Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 23rd, 2019 Just Enough

April 23rd, 2019 Just Enough

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Making the time to be mindful and aware requires a large measure of humility. Remaining mindful and aware each day must start with the acknowledgment that I don't automatically "got it." Getting another good day in the books requires me to slow down just enough, allowing a mindful awareness of my vulnerabilities to precede intentional actions designed to help keep me well.

I'm changing up lunch options in my daily practice. I think it's time for a change of pace. I'm not saying I'll never eat another tostada for lunch again, I'm just saying it's time for a change. The strategy is to prepare extra at dinner the night before and use it for lunch the next day.

I had a good therapy session today. I'm grateful for an insurance plan that makes that possible for me. Pursuing a deeper understanding of the how, what, and why of things is something I crave.

I enjoyed my second 5K walk of the week this evening. It was a good thing. I started a new thing too, I call it the "Live Walk & Talk" via Periscope live audio streamed to my Twitter page. It's only during the first quarter of the 5K, a very informal top-of-mind rambling of sorts. It was fun and super easy.

I took my time preparing dinner tonight. I found an amazing "reduced for quick sale" deal on some top sirloin, so kabob it was!

One of the many symptoms of the food behaviors that kept me near, at, or above 500 pounds for almost twenty years was a super-impatience. I not only wanted the food now, without delay, but I'd also eat really fast--at the worst, almost inhaling the food. I'm grateful for never choking to death. This rushed routine clearly demonstrated how I was almost always eating in service of my addiction--stuffing down the emotions as quickly as possible, voiding any possible joy or healthy purpose in the process. When I make the time to plan, prepare, weigh, measure, log the ingredients in MFP, cook, and finally eat a meal, I'm as connected as I can be with my food plan and the purpose/intent of the meal.     

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  1. To me your blog is the first one with this kind of approach to obesity. Even doctors and dieticians not always are saying that it's like an addiction and that you're an addict. All specialist that I encountered were saying that I have to change everything now, I have to drop the majority of food that I'm eating. Being addicted and doing this without any support is impossible! For Christmas I got a book by Jennifer Morris "The Just Cut IT Method", from the title I thought that this is another crazy diet, but my friend told me that I should read it. That was the first time when I saw that losing weight is not about eating less and starving, it's all about taking your time and slowly, with very little steps changing your lifestyle. I consulted this approach with another doctor, who also recommended me joining the therapy. 4 months later I'm slowly loosing my weight, so far without any relapse and not feeling hungry. Thanks to therapy I constantly geting more strenght to sustain in those changes. Thanks to your blog I know that everything is possible :) You are doing a really great work here!


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