Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 435 Somebody Is Baking Cookies! and Dad's A Survivor

Day 435

Somebody Is Baking Cookies! and Dad’s A Survivor

I noticed the most tempting aroma wafting throughout the spacious halls of the Team Radio studios today. Was somebody baking cookies? I have the ability to detect not just the cookies, but also the flavor. I’m like a hound dog with cookies. White chocolate chip macadamia nut, yeah, that’s what I smelled. Never in all my years with the company have I smelled this wonderful aroma. We use the toaster oven in the break room to heat stuff up, but never to bake cookies. Hmmm. Upon further investigation, I discovered that indeed someone, a co-worker and friend, was baking cookies. White chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. I’m so good. And so are those tasty little cookies. I was offered a cookie and declined. I had already enjoyed lunch, four ounces of turkey breast and a few Funyuns—yes Funyuns (that’s another love of mine), and I didn’t want to mess with guesstimating and “investing” the calories in a cookie. Every cookie is different, but I would imagine these were in the 150 calorie range, nah---I’ll pass. Then Gayle—the above mentioned co-worker and friend, offered me a taste. She actually offered half I think, but I only broke off a nibble. Yep, they’re good all right!

You know what’s strange? As much as I love cookies, it’s one thing I haven’t had that much of in the last 435 days. (you ever notice how I always find a way to mention how many days we’re up to?---Oh, stay tuned---I’m sure I’ll be mentioning how much I’ve lost too. I’ve noticed that as well) But really, haven't had a whole lot of cookies so far. I haven’t missed them. I guess it’s just a “calorie value” issue, ya know? I first wrote about my love of cookies on Day 1 of this blog. Here’s an excerpt: Today was day 1. A successful day 1. I even turned down fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies! Ya see my bank has cookie days every Monday and Friday...so naturally I do all my banking on those days, because even though you're suppose to come inside to get the free cookies, they know me so well, that they will send them through the tube in the drive-through. Today was cookie day, and without my asking, they sent me some cookies with my cash. It was a test! I politely declined the cookies and pushed the button jetting them back to the teller. I explained to a shocked panel of tellers that I was trying to count calories, and although I can have 1500 a day, I couldn't waste 250 on that delicious little cookie. Day 1 and already a test of will power. This is gonna be fun.

Oh the memories. My bank still has cookie day, but they’ve cut it down to only one day a week. I tell myself that I helped influence that decision. Not by writing about it, or by having what one friend called a “calorie conscious” effect on people, but by simply not eating the cookies-- the demand went down and they were probably wasting too many of them. I haven’t asked for one or accepted one since I started. Even with my “nothing is off limits” philosophy, I’m proud of that. The tellers can’t believe the transformation they’ve witnessed over the last 435 days---227 pounds so far (see, I told you I’d get it in). I wonder if they imagined I would do this well back on Day 1 during the “cookie showdown of ’08?”

My dad goes into the VA hospital in Birmingham Alabama for surgery tomorrow morning. They will remove his gall bladder and the cancer in part of his colon. I don’t understand it all, but I refuse to have anything other than a positive attitude about it all. I know he’ll come out stronger. He’s a survivor, spent two tours fighting and surviving Vietnam, he’s going to make it. I talked with him tonight and he’s in good spirits. He’s got a great sense of humor about everything and a real calm about the situation. It’s hard to judge over the phone, but he sounds very optimistic and at peace with the process that he’s starting with this surgery. He also talked about making a trip here. I can’t wait…get ready for pictures when that day comes! Please remember my dad in your prayers and thoughts tomorrow.

The holidays are the busy season for advertising. That’s what we do, that’s my job. The radio show is fun, but really---I write and produce radio commercials most of the day. That is fun too, but this time of year can get super busy. Well, now that I’ve laid the groundwork here for a perfect excuse, I’ll tell you. Once again, I failed to workout. I know! I had planned to go to the YMCA---do the weights and a treadmill 5K, but NO…didn’t happen. Why? I was catching up on work that had to get done tonight. What I thought would take about two hours ended up being 4.5 hours. I left the studio just after 11pm. I told myself that I wasn’t going to allow a missed workout tonight. This is not a good example I told myself, but sleep is important too, I rationalized. Wait a second, this isn’t an excuse or a rationalization! This my friend--is a circumstance. Circumstances are different! Time management might be even more important. Wow, here we go again! Whatever makes me feel better about missing. Wow. I’ll pay for it come Wednesday, you know I will.

Yes, Wednesday---The day before Thanksgiving, is weigh day. Bring it on. If you don’t count yesterday and today, I’ve had a pretty good workout stretch the last two weeks—including the 10K. It shouldn’t be too bad at all really, we’ll see.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. I will keep your dad in my prayers. Great job on resisting the cookies. Your will power is amazing. Can't wait to hear about your loss tomorrow!

  2. Your father will be in my thoughts; I truly hope that his surgery goes well tomorrow.

    Great job on avoiding the freshly baked goods, my friend! I think it is interesting to note that the difficulties I had anticipated in turning down previously tempting treats are also nearly none existent. When someone is finally ready to commit as you (and I) have to this weight loss journey, it is much easier to weigh (pun intended) the pros and cons of consuming foods such as cookies.

    One last thing... I know that 'circumstances' can be totally overwhelming at times and I, too, have allowed my exercise to be put to the wayside a little bit when I was extremely busy about a month ago, but I do hope that you find a way to make it a priority. I would never presume to outright offer tips to someone such as yourself who has already made such great strides towards increased health, but I can tell you what worked for me. I made sure that I was doing something - absolutely anything - that counted as working out, regardless of how hectic my schedule was. Some days it was just a single set of stomach crunches or squats, but a lot of the time simply making that one attempt at a bit of activity was enough to motivate me to do more. I hope you continue with your enormous success!

  3. Brittany's (266) is right. Next time you find yourself in a time crunch and can't get in a "normal" workout, just drop to the floor and do 100 crunches right before bed! I'm praying for your dad. Everything's going to be fine. :)

  4. I will keep your dad in my prayers for sure, Sean. Hang in there.

    I had a thought about your workouts. It seems like you miss them a lot because your day gets so busy and it's super late by the time you get home. As early as you probably already get up (morning show DJ), have you considered waking up 30 minutes early to get a power walk, jog, or other workout in BEFORE you start your day?

    Then your evening workout would just be a bonus!

    Be well!

  5. Your dad is definitely in my thoughts and prayers! I think trying to workout in the morning is a great idea :)

  6. Your dad will be in my prayers. I know you'll update us, and I'll be coming to check.

    I used to love cookies, too. Packaged cookies--I would buy a package of Chips Ahoy and between my son and I (son would eat 4 or 5 tops) we'd eat the whole package in one afternoon.

    Now I have a breakfast cookie every now and again. Lots of fiber, they don't really taste like my former cookies, but they're healthier. I haven't really missed my cookies, surprisingly.

  7. Keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers.

    Well done resisting the cookies, your self control is inspiring.

    Best Wishes


  8. Good luck to your dad, and good job with the lack of cookies. Go sean.


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