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Day 309 Courtney-Getting Out Young and Shopping For Cheesecake

Day 309

Courtney-Getting Out Young and Shopping For Cheesecake

Our youngest is now officially 16 years old. I'm so proud of the changes that she's made. It gives me the greatest happiness to watch both of our girls so wonderfully follow our lead out of the bindings of obesity. Courtney is a very social young lady. She loves spending time with friends, but even when she's away with friends, she logs on with her phone and reads this blog every day. After losing over 70 pounds, Courtney is feeling more confident than ever—and what a wonderful time for a young lady to feel great about herself—sweet sixteen is really sweet for Courtney. I'm confident that her adult life will never have the effects of morbid obesity. She's getting out young—and that's such a blessing.

Tonight I made the trip to Wal-Mart for Cheesecake. Felt kind of strange. I just knew that I would run into all kinds of people in the cheesecake section of the store. I didn't. It would have been fun to explain. “Uh—this isn't for me, I uh—my daughter made me do it---Um---Ok--I may have a small piece, but...you know me---Mr. Nothing is off limits—right?” Courtney loves cheesecake, I mentioned this last night, so instead of a birthday cake—it's cheesecake around here! I didn't buy the Cheesecake Factory cheesecake---for all of us to have some—would have been too expensive. And to Courtney, there's no such thing as bad cheesecake, she's not picky at all. I studied the nutrition labels on several different options—I had no idea that there would be such a big difference in calories---based on brands and size. I found one that was almost 500 calories for one slice. Then I discovered the Sara Lee original cheesecake. It was small, the perfect size really—and for ¼ of the entire cheesecake it registered at only 330 calories! So what did we do? Instead of cutting it into four 330 calorie pieces, we made it eight 165 calorie pieces. It was so good! And none of us had to kill our calorie budget to enjoy. We could just buy one of these everyday and call this “The Amazing Cheesecake Diet.” Because I guarantee we'll have another positive weigh-in on Wednesday. Sometimes it might sound crazy and hard to believe---Chinese buffets and cheesecake—and we're still losing weight. We're proving what so many are discovering and proving to themselves these days. You can still enjoy the foods you love and lose weight consistently. You really can.

About the buffet and my food selection. “Piling” is acceptable depending on what you're piling. I could've mentioned this last night, just forgot. If you're piling fresh veggies and things you know are really low in calorie, that's one thing. But you could clearly see the kind of stuff I go for. It wasn't really Chinese food at all...but it's what I like. And what I like cannot be piled and still be within a calorie budget. I know this about me. I'm not a veggie kind of guy if you haven't noticed.

We've had my mom with us since last night. I didn't think we would have room for her in the vehicle last night, we were in Irene's car, but we all squeezed in. This would have been impossible over 400 pounds ago. We've freed up a lot of room!

I took my mom to the foot clinic today. Her increased activity---she's up to a mile when she walks---is sometimes painful because of common foot problems that can be easily corrected. She was so nervous going in to the doctor today. I reassured her that it was going to be OK...and then the situation suddenly took me back to my childhood when I was the scared little boy and she would reassure me that everything was going to be alright. And it always was. And it was today too. Now she'll be getting a pair of specially fit orthopedic shoes that will make her walking so much easier. She'll be doing a 5K someday, you just watch! And what a wonderful progression she's made. From barely being able to walk across the street, to walking a mile straight. And her weight loss has become so consistent too! It's really a pleasure to witness. She's finally understanding what I've been talking about for so long. She's been on information overload about so called weight loss right and wrongs---that she didn't know what way to turn. Now she's on the road to a new Beverly—my mom. I always knew she could do it! Now she believes it too!

Thank you for reading. I'm dropping in a little earlier than last night. Many things to do tomorrow! I must rest now. Goodnight and

Good Choices,


  1. That cheesecake sounds perfect - something that fits into the diet - amazing.

    I am glad Courtney is getting out young too, as is your mum - well done to both of them (and the rest of your wonderful family)!

