Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3rd, 2016 That Hope Thing

February 3rd, 2016 That Hope Thing

Another good maintenance weigh-in today impresses upon me a reality I once believed impossible to reach. I have zero complaints. When I hashtag grateful and blessed, you can take it to the bank, I mean it in every sense of those words.

Reaching a point in maintenance where my body efficiently uses what I put in it, is just unreal. At 2300 calories per day, my brain says, you're eating too much, but obviously, my body disagrees.

Keeping my non-negotiable elements tight is always key for me, every. single. day. Maintaining the integrity of my calorie budget and abstaining from refined sugar are key elements, for sure. Aside from the maintenance of those important boundaries, I really believe where this natural evolution of choices has brought me, to a more whole foods, less processed foods (maybe an 80/20 split, some days 90/10), place, is largely responsible for this seemingly repaired metabolism. 

You know me, I recommend a gradual evolution of choices based on what foods you truly enjoy and starting from right where you are. So, please don't get me wrong--this isn't a eat what I eat thing and it's not even an eat better and repair your metabolism thing-- it's a hope thing. It's a patience thing. It's a trusting the process thing. It's a one day at a time thing. It's a being okay with where you are thing. It's a gradual evolution of choices thing.

And about that hope thing...please believe it exist. I believe you must believe in hope because hopelessness doesn't contribute to positive changes.

It's tough sometimes because embracing hope often demands blind faith.

When I started this blog I was low on hope with very little faith. Those two things have grown for me considerably since that day over seven years ago.

What I hope this blog does for you, is attach a vision of possibilities--strengthening your faith and giving your hope plenty of life.

Okay, enough of that... ;)

Today's bi-weekly weigh-in:
 photo 208.6 weigh day_zpsyce0qgp1.jpg
This represents a .4 pound drop since January 20th and 209.0

This also continues a very slow downward trend since 212.0 on December 23rd, 211.4 January 6th, 209.0 on January 20th and then today's number. Some tweaks might be considered, soon. For now, I'm feeling fine.

I feel very blessed and immensely grateful. 

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  1. I admit to being a little jealous of the amount of your calorie budget! But there is a bit of a difference in calories required between a tall man and a short (154cm) woman! Oh well, I'll just have to take smaller mouthfuls and enjoy each one!

    1. It is all relative. You're totally right, Natalie. Body size plays a part and also activity level. I love your attitude and spirit!

  2. As you already know, I agree 1 million % how eating 100% nutrition, staying away from processed and empty calories keeps the body's metabolism running peak efficiency all the time. I am having a harder time each month when it comes to processed foods, especially anything in a box or bag. Once you get used to eating whole and real foods it get more difficult to accept anything else.

    Remember, your still loosing slowly. With no doubt I am convinced you would be able to maintain your weight at an even higher calorie intake when you eventually go to 90% or higher. After your initial weight loss you were constantly interfering with your body's metabolism from the processed foods, refined sugar and empty calories making maintenance 10x harder since you had to deal with sugar cravings maintaining a weight at a much lower daily calorie intake.

    I just want the readers of this blog know the difference based on the foods you eat in relationship to your body's burning metabolism is very real and often misunderstood. No doubt significant explanation how I was able to loose over 200 pounds, clean eating, no empty calories, at well over 3000 daily calorie intake.

    1. It's certainly relative to the individual, as far as calorie budget is concerned. I remember being absolutely perplexed on how you were losing weight consistently on such a high budget--and then I met you in person in October 2014--and I immediately understood how and why. Not only are you three inches taller than me--your build is much bigger than mine. Your body absolutely demands more to maintain itself--and lose weight. Remember when we compared wrists and hands? I felt so little!
      Also, important to note that your level of activity is very high during your work season. You often workout harder in one day than I do in two weeks--maybe more!
      I totally agree--the differences between where I was nutritionally during my initial weight loss--and where I am today, are fairly different. The increase in whole foods--and of course the abstinence from refined sugar--both play a major role, without a doubt.
      And you're right. That year and a half I maintained after my initial weight loss, was spent at a much lower maintenance budget...about 1800 or so, if I remember right. I didn't track and log then like I do now.
      But all this aside, my most important advice to anyone, especially just starting out--is to eat what you like and nothing you don't--stay within a calorie budget and release any judgement of food choices...maintain the integrity of the budget and allow your choices to naturally evolve...This approach focuses on individuality--because truly, not a single one of us is the same. We're all unique--not just in body composition, but in tastes--likes and dislikes.

  3. I'm happy for you! Your diligent and conscientious effort is paying off. :D

    If you do decide to add a few cals, I suggest making those extra calories PROTEIN. Tho, your meals look much healthier this time around than in the past. I wonder if that increased nutrition has played a part in the improvement in both your metabolism and the whole breathing difficulty at night problem.

    Again, great job at keeping at it with success.


    1. Thank you, Deb! More protein is a good thing. I do think it's played a major role in both regards.

  4. Does the gentleman John have a blog also?

  5. Does the gentleman John have a blog also?

  6. Hi Robin, Yes I do. It at spark people:

    Here is a link


  8. Every now and then I check back here for the hell of it ... you are really just doing a fantastic job at life, dude. I have to hand it to you. Your grandson is going to grow up knowing Grandpa as the guy who always ate healthy and is an athlete. At some point he's going to introduce you to someone like, "This is my grandpa, he's always been a real jock," and you will smile ear to ear. :-) WTG, dude. Bravo!


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