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Day 300 A Micro-Seminar In The Middle of The Store and Retrospect

Day 300

A Micro-Seminar In The Middle of The Store and Retrospect

When I first started this blog back on September 15th, 2008, I knew that it was something I would commit to 100%. And I felt that if I did, it would teach me wonderful things about myself along the way. After 300 days, I have to say that it has done exactly that and so much more. I can remember thinking that 100 days seemed so far away, then 200...but we're at 300 now! 189 pounds in 300 days, I have to be very thrilled with that number! I know I'm not at my ultimate goal just yet, but I have to tell you, I feel so accomplished right now. It feels amazing to have 300 successful days behind me.

I don't know how to explain it, but the “wow” reactions are coming so frequently these days, I couldn't possibly write about every one of them. Tonight I had a broadcast from The Rockin' Horse. The owner was amazed at my success. Even after the event, we spent over an hour in the parking lot talking about personal development as it applies to every aspect of our lives. He told me about a life changing multi-day seminar in Dallas called Choices. It's not about weight loss, but it is about personal growth and understanding ourselves and others completely. I'm looking into it, I think it could greatly benefit me in my pursuit and practice of motivational and inspirational weight loss speaking. On the way home I stopped at a convenience store for fuel and the cashiers were blown away with the difference. Then they started asking questions. I ended up giving a micro-seminar right there in the middle of the Short Stop convenience store. The micro-seminar ended with me writing down this blog address. I just can't help it sometimes. When the questions come, I start answering with an uncontrollable passion that flows freely and completely grabs their attention. I made myself stop after a couple of minutes, this wasn't the time nor the place. My comedy instincts took over and I left them wanting more.

Irene went shopping garage sales and found me a pair of jeans for a dollar. They're size 42's, so I really didn't expect them to fit just yet. But guess what? I tried them and they fit! They're tight, sure, but they fit! Not too tight really, comfortable enough that I wore them to my broadcast tonight. I'm not officially calling myself a size 42 just yet, I'm still a 44. But I was wearing 42's tonight. A co-worker of mine was out there and she brought her husband. He use to play college football, the guy is built. It was so cool when he said he was also wearing 42's. I can't believe I was wearing the same size as him! That was cool, maybe not so much for him, but for me it was awesome!

In looking back on the past 300 days, I often go back to Day 1. So I thought it might be appropriate tonight to include an excerpt from that first post at 505 pounds: I also know that losing weight and being healthy and looking good will have tremendously positive effects on every aspect of my life. I've always known that. I firmly believe that I've allowed my weight to hold me back in my career, and more importantly: It's held my family back from fully enjoying life. That's pretty big stuff. I'm writing this blog as a self-motivation tool. I need to write, I need to express my feelings and experiences, I need to continually remind myself of what I need to do and keep doing. That's what this blog is all about. If you read this blog and have a laugh or feel inspired to lose weight too, then it's all the better! But I'm doing it for me. And by doing it for me, I'm also doing it for my beautiful wife and two daughters. How important is it that I lose the weight now? Well...every now and then I day dream a nightmare where I envision my family at my funeral. I's dark! And very scary. But every time I have a little pain I wonder, is this it? Am I about to collapse? Will my funeral be Thursday?? That's very depressing and scary stuff. But when you're as big as I am, it's something that you have to think about all the time. Again, the question comes: Then why is it so hard to lose the weight? Well, it's hard because there are so many psychological factors that play a part in our daily choices. I eat because it taste good...I eat because I'm stressed out over something...I eat because "we're celebrating"...I eat because it's much easier to eat whatever you want than count calories and make healthy choices. I never exercise on purpose because it's way easier to not. But all of this must change. I convinced myself that my eating and lack of exercise was controlled by my stress level and emotions. So surely I can convince myself that despite a high stress life, I can still eat less and workout. And that's exactly how to lose weight. Eat less and work out. I don't want a surgery or a lapband or anything other than complete control of myself. This is all about making choices. Every choice we make has a consequence...some good, some bad...Some real good, Some very, very bad. Choices and consequences, that's what it's all about. So here we are, 300 days later. Is it perfect? No. I don't expect it to be ever be perfect. I often wonder what kind of numbers I would have at this point had it been perfect, but that's silly thinking. But then again, if making consistently good choices is considered perfect, then I guess it's been perfect after all.

