Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 436 The Breakfast Suffers and A Wonderful Workout

Day 436

The Breakfast Suffers and A Wonderful Workout

What started out as a hurried over-slept morning (usually the precursor for a hectic day), turned into a wonderful, well-balanced day. I like that. Over sleeping for me is 5:10am. If I’m not up by 4:30am, then something has got to give. I jumped up at 5:15am. Oops. My alarm blared the radio station for an hour and I never even realized. I was tired. So what gives? Not the shower---had to do that, quick…uh, the breakfast? Yep. The breakfast suffers. Instead of a hot and delicious, dare I brag—gourmet egg white-mushroom-mozzarella omelet---I grabbed some cranberry applesauce for 60 calories and a bottle of water. This is not enough I thought as I raced for the garage at 5:42am. It takes ten minutes to drive to the studio. I’ve been arriving before 5:30am lately, and I much prefer the casual pace in prepping for the show, it just wasn’t the case today. And so my Tuesday was off and running, literally.

My thoughts this morning was with my dad. I left my ringer on during my show waiting for Aunt Beverly to give me updates via phone. She did, and I’m pleasantly relieved to tell you that he’s recovering nicely in ICU. They removed his gall bladder and part of his colon effected by the cancer. As expected, he’s hurting from the surgery, but Aunt Beverly reported he’s in decent spirits. The doctors were optimistic about his future. And that’s such a beautiful thing to hear. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

After missing my egg-white omelet this morning, I decided to have it for lunch instead! I ran home and made a big five egg white omelet! Even with an ounce of low fat part skim mozzarella—it was still only 170 calories! We were out of mushrooms, ugh! I love mushrooms, I really do. Fresh is best, not the canned—But I’ll do the canned in a pinch. I really missed that ingredient today. Oh well, it was good and filling—and 12:30pm and I’d consumed less than 300 calories so far.

By the time 4pm rolled around, I was hungry! I decided to grab a taco and a bean tostada from a popular fast food place. I’m not mentioning their name because I’m about to speak honestly about their horribleness. Haven’t I learned my lesson here? I’ve written about this before. I don’t understand what has happened. Maybe it’s all in my mind. But I use to absolutely crave this place, heck for; I use to binge at this place! Now, I can’t stand it. My repulsion is so natural and so powerful---I can’t finish the food. I had half a taco and half a bean tostada. I never imagined that this could possibly happen. Is it a change in their food? The recipes? The additives? Or---and I bet this is the answer: Is it a change in me that can’t be reversed? I tried to eat, I tried to tell myself that it was good. I just wasn’t buying it. It was horrible. I hate wasting food, but seriously, I’d rather cook another omelet than eat this rubbish. I should have walked in the grocery store, bought a few chicken breasts, and been happy. Instead this, what was I thinking?

I enjoyed a nice nap in the recliner this afternoon. I needed it after the late night last night and the rushed morning. I slept for nearly two hours before waking up refreshed and ready for a great workout. Nothing was stopping me tonight. No excuse, no crafty rationalization, no circumstance---This was going to be a workout to kick my behind. I wanted a real solid ‘night before weigh-day’ workout. Oh my, oh yes…yes it was good.

I hit the weight room first and put in a solid upper body routine. I love the way my stomach muscles feel when I pull down the bar on this one machine. Wow, I have abs down there. Oh no, you can’t see them—but I can feel them for sure. Those are abs by golly! And they’re just dying to get out! You’ll have to punch me in the stomach sometime, just warn me first---So I can flex and then you too will feel the six-pack wall underneath the unflattering remnants of a former 505-pound mans belly. I’m curious to see what the next 48 pounds will do for me physically. I’m excited.

Oh my, wow---I just realized I’m less than 50 pounds from goal. Why didn’t I realize that before? Very cool, very, very cool. Home stretch baby! Even then, I’ll have work to do in the weight room of course, but 230---that’s the weight—the number I set out to hit, and I will. Although I’ve learned from many of my weight loss blogging friends---that a number doesn’t do it for you, it’s the feeling, not the number that decides where we end up on the scale. We’ll see how it feels at 230.

After the weight room I climbed onto a treadmill in the fitness center for a treadmill 5K. It was a walk/jog, and it was wonderful! Oh sure---I thought about stopping after a good two miles---but that’s not the spirit, shoot---I was only a mile away from a 5K---So I stuck it out and claimed victory. I awarded myself a gold medal. I’m kidding. I grabbed my phone and made a couple of videos along the way. I’m walking in one and jogging for the home stretch in another. They’re both posted below. Be careful---the jogging video is very shaky…you could probably get sick watching it. I was going for 3.10 miles---a 5K.

I caught some of the Biggest Loser TV show during my 5K. I don’t watch much TV, but when I catch even fifteen minutes of this show, I like it now. I like it because I can totally relate to what they’re going through. NO---not the drill sergeant type workouts eight hours a day---I have no idea what that would be like. But I now understand their emotions concerning how they feel and how they’ve transformed. It’s an intimate understanding that’s so very different than watching it at my heaviest. It’s a very cool show to watch while going through the same kind of transformation—nice stuff.

Tomorrow is weigh day. I’m excited about chipping away at this last 48 pounds. I can’t wait for the bi-weekly trip to the doctors office! I’ll be sending out the weigh day update via text, e-mail, facebook, and twitter. Probably a little much, I realize. It’s funny, I was always so ashamed of my weight, now I transmit it around the world every two weeks and wear it proudly. What a wonderful thing.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Watch at your own risk! Very shaky---I was just focused on getting to 3.1 miles. Kind of boring really. Finished strong, running actually---it was good.

In this video---I’m walking briskly and watching the “Biggest Loser.” I turned the camera toward the mirrored wall to catch my reflection. I absolutely hated that mirror in the beginning, now---I can’t believe it’s me in there.


  1. I'm just curious. Have you factored the weight of all that extra skin into your goal weight of 230? Once you get the skin removed--I believe you've mentioned that you intend to do so--your 230 might turn into 200 or 190.

  2. P.S. Glad to hear about your dad! All my best to him.

  3. I'd wager the change is more in you than in the fast-food joint. The few times I've ventured into that realm, I've paid the price. It's amazing what total crap the body will get used to over time...

    Happy holidays, Sean.

  4. "The home stretch-baby"-I love that! Anytime I miss my normal morning routine, I feel off ALL day. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I think you have been so focused on the journey that the finish line wasn't even in sight.
    Now it is...make a break for it baby.

  6. The videos aren't showing up for me. :( So glad you're dad made it out of surgery okay. Praying he heals very soon so he can come for a visit!! I hope you, Irene and the girls have a very happy Thanksgiving. It's a great time to count your blessings. :)

  7. Glad your dad is doing ok. Congrats on being so close to goal!

    First time reader here, I look forward to catching up. Looks like an amazing journey!

  8. I'm hoping your dad's pain is subsiding, and really glad to hear they're optomistic aout his future!


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