Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8th, 2016 If Nothing Changes

February 8th, 2016 If Nothing Changes

My plans for lunch changed quickly when an old friend showed up at the studio right before lunch time. He was passing through the area, so we seized the opportunity to enjoy lunch out and catch up. It was a great visit.

I packed my workout clothes this morning. I normally don't do this, as simple as it seems, so working out requires a trip home first, to change, then to the gym. The trouble with that is real simple: Once I get home, I like to stay--maybe a snack, perhaps a nap... relax. I intended on accomplishing this goal today, so drawing on what I wrote about yesterday--I put it out there as an accountability declaration.

I was tired after work. But honestly, I wasn't so tired I couldn't work out. So I drove straight to the gym. I actually contemplated how I could justify a later workout, after announcing I would get it done early. It was an easy justification. Noah was waiting for me at my apartment. But honestly, he was being well cared for and he certainly wouldn't mind if grandpa got his workout finished before coming home. Honestly, I hadn't a choice. Dishonestly, I had a bunch of rationalizations ready to go. I chose to get honest with myself.

And this struggle isn't created because I don't like working out. I do like working out. I love how I feel right after a workout. For me, or anyone, I would guess, it all comes down to feeling rested. I'm much more likely to go when I feel fully rested. That's why I typically go late, after an afternoon nap. So yeah--it all goes back to sleep issues. As I modify my approach with all things considered, new patterns of behavior are critically important. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I spent some quality time with Noah tonight. He's not feeling the best, poor little guy.

We had a good Monday night support group conference call. I made an exceptionally delicious dinner right after the call. And now, finally--Noah's in bed and I'm headed to mine.

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  1. It is my DREAM to have nanny naps! I just can't see to find the time and if I were to have one, I know that the thing I would sacrifice would be exercise. I seriously need to cut down on my commitments and get real with myself.

  2. I'll bet you did not have a great nights sleep. Cause you mixed it up, but you are setting yourself up to get better sleep. Keep at it, it's important and you are working toward it.


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