  2. Happy Birthday Courtney all the way from Australia...My daughter turned 16 last dec and it is such a special age ... I am so glad you enjoyed your cheesecake
    Sean well done on making life fit you not you fit life....proves who the boss is ...well done

  3. Great blog, as usual. You have made such an impact on your whole family. What a blessing. Loved the visual about fitting into a smaller car. The cheesecake is just another reminder of how we CAN do this! Man--you may get there before us, but DH and I will be there as soon as we can! Blessings--Bonnie

  4. What a wonderful post. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It's easy to see she is loved by her family.

  5. I got a funny mental picture of you walking into the store, in disguise, to get the cheesecake. :)
    I am so happy that Courtney lost her weight when she is young!!!!!!

  6. Sean, first let me apologize for not answering your question about egg whites. I don't have an internet connection at home, which is why I don't post on weekends, so I was unable to get a hold of you until yesterday. Then I saw your post about egg whites and figured that your question had already been answered!

    Congratulations to Courtney on her weight loss! Seventy pounds... what an accomplishment! And at such a young age, what a blessing! She is getting a good start on life! You and Irene must be so proud!

    I'm glad to hear that your mom's doctor visit went well! I hope you have an excellent week, Sean!

  7. Sean, been reading the blog for a month or so now. I enjoy the daily updates and can totally relate to the Chinese Buffet. It has KO'd me more times than I would like to count. Nice job by you and your family.- Joe

  8. Happy 16th Birthday to Courtney, and well done on fantastic 70 loss.

    I love the description of you in the supermarket Sean....lol

    Cheesecake is a favourite of mine but not had since "Being Good" but your caring, sharing shows we can have a treat whenever and still not break the calorie bank.

    Thanks again for the inspiration.
    Love to you and you family.


  9. I'll tell ya one more funny sweet 16 story: I was trying to teach my 16-yr-old daughter Holly to drive last year and I just don't have the patience for it. She's a little bit of a dingbat and I'm a little bit of a worrywart, so the mix isn't good to begin with.

    Anyway, she had a theater meeting she had to go to in town, so I drove her and told her I'd just wait at the Chili's around the corner. Well, I completely underestimated how much I could drink during Happy Hour and when I picked her up, I handed her the keys and told her she was driving.

    On the way home, she piped up: "Dad, you're usually so nervous when I drive. But you're calm, cool and collected." Yes, we cracked the code.

    After that, straight vodka and two Demerol and I was ready to be driven around by a rambunctious teen again!

  10. 16 is a FABULOUS time for a young lady to feel great about herself! (just keep that watchful daddy I on her pop! trust me...I was a 16 year old girl who didn't feel so great about herself so I did stuff to fake it).

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,....next time make your own cheesecake! I know that buying it makes it final and you won't have to worry about if I make it once and it's easy and good will I keep making it and messing up my budget.....but ..well, it could be a family thing. Plus I'm so into making my own food...even when it was bad foods...because I'd know what was going into it.

    I'm not super knocking the decision to buy a prepped cheesecake and GOODY GOOD GOOD for making eights and not quarters! you're my cutting down hero!

    I like cooking though..I love it! I actually have some chicken breast cut up to make with some frozen broccoli. I'm wondering if I'm gonna do a stirfry with brown rice or what I was thinking which is a sort of chicken and broccoli "stew" with lentils. meh

    I shake my head at Jack....oh my!!

  11. 165 calorie cheesecake? Who knew? You never cease to amaze me at the things you find that can be consumed within my calorie budget. Thanks!

    Happy Birhtday Nay! I think you're awesome! Hugs and kisses to you...

  12. sorry, a little, late, but im back-logged. im happy for your daughter. i was obese as a teen and dont remember my teen years fondly. my mom had no clue about nutrition as she was naturally skinny. courtneys a lucky gal to have you as a father and i like your family approach to healthy living. good for you guys!


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