Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22nd, 2015 Yes It Is

May 22nd, 2015 Yes It Is

I did a location broadcast today where two tables full of free food was one of the draws. Free hotdogs, cookies, chips and soda filled the tables and for twelve on-air breaks I offered the free lunch to anyone and everyone who made the effort to stop by. I declined the invitation to eat. Surprisingly, I only had to say no once. Usually it's several times and many different variations of "no, thank you."

My lunch was waiting two blocks away, back at the studio. I keep a supply of food at work and sometimes I share with my colleagues. I ran across an extra apple today, cut it up and announced its availability to those still within earshot of the employee kitchen. One of them took me up on it and then added, "I have something I want you to try, it would go perfectly with the apple."

Before I type another word, let me point out--this colleague is one of the sweetest, nicest and well meaning co-workers I've ever worked with in my career. I was about to find out that she hasn't really grasped what I'm all about and what I do here. And that's totally cool. I'm truly the only one who must fully grasp it as it applies to me and my recovery.

I immediately knew, without her saying another word--she was about to offer me something with sugar. She approached the conference/lunch table with what she described as the smoothest, best tasting imported chocolate, ever. She was holding a tiny square just for me.

Me: "Thank you, but I don't eat sugar."
Colleague: "It's okay, it's really small."
Me: "I don't eat sugar, not even a small dose. Haven't in over a year. Thank you, though."
Colleague: "You can have just a little bit, can't you?"
Me: "It would be like asking an alcoholic in successful recovery if they could have just a tiny bit of vodka--just a taste, because this is the best Russian vodka in the world."
Colleague: "Oh no, it's not the same!"
Me: (matter of fact tone) "Yes it is."

She left the small piece of chocolate next to the remaining pieces of the extra apple and added, "maybe someone else will want to try it."

I don't believe she was intentionally trying to push or disregard my boundaries, she just doesn't know. Her experiences have informed her in a different way. She was just honestly blown away and passionately excited about the taste of this amazing chocolate! She wanted to share it with everyone, especially someone offering her a slice of apple, which, as it turns out, apple is a perfect compliment to this imported treat. I bet she gave away a bunch of it yesterday!

A big reason I've been able to find focus and consistency over the last 13 months, is because I give my abstinence from sugar and the integrity of my food plan the same kind of reverence an alcoholic in recovery gives their sobriety. It's non-negotiable. And when I'm feeling tested or weak, I immediately reach out to a support buddy in order to talk or "text it out," and it's there where I find renewed strength, a better perspective and a fresh load of resolve.

This level of reverence is one of the things I found common in those who have long term maintenance and successful recovery.

It all comes down to importance level and where we decide to set that level.

DDWL Flashback Excerpt--Day 348--August 2009:

The importance level we set for things isn't something we just say. It's easy to say, “my weight loss efforts will be of utmost importance from this point forward.” It's ultimately set by our actions, not our words. If you find yourself making excuses and coming up with rationalizations that make bad choices seem alright, then maybe you need to check the importance level. 

Check it often, because it can deplete without you realizing. How do you check it? 

With complete honesty, that's your dipstick. 

Richard Simmons tweeted this today: “There is only one way to lose weight and keep it off. And it's by being truthful with yourself about the food...” 

100% self-honesty is crucial to your success. I've written about this many times because it's something that I never did before with past failed attempts. Since day one nearly a year ago, this self-honesty policy has been firmly in place, and you know what kind of results I've had. 

The self-honesty component is vital to the mental changes required on this road to permanent success. Make this one of the most important things you've ever done. Give it the highest important level. Get completely honest with yourself about the habits you know are holding you back---and then get ready for an almost magically transformation of mind and body. Forget “almost,” it is magical.

Author note: You can read a little cocky self-assured attitude in the part about "...road to permanent success." I had a book of lessons and a beautiful humbling ahead of me....boy, did I ever.

I made it to the YMCA this evening for a nice elliptical workout. It was a long day and I was feeling fatigued, so I opted to skip the weight machines and head straight for the cardio of the elliptical ride. Instead of music, I listened to NPR's Fresh Air podcast. I rarely do this. Usually it's music for me. This time the topic was David Letterman's career, and since he's one of my broadcasting/comedy heroes, I made a rare exception. I enjoyed it!

I'm looking forward to a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I hope yours is fantastic, too!

 photo 39fb5cfb-8792-46f8-9a90-864962545683_zps5kixiyds.png
 photo 0582f8d4-9a2a-4eb2-a0c4-9bb3927ebb22_zpszvw7dcda.png
Animated! #FBF Far Back Friday, since I didn't post a #TBT picture. Screen grab from a corporate speaking event. The graphics person didn't get the title of the book correct. It wasn't a big deal, in fact, that title would have worked well, too. :) I almost backed out of doing this one because it was early in my regain period. All I wanted to do was hide far far away. I remember telling my therapist I couldn't do the engagement because I had gained back some weight. She quickly offered some perspective adjustments. It ended up being one of my best speaking experiences, despite the regain. I followed her advice, acknowledged the regain and made it a small part of my message.

Headed to bed relatively early for a Friday night. It's time to sleep until I can't. No alarm tonight

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  1. Well done on not taking the chocolate! We all have our own demons to beat...and its hard when people are genuinely nice to us but just "don't get" our journey and our needs quite the way we do :)

    1. Bless her heart, I totally understood she wasn't with ill intent. Thank you!

  2. Great post Sean! I relate, feel, understand and agree 100% on your stance against sugar. It's the cornerstone, building blocks, glue that will allow you to maintain a normal weight range the rest of your life.

    1. Thank you, Jon. It really is the foundation for me. For you, too!

  3. Just wanted to drop a line & say thanks for including the pics of the food you eat. I get some good ideas from them, which is an added bonus to the inspiration I get from your amazing posts :o)

    1. Thank you, A! I'm so glad you enjoy the food pics! It keeps me accountable and it inspires ideas for others--perfect! :)


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