Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5th, 2015 Festive Food Theme

May 5th, 2015 Festive Food Theme

Each of my meals today celebrated Cinco De Mayo. It was a fun and festive food theme. Although, it really wasn't that different from some other days around here.

This day got away from me fairly quickly. My goal of completing dinner or my workout before my weekly support group conference call didn't happen. I was planning on one before and one after. I did both after the call.

The call was a great one. I was feeling energized. I could have made today a rest day and been okay with the decision, considering my schedule this afternoon and evening, but I was seriously ready to cut loose and have fun on the elliptical. I'll save the rest day for a night when I feel super exhausted.

Here's a DDWL Flashback: One Year Ago
From May 5th, 2014:

What if I loved myself as much as I am loved by my mother, daughters and other family? 
What if I didn't look in the mirror and harshly judge my appearance? What would it be like if I wasn't compelled to look in the rear view mirror, criticizing almost every turn along the way? 
What would happen if I fully, unconditionally embraced me--and stopped negatively comparing where I am to where I've imagined?  
What if I woke up tomorrow and decided to take the best care, not because it's what I need to do, but because I truly deserve nothing less and because I want to do this, for me. 
What if I stopped caring about what others think of me, dropping the self-imposed shame and embarrassment that comes so easily where I am?  
What if I believed in me on the same level as some of my biggest supporters?  
What would happen if I set myself free?  What kind of internal revolution would be released, transforming my heart, mind, body and soul? You want to talk about a transformation?  That would be a transformation!  
And here we are, standing on the edge of imagination asking what if?  I say we go for the ultimate transformation, turning what if into reality then asking what now? Anything is possible.

It's a short one tonight. I'm letting the Tweets handle it the rest of the way.

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  1. Love the "what if's" ~ ~ ~

  2. Oh Sean, you would be happy if every day was Cinco de Mayo! Mexican food is your life line. But you have found a way to make it delicious and healthy. That's the great part. Eating what you love, and making it work for you.


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