Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 207 Weight Training and "Wow" Reactions

Day 207

Weight Training and “Wow” Reactions

Last night's blog was exactly the kick in the behind I needed to get into that weight room tonight. It's very easy to get discouraged about my lack of upper body strength. My pecs seem to be OK, but the biceps and triceps are acting bothered. Like I'm asking too much of them. I'm just trying to wake 'em up and make them grow! And they will. It doesn't make any sense to allow myself to get discouraged about my weakling upper body, then becoming inconsistent as a result. It's the consistent effort that will turn it around and build healthy muscle, and it'll do it relatively quick too. So I just have to be patient and committed, and I'll get there. Excuses and circumstances may be two different things, but I honestly feel like I've allowed circumstances to become convenient excuses when it comes to weight training. I've made sure to get my cardio/walking in despite whatever circumstances came up, even if it meant walking in the cold rain at midnight with the alarm set for 4:30am. Of course I don't have access to a weight room after 9pm on the weekdays, so maybe some circumstances couldn't be helped. Whatever, that's behind us now. I entered the weight room tonight without my iPod. I left it at home. For awhile, I need to concentrate on the wonderful book gifted to me and the routine Mark has written. That's what I did tonight. I sat down, pulled out the book, and started looking up the exercises Mark recommended. I'd find one, read the description until I fully understood, then I proceeded to crank out the reps. I actually ran into Mark's wife tonight, she was doing her weight training routine too. She offered some encouraging words, it was very nice. While taking a break between sets, I did another “On The Go” Video, it's posted below.

This journey has been such a blessing to me, and to imagine that it only gets better is sometimes overwhelming, because it's so wonderful now. I put on the 48's today and was pleasantly surprised at the reaction. I had to stop at the business office of Team Radio today, and the staff had a real “wow” reaction to my appearance. A lot of times I'll wear the old stuff, the jeans several sizes too big, and you just can't see the real total difference in my size. But with the 48's on there's no denying the dramatic difference. It feels real good, I mean real good to get that kind of reaction. I'm convinced that when I reach my goal, then run into old acquaintances, I'll be able to walk right past—they will not recognize me one bit. I'll have to stop them, then spend a few minutes convincing them that it's really me. Oh, that'll be a fun little thing to experience!

I'm really getting good at this eating every two to three hours deal. I'm constantly giving my metabolism something to chew on, it's bound to make a difference. It's really had a nice effect on my calorie budgeting. You might think the opposite, but no, it's helping me manage my calories. A couple of rules we've learned from fitness and life coach Melissa Walden: Snacks should be 150 calories or less. And no meal over 500 calories. I've totally violated this numerous times in the last 207 days, and I've still lost weight...BUT...These are suggestions to optimize the results. The basic principles of keeping the metabolism fire burning and not overwhelming the body with too much to process at a time just make perfect sense to me. I've also “accidentally” done it right several times, preparing wonderful meals that check in under 500 calories for the entire plate and snacks that most always check in under 150. The wonderful things I'm learning from the experts around me are just incredible, I'm really blessed.

Well, I knew it would be a matter of time before someone would challenge me to a game of racquetball. The challenge has been set by my boss, the owner of Team Radio. He told me that inside that court we'll no longer have any kind of working relationship. That's good, because beating the boss might not be a good thing. But since he can't be the boss inside that court, I guess I can give him the beating he deserves. Wow, this friendly trash talking is kind of fun. You hear that boss man? Huh? Yeah, I'm talking to you! You and me, in a racquetball court at the YMCA, 3:30 pm Monday afternoon. Be there, unless you're scared! That was a fun exercise in over-confidence. Near the top of my Easter weekend to-do list: Learn how to actually play racquetball.

Tonight my prayers go out to those in our state who have lost their homes and belongings because of the raging wildfires. The news reports are very scary to watch. May God be with you and yours. And hats off and God bless to the firefighters who have done everything they can do all afternoon and evening long to protect lives and property from the inferno.

Thank you for reading, good night and...

Good Choices,

A rough start is better than no start!


  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think I can hear you whimpering in the court already....


  2. We are walking out the door to go on a field trip with our homeschool group. Guess where we are going?.............the Braum's Dairy in Tuttle!!!! LOL yikes.


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