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Day 414 Fast Food Breakfast Choice and He Too Misses The Old Me

Day 414

Fast Food Breakfast Choice and He Too Misses The Old Me

Mondays can be hectic all by themselves without me or anything else making it worse. My Monday started with a frantic search for a bank receipt of deposit. I was completely beside myself because my bank made an error and never credited a large deposit (large to me) to my account Friday. I was completely consumed with worry. What if I can’t find the receipt? What if they say, “prove it!” I spent my entire pre-show morning searching and trying to figure out what happened to the slip. I didn’t write my blog, how could I, financial doom was looming, undeservedly---but it was looming my friend! Imagine my relief when the bank called and said they found the error and the deposit and everything was fine. OK, I can breathe again. Wow. I don’t like starting a Monday completely out of sorts. After losing my cell phone on Saturday, now this, well…I was just happy that everything worked out so well.

I left the house this morning without breakfast. I never do this. But in my frantic state I wasn’t the least bit concerned about my metabolism. Did I just say that? My concern for metabolism returned as I pulled away from the garage. What to do? Fast food! I know that fast food is only bad if I make it that way. I had to be mindful of my choices, sensible really. There is a way to eat out and still lose weight, I’ve proven that. It’s all in our choices. I picked the Ham Omelet Sandwich on the Burger King breakfast value menu. It comes loaded with 290 calories, but wait! I want a better calorie value. So I shaved at least 90 calories by saying “No cheese and no honey butter sauce.” I can live with 200 calories for this egg and ham on a bun. I may have shaved off even more calories, that honey butter stuff must be loaded! Choices. I chose to forget about the potatoes that were always an automatic fast food breakfast item for me 415 days ago. I didn’t need that deep fried junk! Besides, do I really want that greasy taste in my mouth at 5am? No, no I didn’t. It wasn’t an ideal breakfast, but it gave me something on the run and only cost me a dollar and nine cents.

Remember my sister in law that cried when she saw me because the Sean she remembered so fondly was gone? I ran into her and her husband today. I hadn’t been face to face with her hubby since I don’t know when. His reaction was one of disbelief. He was shocked at the transformation before his eyes. And just like Billie Sue, he too expressed a genuine expression of loss over the former me. Was I really that much fun at 505? Man, I must have really put on a show back then, because deep down I was miserable. I guess I’m a decent actor, must be, because Billie Sue and Scott was always under the impression that I was the most jolly-fun big guy around. Now I’m different, and change is hard for most people. After spending fifteen minutes telling me that he missed the old Sean, Scott leaned over and said, “You do look good, and I bet you’re much healthier, I’m proud of you---now tell me how to do it too!” I told him the basics, but as you know---it’s much more than that. There’s no way to relate the mental aspects of this journey in a twenty-minute conversation. I wish there was a magic word that would un-lock the “secret” for everyone. But ultimately, it’s something within each person that must click. If that click happens, then there’s a much better chance that what I’ve experienced will make more sense. I can count numerous people that totally “get it,” and many more that really don’t, but they will. They’re just not ready.

Courtney was babysitting tonight and Irene was with JoEllen, Billie Sue, and Scott. I awoke from my late afternoon nap in the recliner just in time to go workout solo. I got into the YMCA for some intense weight training. OK, not like screaming intense, but intense for me. I then made my way upstairs to the fitness room for some cardio. I decided that I would give the elliptical another try. I’ve never really given it much of a chance, opting instead for the trusty treadmill. Oh the burn! Wow, the elliptical is awesome! I feel like I’m dancing on that thing. Call me Mr. Flatley, I was getting my groove on! Oh yeah, I was groovin’ for sure, until I started grimacing from the burn. Those muscles were recently bothered with my discovery of “stair running,” and they’re not real happy with me. But they better get use to it, there’s more burn where that came from!

I’m looking for some stairs around where I live that would work for an effective stair running workout. They lock up the high school stadium, so that’s out. The search continues! I bet I find some today. The library just isn’t big enough. And I really worry about “trespassing,” although getting arrested for “stair running” would make for an interesting blog paragraph. No, I better keep looking! Local readers: Any ideas?

