Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 427 The Hardest Workout and Bring On The Booths and Narrow Arm Chairs!

Day 427

The Hardest Workout and Bring On The Booths and Narrow Arm Chairs!

There’s no doubt that the 10K road course was easily the hardest workout of the last 427 days. I got up this morning and still felt the burn. It wasn’t like a “hurt” burn, more like a “sore—great workout” burn. There’s a difference I’m sure. I’ve never pushed myself to the point of injury, and that’s a good thing, however—I think I could have pushed myself much more than I have---but I’ve talked about that way too much. I’m just cautious, real cautious. I guess it comes from my fear of dropping over every time I had to exert myself at over 500 pounds.

Last night was the Poncan Theatre live broadcast/webcast of my return into the theatre. The last time I did this, it was just me and a flashlight---and my imagination. That’s what made it great radio—my fear, my reactions to noises—Gayle trying to talk me through it---that stuff made for an interesting broadcast. Last night had none of that. I was thrilled to be alongside professional paranormal investigators, but the differences didn’t make the broadcast what I had hoped. I was too afraid to speak up while on the air because I didn’t want to disturb the investigation. I wasn’t afraid because I had a bunch of people there with me during the investigation. The plan for me to stay the remainder of the night was scrapped by me at 2:30am. My thanks to Insight Paranormal Investigations and the Poncan Theatre, Oh, and thank you to the wonderfully kind spirits that inhabit that place!

It feels so good to be where I am along this road. This evening I joined Courtney and Irene for dinner out and a movie. At the restaurant we sat in a booth, easily, and at the movie theater I had room to spare in the seat. These are the things that just thrill me! Too many years I just accepted that booths were out and movie seats were going to hurt after a little while of being crammed into one. Not anymore, not at all. Isn’t that incredible? The restaurant was one of our favorite little fast food Mexican places, Taco Bueno, we know all the calorie counts at that place. Like most places, it’s real easy to make bad choices at this place, but we know what’s good and what’s bad, so it’s easy. I enjoyed a 500 calorie dinner that included a “party” taco, a bean and cheese soft taco, and 1/3 of a new cheeseburger taco. We just had to try it! But none of us wanted to spend the calories on it, so we each had a couple of bites, which worked fine.

I feel really good about the entire weekend, what a fantastic one! The 10K was just amazing really, a wonderful experience. If you haven’t had a chance to see the videos and pictures, just scroll down to Day 426. It was an awesome experience! Thank you for reading and remember something important: I struggled my entire life with obesity until 427 days ago. And even then I struggled---Shoot, somedays I still struggle. And please understand---My experience and success is something you can do too. To the reader that e-mailed last night with the subject line “help me,” I’ll contact you later today. Please know this my friend: There’s no need to lose hope, this is real and in every way possible for you too. If you’re new to this blog and really interested in experiencing a wonderful escape from obesity---then please read this blog from Day 1. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I’m not a “weight loss guru,” and I have nothing to sell. I'm not a doctor or a counselor or psychologist. I'm just a regular guy and all I have is my story, experiences, and profound epiphanies discovered along the way. And if you can read what I’ve done and feel the slightest bit inspired toward a better, healthier you---then my heart fills with joy. It makes me feel like I'm giving back, that I'm helping in some way. I sincerely plan on spending the rest of my life sharing my story with obese people all over the world. I have no idea how that will all come together, but it will. It's what I was born to do---I really believe that. A reason for everything right? Again, thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Yeah for you. I can feel your joy shining through in the post! What a memorable weekend! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You have made such progress! You certainly inspire the rest of us!
    I heard you radio show and I am not happy! Can not believe that you will no longer have your show! I will not be listening anymore that is for sure! What a crummy thing to do to their best dj!

  3. I said it before but I got to say it again... you rock.

    I wasn't joking about getting a print of you and your friend with the thumbs up. That zeal and joy in living life is so visable.

    Go on shouting it from the roof tops that people get get more physically fit without fad diets, magic pills, or 5 minute workout machines!

    Did I mention I'm 36.5 pounds off! Maybe someday I can do a 10k with you and a group of bloggers... wouldn't that be an event!

    But at foolsfitness we can still out sprint you to get in line at the buffet at the chinese food place! -Alan


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