Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19th, 2015 Just A Heads Up

May 19th, 2015 Just A Heads Up

In my morning email:

A friend of mine told me you have lost over 400 pounds in the last year. I want to congratulate you but also wanted to ask if you think this is a healthy amount of weight to loose in one year? I will start reading thru your blog to see what your doing. It looks like you have people who look to you for inspiration. My friend Cassie does. I also things that she has a crush on you. just a heads up shes crazy. She lives a thousand miles from you so don't worry. Anyhoozle, hope your doingit in heelthy way.

I loved "just a heads up she's crazy." I literally laughed out loud. I gave Becca a very fast reply, telling her that her friend had the numbers wrong and how I hope she enjoyed the blog.

If she reads the archives over the last year, she'll quickly deduce, this isn't an extreme approach. It's a consistent approach. I'm very proud of this.

And just in case you two are reading this: Cassie and Becca, I thank you both for reading or skimming, or just looking at the pictures, whatever you're doing here, that's cool. :) I hope you both find something within these pages that resonates deeply with your experience.

It's not the first time my weight loss has been misquoted. Remember this?
 photo 292c3c71-1849-42b0-9ad0-da4d9692453d_zps7f08uws7.jpg
I swear, I just knew someone was going to get up and walk out while shouting, "Hey, he didn't lose 500 pounds! He only lost 275 pounds!! We've all been misled!!! I'm outta here!" Turns out, everyone stayed on that snowy night in Sikeston, Missouri.

Today was unusually busy for a Tuesday. It wasn't necessarily stressful, just busy and on schedule. My plan and schedule pretty much made itself for me, based on production priorities. I did make time to pause for a nice lunch midday. I got home in time to grab a nap and start preparing dinner before my weekly weight loss support group conference call. The call was wonderful. Life Coach Gerri and I take turns moderating the group each week. Tonight was her turn to lead. I really enjoy learning from her in so many ways. Gerri just celebrated 22 years of maintenance. I'm paying attention.

My mom's blood specialist was doing his elliptical workout at the Y tonight. We both finished our workouts at the same time. It was the perfect opportunity to ask a fast medical question. As much as I was thrilled with my resting heart rate yesterday, in a way--it kind of freaks me out, just a little. I made the mistake of reading all kinds of things online about slow heart rate and what it may or may not mean--and oh my...Why did I do that to myself?

I workout. I'm very fortunate and grateful, My heart is in good shape. I don't know why I couldn't just accept that as the case and be okay. 

I asked the doctor if he minded a quick medical question. He was very gracious. I'm sure doctors get inundated with casual questions everywhere they go. It's probably not good form for me to add to this, but I wanted to hear him say it was likely okay. And basically, he did. I felt much better.

I'll let the Tweets take it the rest of the way tonight. I'm hitting the pillow feeling really well..

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Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. Love that email you received, lol, too cute. I tried the cashew milk...so good. I also copied your veggie medley and it turned out delicious! "Anyhoozle", have a great day! :)

    1. JMT, Glad you tried those! The cashew milk really surprised me. At first, I didn't expect to like it "straight," but I love it! And at 25 calories per cup--the calorie value is a steal! Oh yeah--that veggie medley, I swear, I could eat it everyday!!
      The email was a wonderful way to start my day with a laugh and a big smile.

  2. Good morning Sean Because you have struggled with getting enough and a good quality sleep in the past, I wanted to tell you and anyone else who might read your comments, I watched a excellent show last night about the importance of sleep. Maybe you have already seen it?? It's called Sleepless in America. It's a very interesting 2 hour documentary on how society is getting less sleep and suffering the consequences of it. Some very tragic consequences. I recommend this show to anyone who hasn't seen it.

    1. I will look for that documentary. Thank you, Leah! Was it on Netflix? I'll find it. I appreciate the recommendation.

    2. Check my facebook page. I posted it there.

    3. Thank you, Leah! I will find it on your page this weekend and watch it! I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Rest assured, Sean, you're not the only one who lip-syncs on the elliptical :-)

    And I know what you mean about the heart rate concern - I went in for a colonoscopy and, while waiting for the happy drugs to kick in before the procedure, I set off their heart rate alarm. Just like you experienced yesterday "are you a runner?" "yes, I am" and they overrode it. But there is that nagging worry that it might not be okay. Like you, my doctor has reassured me that I'm fine, so now we just get to enjoy it as one of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only one!
      It is alarming anytime a medical professional of any sort asks a question punctuated with a concerned look.
      We're fortunate in our answers negating the concern, but still--it made me slightly uncertain. I don't like uncertain!
      I agree with you, though-- it is a wonderful benefit of doing what we do and making important these things in our lives.
      Thank you, Emma!

    2. Might be too personal, but your colonoscopy...everything fine?

    3. LOL - yes, everything was fine, thanks for asking :-)

  4. IMHO. I think it was wise to be concerned about the low heart rate and also wise to ask the MD. I'd mention it to my regular MD, too, on the next check up, just for official reassurance.

    If our daughter had an unusually slow heart rate, even tho everything pointed to it being a fine thing, wouldn't you have advised her to follow up? Of course, yo would....because you'd want her to take extraordinary care of herself. :)

    You did good.


    1. Thank you, Deb. I will absolutely mention it to my primary care doctor. He's a a runner, so I bet he deals with the same thing!
      You're so right. I would absolutely advise my daughter in that direction.

  5. First and formost Sean... rule # 1.. never ever look up medical things online! LOL I do it and let me tell you, I was dying one time to many! And yet... happily I'm still here! YEA for me! LOL
    Two... that email? To damn cute! Sadly I think she is going to have to get in line with a lot of women and some men out there that are crushing on you! LOL To cute.
    On a serious note. I am struggling a bit lately. Not terribly but went away with the spouse and had one to many "treats" and it scared me! I am not sugar free but I do eat sugar free things...and I think it may be a trigger in some sort of way to eat more or at least think of eating more sugary things. So again, reading you being sugar free and so many others I think I really have to entertain going sugar free... but so scared! I hope it works as well for me as it has you. Like I keep saying, I don't know anyone around me who is so dedicated to sugar free as you are...so I'm going to take baby steps!
    Rosie :) have a good day!

    1. Rosie, so very true!! Excellent rule!
      The email was a fun way to start my day, for sure. I really appreciate how brutally honest (playfully, I'm sure) she was about her friend... "she's crazy." LOL
      Thank you for the compliment! Not sure about the development of any long lines, though. :)
      Rosie, I'm so sorry you're struggling. I agree with you 100%--for some of us, sounds like you and me both, any sugar--and even sugar free versions of "treats" can and do trigger compulsions to eat more. I recently experienced it with those sugar free brownies a couple of weeks ago. It was tough!!!
      I understand your reluctance to go sugar free. It's normal to feel this way, Rosie. But if you're truly convinced it's "your substance," then truly, abstinence can make such a dramatic and positive effect-so much so, that it'll not take long for your perspective to shift from fear and reluctance, to peace and acceptance. I applaud you. Just being here--just leaving this comment and reading every day, says something powerful: You're aware, you're present--you're ahead of this, Rosie.
      Always here for you, my friend. I hope you day was good, too!


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