Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24th, 2015 Just A Tease

July 24th, 2015 Just A Tease

It was a long day without an early nap. I rely on naps regularly to support my late nights and early mornings. I arrived home shortly before 5pm and without hesitation, dropped for a good nap. You might say 5pm is too late for a nap--but it was either a nap or a completely wrecked evening. And I had work to do in preparation for a wedding reception tomorrow afternoon, so I needed the rest.

I woke a little before 7pm and just felt "blah." I could have slept all night, really. The hour and forty-five was just a tease.

I miss Noah being here. I had him for a couple of nights. Irene picked him up early this afternoon. I made Noah lunch and discovered a couple of things, he doesn't like strawberries and he's totally cool with the tostadas. I prepared him a bean and cheese tostada with light sour cream and he consumed a little bit. He made a face on the first bite--but then he kept taking bites, so I'm going to declare he likes 'em. He's not much of an eater, though. At least he hasn't been with me. Irene (Noah's Nana) has much more experience taking care of him and she gave me some great suggestions to encourage him to eat a little more. I'll be trying a few different things on his next visit.

I took a rest day from exercise. It wasn't the plan going into this day--but that's how it turned out and I'll be okay with that choice. Tomorrow will be a great workout day considering all of the big and heavy sound equipment I'll be moving by myself.

I look forward to writing more tomorrow night. I have some thoughts I wanted to sort out and express and this daily diary is just the place!

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  1. I'm glad my two year old grandson is not the only poor eater. He comes to my house and I always feel so bad I can't get the child to eat a proper meal. Any suggestions are welcomed!

    1. Irene suggested more things he can eat with his hands. We can worry about teaching him proper utensil usage later. Also-- putting the food in a big plastic bowl or on a paper plate, for some reason--makes him eat better. Noah comes and isn't the least bit interested in food. If he takes after his father, genetically, he'll never have an issue with food or excess weight. His dad is tall and trim. I hope he's blessed with this!


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