I was in bed by 10:30pm. I love getting enough sleep! Well, it may not be enough still, but I’m averaging six hours a night lately. That’s a big improvement from not long ago. I’m ready for a wonderful Day 415---Bring it on! Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. It occured to me that maybe part of the reason people are missing the "old Sean" is because when faced with the "new, smaller, healthier Sean" it may make them uncomfortable about their own state of health. And just maybe they equate lots of fattening food to fun and seeing you makes them think there will be no more fattening food so no more fun. Just a thought.

    I'm also impressed that you are making the most of a workout using simple things like stairs. So many bloggers belong to gyms and while that's great, there are so many other ways to get a good workout in without going to the gym. Then there is the pressure of finding time to go to the gym when exercise should be a natural part of daily life. Take a walk/run around the neighborhood/park, play basketball/whatever at the neighborhood school or run up and down some stairs! Kudos to you for pointing that out.

  2. Hey Sean! I never comment but read your blog religiously! You are an inspiration.

    Stairs in a hospital are awesome. It is also a public building so no arrests are imminent!

    Happy stair climbing!

  3. Strange, isn't it... How we all seem to play up to the 'jolly fat person' image that is expected of us when we're very overweight, even if we're dying from misery inside...

    I'm FAR happier now than I've been in a very long time!

  4. Hey Sean, that 304 lb picture is gettin' old! How about a new, low 280's picture? In the new jeans?? I love your blog btw and read it daily. Oh, and I love elliptical trainers, it seems less likely to get injured using those than running like many people do and they're a great workout. I have one in my house.

  5. I am becoming very fond of the elliptical, myself! It was kind of an accident that I even tried it in the first place, but that machine helped me lose 3 lbs this week so I'm grateful for the slight injury that led to me giving it a shot ;).

    Regarding stair running: have you considered indoor stairs? Most tallish buildings have indoor stairwells in case the elevators go out. Those stairs can be a killer workout!

  6. ellipticals are good..try it with no hands for part of the time and it will work your core and balance more. Does the YMCA have a stairmaster??Same thing with those...dont lean on the machine or do with no hands for a better workout. Courthouses usually have stairs out front. I like high schools the best though. The highschool gymnasium inside is also a thought. good luck. Happy climbing...melt those pounds off!! I agree that you have to be READY or the weight loss doesnt happen. It's so funny...everyone is asking me. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO LOSE WEIGHT...like it's some big secret. NOPE...just exercise and eat right. Calories in VS calories out. Not rocket science, but it took me a long time to get to the right place and DO IT. 70 pounds down and 15 to go !!

  7. You know that is just wild-- that they associated your outer skin with "you," as if by losing fat you somehow literally turned into a different person. I know it's a common response but it's still just odd when you think about it.

    You look great, by the way.

  8. Hi Sean. Long time reader first time commenter.

    I just wanted to chime in about the elliptical. I call it "The Machine" (cue ominous music). It totally owned me the first time (9 minutes lowest incline and lowest resistance), but I'm up to 17 minutes now and it is SO much easier on the joints. I love to jog/run but my 332 lb body doesn't agree. The elliptical gives me a little bit of what I like about running.

    Anyway, thanks for "giving back" with this blog. You have no way of seeing my sincerity, but please believe it when I say that it has meant a lot to me and is having a huge impact on my life.

  9. I LOVE the elliptical when I get to go to the gym--hard when it involves finding a sitter. Plus our free gym is only open until 4:30 pm. Not good. When I still lived in America I had one at home. A Nordic Track--it was awesome! Good job on everything. Sounds as if you are finding some balance. Blessings--Bonnie

  10. Hmm...Marlin Mansion has some killer stairs on the inside. Think they'd make you pay to use them? And boy, would that marble hurt if you fell! But you could imagine yourself being a millionaire, running out to your chauffeur driven limo!

  11. Hey Sean...I just started reading your blog and let me just say WOW. You look amazing! Most of the blogs I read are from women so this is very refreshing.

    I wanted to tell you also, I do the fast food run occasionally to. We live in a very "convenience" minded society and it's almost impossible not to do this once in awhile. But your approach is right on! Don't freak out about it, just make the right choices. My mom used to tell me it's not the burger that makes you fat, its the mayo, catsup, bacon and other crap you put on it that makes you fat. See, we can enjoy "Bad" things in a good way. :)


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