Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18th, 2016 I Like It Like That

February 18th, 2016 I Like It Like That

Today was a very long day. I accomplished my goals: Maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, remained abstinent from refined sugar (659 days and counting), exceeded my 64oz daily water goal and I had a good workout.

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#tbt I've shared this one before. It's one of my heaviest and most dramatic full-body before shots. I appreciate my fellow colleagues, Chris Johnson, Ryan Diamond and Steve Daniels for putting up with me publishing this one again, for the fourth time.

I'm starting to make little adjustments in my food. This simply means trying different things or different ways to prepare things. This morning's breakfast was an example. I eat omelets for breakfast 98% of the time. I prepared things differently this morning. I really enjoyed the different textures. It's strange for me to enjoy salmon as much as I do. There was a time I wouldn't touch salmon. I think I had a bad first time try experience. Same thing happened to me and avocado. The first time I tried guacamole turned me off of avocado for many many years. The recipe included cucumbers and mayo. Uh, no, thank you. 

When I really think about how much my tastes have changed, it's extremely interesting. Several things I eat on a regular basis now, were once on my personal "no way I'm even trying that," list. Sweet potato, avocado and asparagus, just to name a few.

This line of thinking has me questioning what else I might like if I gave it a fair chance. 

I've given certain things a chance and they just didn't work for me. As much as it breaks my dear friend, Life Coach Gerri's heart, I can't stand broccoli (she's the author of the book Trust God and Buy Broccoli.)  I've tried and declined Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, too. Although I must admit, faux mashed potatoes wasn't too bad at all. It was still bad. Just not too bad. I'd rather do potatoes occasionally. I'm still interested in trying a cauliflower crust for homemade pizza. But straight, thank you.

And I'm still not eating a regular garden-variety salad. If I eat something with the word "salad" in its description, you can bet there's another word in front of it, like: Taco, guacamole or fruit.

I'll be the first to admit: I sometimes display a juvenile level food maturity. And I like it like that.

I might be brave and try some new things, when I grow up.

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  1. My "salad" generally means some raw vegetables that I like (cucumber, tomato) cut up separately on my plate. I actually like broccoli, especially roasted (or in cheese sauce!) but my husband doesn't, he seems to have a greater sensitivity to bitter foods. I'm also the only one in my house who likes quinoa. But I don't like sweet potato, or avocado, and I could never eat eggs every day - about once a week is my limit. They are so... eggy. Everyone is different, and that is a good thing.

    1. "cut up separately..." I'm not a big mixer either!
      I tried quinoa and wasn't a big fan.
      Very true, Natalie!! We all have different tastes. And it's all good! :)

  2. I have found a real Zen with eating the same diet every day except for dinner. I think it has completely taken away my anxiety of choosing different breakfasts, lunches and dinner and I know my calories are staying the same every day without too much worry! I got that from you - so thanks xoxo

    1. Airlie, oh yes! I keep very little changes in my breakfasts--usually an omelet, sometimes different fruits, of course--but usually the same things... There is a zen to it... a comfort level created by the simplicity of our approach. Great work, my friend!


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