frying pan. Most likely the latter. A new sized tux deserves a new picture Sean....just saying

    1. I'll be very careful--and watch very closely for salads creeping up on me! LOL Thank you, Leah! I do eat much better than I did during my initial weight loss. When I committed to giving up sugar, it inspired me to try to eat better in other ways--not to mention the live-tweeting of the food each day...that has really inspired me to eat well--absolutely a positive impact!
      Certain things for me, especially breakfast--I don't mind if they're very similar or same each day... I try to occasionally change it up at dinner--and sometimes at lunch... But like you, I eat what I like and nothing I don't, period!
      I agree! Pictures coming in tonight's edition! :) It was a very active was a workout.

  3. That has to be an amazing feeling. You're right about how you're losing weight, but I'd also give some credit to the extra excercise and walking you're doing. You're not just losing weight, you're changing shape in wonderful ways.

    Keep up the great work my friend. You are truly an inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Lance! Absolutely, the increased commitment to exercise has played a big role in the changing shape!!

  4. Thats really interesting that you gained weight in different places? in the transformations your gaining muscle weight too right so your body is shifting in lots of ways right?!

    A bit ago you mentioned about rethinking gluten, I wanted to congratulate you on considering if it's important or about just image and jumping on the bandwagon of next fad. Next time ask if there are extra MSG options too!

    Dont forget that at foolsfitness we know low sodium soups can taste ok if you put enough salt in them-Alan

    1. It is interesting, Alan...and so true...We lose weight--but if we regain, it doesn't all go go back in the same places from where we lost it...
      Yes-- off the gluten free stuff. I'm not necessarily going out of my way to eat it--but I'm simply not buying G-free products anymore. LOL on the MSG options.
      Totally agree--those low sodium soups taste much better with a generous shaking of salt.
      Always smiling when I read your words, sir. Thank you.


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