Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 291 Explaining Lyrical Interpretation and A Midnight Swim

Day 291

Explaining Lyrical Interpretation and A Midnight Swim

I received an e-mail today concerning last night's blog. It seemed written with an annoyed tone, maybe it's just me, what do you think?: “I'm yours by Jason Mraz is special to me and my husband. Explain to me how you could say it applies to your losing weight journey.” That was it. No name, no “enjoy your blog,” no “just wondering, lol,” No “please.” Nothing but a demand for an explanation. I suspect this reader isn't a reader at all. She probably found last night's posting because it mentioned Mraz, and couldn't figure out how in the world someone could manipulate the meaning her and husband find so special. I replied with one sentence: “I'll respond on Day 291's entry.” I didn't have time to write a big long personal response explaining why I find that song special and how I've transformed it from a love song into a motivating weight loss song. This explanation is easy:
Musical interpretation is up to each individual person. The reasons I find that song special doesn't take away from the meaning and specialness for you and your husband. That's it. I don't know your life, and you don't know mine (if you haven't read this blog), so understanding each others' interpretation of this song isn't possible. Here are a few lyrics and the interpretation as it applies to me---First verse and chorus---line by line. Lyric: Well you done done me in, you bet I felt it. Interpretation: My morbid obesity was doing me in, and you can bet, I was feeling it. Lyric: I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted. Interpretation: I never took my obesity serious enough, past attempts were made with a “chill out” excuse friendly attitude. It was such a major undertaking, that I crumbled, or “melted” under the pressure. Lyric: I fell right through the cracks, now I'm trying to get back. Interpretation: I failed so many times, but now I'm attempting again. Lyric: Before the cool done run out, I'll be given it my bestest. Interpretation: Before it's too late, I'm giving it my best, most consistent effort ever, my “bestest.” Lyric: And nothings gonna stop me but divine intervention. Interpretation: I'm doing this no matter what, unless God has other plans, meaning--none of us are guaranteed a long life just because we're determined to make positive changes now. Lyric: I reckon it's again my turn, to win some or learn some. Interpretation: We win with our victories along the way and we learn from our stumbles. Lyric: But I wont hesitate, no more, no more, it cannot wait, I'm yours. Interpretation: I'm doing it this time...I can't wait any longer...Commitment, I'm yours! I could keep going, but you get the idea.

I had a personal appearance/remote broadcast this morning. They were grilling hot dogs, the bun length kind. The 170 calories each kind. I really didn't want to invest 430 calories in a hotdog and chips, but I needed to eat something before the broadcast ended, so I had a hotdog minus the bun, dipping it in mustard. There are so many more wonderful ways to “spend” 170 calories, I hated to do it with a bun-less dog, but sometimes you just have to make the best possible choice based on the circumstances. After the broadcast I picked up a Wendy's grilled chicken go-wrap with regular mustard instead of the calorie laden honey mustard. I also ordered it without cheese. I whittled the calories down to 180 for that thing by making those changes. I normally leave the cheese on, I mean really, you know about me and cheese right? But I was “paying” for such a bad calorie value in the hotdog earlier.

On the way home I stopped by the Oklahoma Blood Institute for their 3rd Annual Catfish dinner blood drive. I wasn't donating today, not till later this month for me, but they still insisted I try the fish. I did and it was amazing!

I grilled some lean burgers on the grill tonight. Only 200 calories each make these a wonderful treat at least once or twice a week around here. I added an actual bun for 110, some onions and mustard and 20 calories worth of ketchup...oh, and a half piece of American cheese for 30 calories.

After dinner I received a phone call from a friend. He wanted me to come over and “show my body” to his company. What he meant was, I hadn't been in the same room with this friend of his since I weighed over 500 pounds. It was way more than a “wow reaction,” it was a “I can't print what he said” reaction. And he just wouldn't stop mentioning the difference. It was real good.

After spending the evening with these friends, I enjoyed a really good workout in the pool at midnight! Oh my, yes...midnight swimming! After completing my workout, I just floated on my back, staring at the stars above. It was a wonderful way to unwind after a big busy day. I also planned on walking at least a 5K tonight, but those plans changed with the advancing hour. I did get a good workout in the pool, so this day wasn't a complete exercise bust!

I talked to my mom again tonight. She's so happy these days. She's losing weight consistently for the first time in a long time. She weighed today and logged another 2 ½ pound loss. She fully understands why she's having's consistency. She walks every night, at least a mile, without fail. And she keeps her calories within budget every single day. I'm so proud of you mom! You can do this, I mean...look at you!!! You ARE doing this! Love you mom.

Friday is a very busy day. I'm off from my morning radio show, thank goodness, considering how horribly late it is right now. I've been hired to MC the independence weekend festivities at one of the big casinos around here. I voice all of their radio commercials too, so it makes sense. It's a two day job. They're having “family friendly” events in the parking lot, so it should be a bunch of sun and fun! I need to remember to take the sunblock. I don't tan, I burn. I must protect myself!
I'm headed to get some seriously needed sleep. Thank you for the wonderful comments and for reading everyday along this journey. It's an amazing feeling to be this far along, believe me! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Good job Sean on your food, you exercise and your lyrical interpretation. I have always found that to be true--I interpret music to fit whatever is going in my life. We all do it. I could sort of understand the song choice yesterday, but today it make even more sense.

    DH is working from home all week next week and we plan to walk 5 K everyday! I can't wait. We may even start tomorrow. I don't know what's going with me this week, but I am not letting it discourage me. I am going to keep being consistent and doing what I need to do.

    Have a great weekend. Be sure to take healthy snacks with you and lots of water!


  2. I have some songs that I believe pertain to my life that other people would think are odd. Who cares what they think, really. There are even songs that I change some of the lyrics in my head....I can think of a couple that have been stuck in my head for days right now :D

    I am so happy to hear about your mom. It's amazing, the changes that can occur, even when you are older. And they get in the habit of my mom's last questions was asking me if she could still go to the gym :)

    Have a great weekend, use sunblock (I burn too), and drink lots and lots of water.

  3. Just curious Sean: did you eat any vegetables or fruit during the day? I love meat myself, but your food intake seemed rather meat heavy.

    Just curious.

    BTW, I enjoy your blog and have you on my blog roll.

  4. Sean, I want you to be able to follow my success too! *sigh* I'm so glad it is a new day.
    I think the song fits a weight loss journey perfectly!
    I'm so happy about your mom.
    I'm a sunburner too...don't get roasted!
    I hope you enjoy your day! :)

  5. Yes, it's the consistency that does it. Never letting yourself slip 'just this once'. But that's just the daily attitude of those who have gotten it. Good for your Mom!
    Loving your blog as usual.

  6. I'm starting to get some "Wow" comments on my 40-something lb. loss; I can't even begin to imagine what kind of response you're getting by people who only knew the 500-lb version of Sean.

    Excellent point about the "best of a bad situation" eating; we all find ourselves in that situation from time to time. Make the best of it and settle up later. That's a wonderful approach.

  7. I love your blog. I have just barely started my weight lose adventure and you are absolutely inspirering.

  8. We had grilled hot dogs and burgers tonight too! Yum :) I used your tip and had the hot dog sans bun-buh bye carbs!

    I L-O-V-E swimming, especially at night. It's so peaceful...

    I love how your whole family is on board and the incredible change you're inspiring in them. So cool :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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