Oh, by the way...I did pick up the pizza for the broadcast tonight. I wonder if anyone spotted me carrying all 10 boxes to the vehicle. There could have been a big intervention right there in the Dominos parking lot. “Don't do it Sean, it's not worth it! Put the twenty thousand calories worth of pizza down and walk away, nice and slow...that's it, there we go.” I did have 250 calories worth in the form of a thin crust slice of BBQ chicken pizza, yep the same kind from Thursday's broadcast. I could have had two more slices and still been within my calorie budget, but to me it's just not a good enough calorie value. Don't get me wrong, it taste incredible, but considering I can put an entire plate of food together for under 500 calories and in some cases under 400 calories, it just doesn't make a couple of slices look real good. For under 400, I can have a juicy marinated grilled chicken breast, full of flavor, a serving of garlic mashed potatoes and a couple of servings worth of green beans. Calorie values...they're exactly what I consider with every food choice. I want the best bang for my calorie “buck.” That doesn't mean I don't enjoy BBQ chicken pizza every once in a while (or every few days it seems) I just can't invest very many calories because it doesn't compute as a good calorie value.

I'm headed for bed. Thank you for reading and by the way, my schedule the past couple of days has severely limited my reading and commenting of my favorite blogs. If I comment regularly on your weight loss blog, then you're one of my favorites! If I haven't discovered yours yet, be sure to leave me a comment so I can find yours. I'll have some time Sunday to catch up on my reading. I sincerely appreciate your continued support. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Congratulations on 300 days of success! You sound so confident--that is a wonderful thing. And God bless you for all that you do for others!

  2. Wow 300 days! Congratulations! You averaged over 1/2 a lb a day...that is amazing too! I am so glad to have found your blog for inspiration.

  3. That is totally Amazing, 300 days and such a difference:)

    You Rock Sean Anderson!!

    love and best wishes


  4. Hey there Hottie :) Congrats on the 300 day marker and the 189 POUNDS LOST!! How awesome are you? I thank God I found your blog have a gift with words and you're a natural at inspiring people. I hope you always continue to do so...there's no telling how many people's lives you're helping to change. I know you've touched mine. :)


  5. I wonder what the old Sean would have done with ten boxes of pizza...

  6. 300 days!! I'm blown away :) And any day now you'll be wearing 42's everyday. Your on a roll and there's no stopping you now.

  7. Congratulations on 300 days! I have been working on going back and reading from day one--typically, I read your "today" blog and then going back to the same day I am on... (today is day 6 for me). I like to read where you are now, and where you were then. I can definintely relate to 100 days seeing far away, but with the help of so many wonderful bloggers--I feel completely different about this journey than I have any attempt in the past.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

  8. 300 days!!! you are totally awesome! and a pair of 42's to celebrate such a day. how exciting for you. keep up the good work!

  9. are really getting close to a year!!! yay!

    Get some rest. Seriously. You sound so busy. I hope things slow down enough that you can take a long nap. :)


  10. Happy 300th day anniversary - I was expecting a parteh! Great news on the 42s - woo-hoo! You have done brilliantly and touched the hearts of many along the way - you deserve the very best.

    And the conference really has your name on it - heck, it even uses one of your bylines!

  11. LOL why can I picture a van coming up quick, 4 people jumping out, grabbing the pizzas and yelling YOU CAN'T DO THIS! JUST SAY NO! LOL

    It's an amazing journey you've had & I'm so glad you shared it with everyone. You are an inspiration. Truly. Keep up the good work. Size 42, pretty damn fine!


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