Sunday, April 21, 2019

April 21st, 2019 I Assure You

April 21st, 2019 I Assure You

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, I took a short walk last night--didn't even log it--planning a longer one this evening (4/21), and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Happy Easter! I picked up mom early today and we joined Irene, Allen, and Noah for lunch before the big Easter Egg Hunt at the lake. A few delays on the way to the hunt resulted in Noah missing the start--and once it starts, it's over in about sixty seconds. Next year, Noah will be joined by the other three grandkids. My goodness, those times are coming soon! Noah's consolation activity was a trip to the carnival. Irene and Allen took him and mom and I made our way over there to watch Noah ride some rides. He's a thrill ride kind of kid. He didn't get that from me, I assure you.

I'm about to head over to the walking trail for a nice evening 5K walk. I'm hoping the wind has died down a little. It's the same trail where it all started for me more than ten years ago. Lots of memories on that trail! I'm looking forward to reconnecting with that place.

Another 8-week session for the private support group I facilitate starts this Wednesday. We have two open spots on the team! (I received an email earlier from an interested person--so we may be down to one open spot). The fee is $120.00. Are you ready to add a powerful accountability and support tool to your daily practice? For questions, email me right away: Some testimonials:

From M.F. In Vegas: In this day and age of television diets, the powers that be want us to believe and spend our hard earned money on this diet or that diet. Sure, they all work to some degree, but none are sustainable. They are not a lifestyle. And for me, I've learned that what is sustainable is the support and accountability that others who are going through what I am going through bring to the table. This is especially true for us guys, that don't want to really acknowledge that maybe we need support and accountability.

My philosophy was always, "I can do this myself, I don't need anyone's help." That's why I lost and gained weight more times than a wrestler preparing for a match.

Sean Anderson provides those of us that are reluctant to get into some form of therapy or group situations with a unique opportunity to enjoy that accountability and unconditional support and yet keep the setting in a very informal one - our own homes.

As someone who now has done many groups including Sean's for many years, I can tell you what he charges for his eight-week support calls and his private Facebook group page is way below what mainstream support groups charge.

Yet the quality of his support and the group rivals that of any group I have been a part of. If you have gained and lost weight many times over and wonder why maybe what you are missing is this key element. That of support and accountability. If you decide to join Sean's group you may just find that missing piece to your own healthy lifestyle.

Don't fall into the diet mentality that we are all led to believe by the media, try something that works. What do you have to lose but maybe some extra weight and gaining a new you?

Personally, it all started for me with Sean's group, which was a stepping stone to more local groups and extended therapy. I learned more from others than I ever would have on my own. And I'm not too proud to say now that I couldn't have done this by myself. And it all started with one of Sean's support groups.

I have currently lost over 200 lbs and I can assure you that without support and accountability, I would never have reached this point in my own journey. That I am sure of. Thanks, Sean for all your support during my own health journey. --M.F. In Las Vegas

The mission statement for our group says it all: Creating and practicing a personal and unique plan enabling each of us to achieve, as a side effect, a body weight conducive to the best possible health benefits.

From D.A. in DC: I have been part of Sean's group for over 3 years. Not only was the group instrumental for me to be able to lose my last 30 lbs, but it has been very important in helping me maintain an approximately 80 lb weight loss for almost 2 years. Not only do you get Sean's inspirational leadership and experience and generosity of spirit, but you also get a group of wonderful, supportive teammates who will be there for you. We all follow our own plans, but the group is more about dealing with all the other things that get in the way of a healthy weight. In the end, what you eat is not as important as being able to deal with feelings and situations without turning to food. This group will help you with that. It was the missing piece for me. Recommend highly!!!! --D.A. Washington D.C.

From Gerri Helms: I highly recommend Sean's groups if you struggle with consistency in your healthy body goals. As an old (and I do mean old!) partner with Sean, I've seen firsthand the transformation that comes from working with him and his team. (Gerri Helms, Retired Life Coach)

From B.J. in Kansas: It is a great tool of many for a successful weight loss/lifestyle change. I encourage anyone thinking about it to join us.

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