Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th, 2015 An Athletic Heart

May 18th, 2015 An Athletic Heart

Several years ago, I remember trying to give blood and being rejected because my blood pressure was out of control. It feels amazing to donate without fear of blood pressure excluding me.
 photo Donating20Blood_zpsuferet6w.jpg
Today's donation brings me super close to two gallons over the last four years or so.
 photo Vitals_zpskt9s651v.jpg
My blood pressure was perfect. My resting heart rate= 48...It created a pause from the nurse. "Do you workout?" I told her I did and then she asked another person to come over and override the computer that says you can't donate under 50 beats per minute. The asterisk to that is: Unless you're an athlete.

I've never thought of myself as "athletic." BUT-- According to this chart I found, I have the athletic heart of an 18 to 25 year old.
 photo a3eb7db6-b35d-4597-9627-54124a193afb_zpskjs7vbgp.png
I'm not getting too hung up on it. 48 bpm seems really low. Weight loss has made my heart's job much easier, apparently!

It seems like just yesterday when Amber would come to me requesting help with a paper or project for school. I just finished working on a project with her tonight, except this time, instead of a school project, it was her wedding programs. I folded and she ink stamped each by hand.
 photo 17704_10153020432833371_4654879406271152106_n_zpsvcow1jhw.jpg
I still can't believe I'll be walking her down the aisle in less than two weeks. It doesn't seem possible. Surely this was a homework project for her family living class. She'll turn it in and get an A, easy. I'm in father of the bride denial, I know. But the reminiscing is a fun mental place to cling to, as tight as I can.

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  1. Amazing progress in the health department. Awesome numbers & congratulations for your efforts to donate blood. Deed well done!

    Looking young and healthy in this recent photo of you.

  2. Oh my stars what awesome stats

    48 that is fantastic and to think that a few years ago that number was prob the age the thought you'd die and now it is your resting pulse
    You are amazing

    I so feel for you being the daddy of the bride it is a hard job to hand your little girl over to another man to look after her

    How fantastic that you are fit and looking smashing for her special day
    I am so excited for her cant wait to see pics

    1. TR, it feel out of this world, good! Thank you!
      The wedding is here--and on the 30th, I think the gravity of it will hit me and I'll be walking around as a big emotional mess. The song I'm walking her down the isle to, is going to make me cry--I guarantee it.
      I am looking forward to wearing the traditional tux...Yes--that feels amazing! Very happy!
      I can't wait to share the pics!

  3. Excellent stats, Sean and well deserved. You are an athlete! So happy for Amber and grateful for you that you will be walking her down the isle and will be able to be focused on her and enjoying this day instead of being concerned and preoccupied with being overweight and disappointed in yourself. You have brought so much freedom into your life this last year. You are free to fully live. What a blessing! Shirley from TN

    1. Thank you, Shirley! I'm so relieved to not have those negative voices in my head--worrying about small chair weight limits--and fitting into things and seeing people I haven't in a long while---and all of the other clutter that once filled my brain at events like this... I'm going to have a pure experience. It's joy, Shirley. :)

  4. Weddings are so exciting, I think more so for women than men, but sounds like you're getting pretty stoked for your daughter's walk down the aisle, so that is COOL! I regret so much being morbidly obese for my two older son's weddings. I looked like a big old fat blob I'm sure, being escorted down the aisle by each of my sons and I absolutely hated being the center of attention. I am looking forward to 3rd son's wedding, whenever it may be (no plans yet), because I am going to be STUNNING, just like you in that tux Sean, in just two short weeks.

    117/77!!??? That is amazing. The absolute best part of weight loss has to be the health we found!! An athlete! I bet that felt great to hear her say that.

    1. Dup, yes indeed!!! Look forward to it, my friend--It'll be a wonderful experience!!!
      I can't wait for this special night. And it's coming in 10 days!!! EEEEEeeeeek!
      I was overjoyed about the BP reading and even though the heart rate kind of freaked me out-- it was all good...and it was a positive, not a negative thing.
      I wouldn't necessarily refer to myself as an athlete--but my heart seems to think so. Thank you, Dupster!!

  5. How great to have the position that you can give blood and are told you are an athlete! Sending good wishes for the upcoming wedding!

    1. Nancy, thank you! I know--"athlete," okay--whatever they say, I'll take it! I don't think of myself as that-- but the heart is certainly conditioned over the last year for this--and the weight loss has helped in monumental ways!!!
      Thank you for the good wishes!!!


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