Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7th, 2016 Language of Accountability

February 7th, 2016 Language of Accountability

There were options today. I chose to pick up Noah and head to Stillwater to spend some time with mom. Mom made the trip to the park with us and we played for a little while before heading to the store to get food for the watch party.

We decided on hamburgers with tortilla chips and dips. I made sure to accurately measure my food and prepare my dinner plate with care and precision. I make it super important because with me, it must be that important, otherwise it's chaos. I prefer certainty and calm. It feels really good to honor my commitments in this way. And speaking of honoring commitments...

I made multiple accountability declarations today stating I would make time for a workout.

BUT, by the time we made it back home, I really didn't want to honor that commitment. What made it nearly impossible to NOT workout, was the language in my declaration: "I will make time to workout." Not, "I'll do my best to get a workout," or "I may even get a workout later this evening." Nope, it was: "I will."

Had to do it. And I'm glad I did.

If the integrity of a solid and direct accountability declaration is compromised, then it's completely pointless. It loses most of its power. It's a say what you'll do--do what you say kind of thing. The language used often reflects the level of commitment. The language of accountability, certain words and phrases, give us outs. My language in today's accountability declarations didn't contain outs.

I really needed the workout tonight and not so much for the physical effects. I needed it for the bio-chemical/mental effects. The endorphin release is the bio-chemical, the honoring my accountability declaration is the mental.

It's late. I'm dropping in bed. I'm also looking forward to a really good week. There are plenty of good things on the horizon!

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  1. Looks like a great day from your post and pictures. I've missed a few of your posts in the past few months. Family stuff. Glad to see you continuing on in your stable fashion. Are you no longer doing video blogs? I'm improving with the stability of my calorie bank and think I've got the food down and now for the exercise. That needs work. With your encouragement as well as my good friends support I'm determined to get on top of that as well. Thanks for that Sean! Each post has encouragement that has helped in one way or another. Thanks for that too. Enjoy what's on your horizon ;)

    1. Leah, still working on some video blogs. Took a break on them. I'm so glad to read you're doing well, Leah!!! I'm glad this blog has helped in some way. :)

  2. Missed seeing pictures of your Mom and Noah!!

    1. Yeah--Every now and then, I lay off the pics. I'm sure next time we'll snap some!!


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