Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7th, 2015 Parallel Streams Philosophy

May 7th, 2015 Parallel Streams Philosophy

I'm looking forward to having much more time over the weekend to actually write on this blog. I feel like this week has been full of short updates. I suppose this happens from time to time.

I've written about the "life stream" and the "fundamental elements stream" and how they must run parallel to one another and not cross.

If we allow life and all of the energy it takes to maneuver, to negatively affect our ability to maintain consistency in the daily elements of our extraordinary care, then it always will. The frustration of inconsistency will be a common theme if the life stream is allowed to dip down into the fundamental elements stream on a regular basis.

And if we get too carried away, making the fundamental elements all consuming, then we run the risk of it crossing up into our life stream. And that's when it isn't any fun and we dread what we're doing every day.

I've had several challenges of late where I really had to remember the power of this "parallel streams" philosophy. I've discovered, when life demands more attention, we don't have to let go of the elements giving us our success, but we can scale back the amount of energy it uses to operate. We don't sacrifice the integrity of the elements, we just do what we can do. For me--on super busy days, I have three requirements: 1. Stay within my calorie budget  2. Hold my abstinence from sugar sacred  3. Send the accountability tweets and write this blog--even if it's just the tweets of the day.

I shared with some support buddies that if I exercised tonight it would be a bonus. I made the bonus! I had a good workout. My calorie budget is solid, I abstained from sugar, I live-tweeted the accounts of my food and exercise and I've written this blog.

I'll hit the pillow realizing that my "life stream" required a little more attention today, but it didn't cross over and become road blocks for my "fundamental elements stream."  This perspective helps me balance.

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  1. When is the wedding of the year??

    1. May 30th! My daughter has a countdown going---down to the minute!!!

    2. Eeeek that's not long daddy
      I bet she has ... One of the most exciting times in life

    3. TR-- Oh my...yes, it's fast approaching!!! Eeeeek is right!

  2. Thanks for the reminder - needed that. Do you use a George Forman grill to grill your food? You mention fresh cut sweet potato fries - how do you cut them so evenly?

    1. I occasionally use the Foreman grill. Lately, I've been using my outdoor grill--especially for things like bone-in chicken.
      The sweet potato fries---a very sharp butcher knife! I cut it in half, long ways---then I cut those halves in half--then cut the fries from those pieces... A smaller less sharp knife makes it very VERY difficult.

  3. I have recently been looking for some things to think about to get my head right. I've been up in weight, I've been down in weight, and back up again. This concept of parallel streams just might be the most interesting thing I've read in a while.

    I need to get that list of requirements down. I need to write it down. Stencil it on the forefront of my brain, on the inside of my eyelids - somewhere that makes them impossible to forget.

    I have only recently found your blog - when you talk about your sacred sugar sacred is this? Is it something you've cut out for the rest of your life, or do you eat a piece of cake on your birthday?

    Feel free to refer me to a previous blog post (rtfb?) if you've gone over this. ;) Or if it's there, I'll probably find it anyway.

    Thanks for the mindfood.


    1. Silas, I'm glad you're here! Thank you and I love the term, "mindfood."
      My abstinence from sugar is a life long commitment requiring solid recovery principles and practices common among people in recovery from other substances, like alcohol or drugs.
      I give my abstinence from sugar the same reverence.
      It's been absolutely life changing in the most wonderful way, Silas.
      I've been abstinent from sugar for over a year now--and I've spent a lot of blog time writing about it along the way in this daily account...But a post from June 30th last year, does a fairly good job of describing my "deal" with sugar.
      Thank you for reading, Silas!
      Here's the link to that post: (you may need to copy and paste it into your browser)

  4. Sean,

    Glad you like the mind food term. Just kinda rolled off of the tongue. :)

    I did go and read the post you mentioned. It was very interesting. I didn't have enough time to read it as thoughtful as I'd like, or to internalize it, so I will read it again later.

    But there is MUCH mindfood therein. I am going to have to properly digest it when time allows.

    My initial reaction is that I probably have a similar addiction. If you've had a chance to look at my initial writings, it appears so to me. The mindlessly giving in to cravings, zombie-like was especially familiar to me.

    The fact is that I don't want this to be so. (Sound familiar?) I suspect that it may be.

    But I wonder if my food addiction doesn't go deeper than sugar. I am going to have to start analyzing some of my eating behaviors and patterns.

    It's late. I hope this is making sense. I do know, however, that there are certain things that I am going to have to start holding as sacred as you do if I ever want to make lasting changes. Which I do.

    Anyway, thanks for making me ponder all day. It has been good for me. And for now, you have been placed on my daily must read list.

    I will be back...


    1. The honest self-awareness, Silas, is your absolute best tool. "there are certain things that I am going to have to start holding as sacred as you do if I ever want to make lasting changes. Which I do." --That, right there--Yes!!
      I'm glad what I've shared has resonated within you. The ability to choose change before change chooses us is always inside, I truly believe that-- we can ignore it or embrace it. But it's there.
      Thank you for reading, my best wishes for you, Silas


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