Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 290 Increased Water and A Mysterious Place Called Potential

Day 290

Increased Water and A Mysterious Place Called Potential

I've been hooked on a song today by Jason Mraz, “I'm Yours.” I know it was released last year, but for some reason I'm just now noticing this musical gem. Wonderful lyrics in that thing. I can't seem to help it, when I hear a song like this, I interpret the lyrics to fit my journey. When I first heard it I thought, wow, this is going to be a hit! Then I discovered it was a hit. # 6 in the U.S. Last year. My New Zealand friends are likely familiar with the song, it was #1 for six weeks in a row there. Anyway, I just love music. A great song can stir so many emotions. I probably listened to it seven or eight times before I really heard it on a deeper level. I just love to get lost in the music. I'm a big fan of musical therapy!

I mowed the lawn tonight after dinner. It's amazing to me how much of a non-event it has become. Before, I dreaded it horribly. Now, I just jump out there and get it done, no big deal. I can't honestly even say it was a workout, it was that easy. It feels good to be here.

The goatee is growing on me in a couple of different ways. I've really been close to shaving the thing, and I may still. But it's kind of cool to try it out on this new face of mine. Irene likes it and that's reason enough to keep it around and give it a chance. She doesn't care if I shave it either, she loves me no matter what! If I do shave it, I'm going to take multiple pictures of different mustache and goatee styles as I slowly shave it off. That'll be fun.

I've really stepped up my water consumption today. I've exceeded 100 ounces already and I still have a full bottle ahead of me. Water consumption is one of my biggest weaknesses so far. I'm lucky to have lost as much as I have, because really, I rarely drink the amount I know I should. I at least drink 64 ounces everyday...I guess that's the same as drinking eight glasses a day like I've always heard I should. I've also heard that increased water consumption can mean more weight loss. By “increased,” I mean more than the standard 64 ounces a day. I'm certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just doing what I do. And what I do is so drastically different than what I use to do, it's real easy to be extremely content with it, even though I know I could do more. And that's not being hard on myself, I'm just being honest. That's actually something I don't want to do, become content. Not yet.

There's a certain point where we feel amazing. After losing 183 pounds, I'm there. Of course I'm comparing it to being 505 pounds. So naturally I feel better than ever in my entire life. But I also know that the next 92 pounds will be even better. And the fruits of weight training will be another incredible feeling. So that's all exciting. Knowing how good I feel now, and realizing that it's really only just begun, that's a very nice thing to contemplate. I do have to watch myself and keep myself from becoming content with my success so far. I'm not done. There's still work to do. It really comes down to being the best we can be in anything. Getting comfortable and content can be applied to anything. But it's at that comfortable and content place where I must acknowledge my success and keep moving right along toward my ultimate goal. Because if I stop at comfortable and content, then I'll never realize my full potential. Don't read this and think Oh my, Sean is giving up! No way!! The opposite actually. For one, the way my mind has been transformed, there's no such thing as going back. It would be almost impossible without trying to do it on purpose. And that's not happening. But I don't want to slow down my pursuit either. Potential. There's a word I've written about before. It's a word that's taunted me my entire life. This time, I'm determined to find out exactly where this potential thing leads. I'm going all the way my friend. I sincerely appreciate you following my journey to this wonderfully mysterious place. It's mysterious because I've never been to the place called “potential.” I've been close enough to see the signs and really, it will not take long. We'll get there together!

I plan on finding a racquetball opponent tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard. I really love the workout I get when I'm competing. I'm headed to the patio now for some killer jump roping, then I'm dropping in bed. We planned to swim tonight, but that plan has been moved to tomorrow night. It's all good. It really is amazing these days. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


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  2. Sorry...typos. I'll play raquetball with you! You'd probably whoop my butt--but that would be okay. Love that song! Keep thinking and moving the time you get to the end you will have figured it out for all of us. All we will have to do is follow in your footsteps.

  3. I believe I know exactly how you feel when you wrote how Potential has haunted you your whole life. I have had that nagging feeling my whole life as well.

    I suspect being thin and healthy won't necessary make me realize potential but the journey there will have the answere some where. Good Luck to you.

  4. Potential..a word that to me signifies hope.

    Sean, thank you so much for all your comments over the last couple of days. They really helped tremendously, especially late at night when I felt alone...I would just come and read.

    You are a great man, and have an amazing story of your own here.

  5. Just watch the water... " too Much" can affect your electrolites and have the opposite efffect on your systemand blood sugar levels causing illness!!
    I love your blog. Got here from Jack Sh*t, glad to have stumbed across you and love the daily read!!
    Potential is great!!

  6. There is a verse in the Bible that says: "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." (Romans 2:12a)

    It was the first thing I thought of when I read your blog today. You are no longer conforming to the patterns of the 505 lb. man and have been tranformed because of the renewing of your thought patterns.

    Excellent Sean.

  7. Yes i make sure i get my 8 cups in! Don't know whether i could drink more i'd be swimming :)
    Potential a great word.

  8. This journey does change us in so many unexpected ways. I used to have a cleaning lady who ran my whole household. But when I started eating healthy food and exercising, my energy levels soared and I realized that I could clean my own house, do the laundry and iron our clothes. It's been so liberating to be able to do that. Sure, I don't LOVE doing those things, but they don't take that long and I make sure to listen to some great music while I'm doing them. As you say, it's become a bit of a non-event.

  9. Sean, you are quickly approaching the 300-day mark. Three hundred days... can you believe that?! And look at you moving full speed ahead! You are doing amazing!!

  10. Wow, just found your blog - congrats on all your successes to date!!

    I can imagine mowing the lawn would have been a chore at 500 pounds - looking forward to the rest of your journey!

  11. Greetings! Found you through +45 and Aspiring. Loved your commentary and had to come over. I can always use encouragement in the weight dept. I'll be back. LOVE your attitude because you are RIGHT ON!

  12. I love that song!!!! I will literally sing it out loud in the store if I hear it-I'm that dorky over it :)

    I love your attitude as always! Thanks for the pic me up :)


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