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Day 458 A Friend Hits Goal and I Never Really Cared About My Hair Until Now

Day 458

A Friend Hits Goal and I Never Really Cared About My Hair Until Now

A big Daily Diary of A Winning Loser congrats go out to a fellow weight loss blogger friend who had a fantastic day today. Fat[free]Me stepped on the scale and made her goal! She's spent the last nine months setting a wonderful example and spreading fantastic inspiration throughout the weight loss blogging world. Hats off to you my friend. I'm so happy for you, couldn't be any more proud! Check out her blog if you haven't already, dig into her archives, and see for yourself the wonderful journey she's chronicled at What a wonderful success story. She really inspires me and her support of my journey has really lifted me on many occasions. Thank you again my friend!

This morning was wonderful. I jumped up in plenty of time to cook a nice breakfast and I even thought about working out before work, but I didn't. I did think about it though, yes I did! That's a big improvement really. I think I'll try to make that a part of my morning routine. Not a big full fledged workout, just something to start me moving and burning early. I'll still workout later in the day, but a quick one or two miles on the treadmill or a twenty minute elliptical burn might be a nice pre-shower ritual. As long as I can still get up at 4am, I'll be cool with that plan. I don't want to get up even a minute before 4am. If I start getting up any earlier I'll have to start going to bed by 8pm, and you know I've never been that guy.

I arrived at the studio with my apple and banana mid-morning snack in hand and then I discovered a wonderful gift waiting. Dr. Amy had sent some apples, pears, mixed nuts, and cheese. Thank you Dr. Amy! I'm looking forward to having Dr. Amy on my show with a “health minute” feature in the new year. I had her on my old show and now she'll make the move with me. It's always a pleasure to have her wisdom on the air! She'll actually be on both KLOR and with me on KPNC, we're excited! Her and her husband Jeremy have really built something special with The Ranch Wellness Center. They're good people!

I double checked the Poppy Cock canister today and discovered the horrible truth. In last night's blog I mentioned the calorie count as 160 for a cup of that stuff. No, no that was wrong. It's 160 for a ½ cup! Oh my goodness. I have no idea how they pack that many calories in such a small amount of snack, but they do. It's just horrifyingly bad!

I checked with a local barbecue place today, asking if they had any leftover smoked chicken from the day before. When they do, they sell it cheap. I bought three smoked half chickens for less money than I could have bought them at the store. I immediately made smoked chicken breast and a banana my lunch. It was so good!

I left the studio this afternoon and went straight to the hair stylist for a good haircut and goatee trim. I was overdue! I like my hair more now than before. It fits my head so much better. Does that sound weird? My head and face is so much smaller now and it really makes a difference in how my hair sits atop my head. I never bothered with haircuts before until I absolutely couldn't wait another day to get one. I never maintained a style because I just didn't care I guess. Ask anyone that knows me personally. I would get a haircut and it would look great for a couple of weeks, then I'd let it grow out until I looked absolutely shabby. Taking better care of myself and really liking me is a major part of this journey, obviously.

I had a 4pm meeting today and of course my weight loss came up the minute I walked in the door. Someone suggested that I'm probably tired of talking about it---Uh, no way, are you kidding? Never. I plan on spreading the word about natural weight loss the rest of my life, there's no time to tire of the subject. Besides, it's just too exciting to grow tired!

Had a “small world” moment today. Remember my “I told you that was him” encounter at Wal-Mart the other day? It turns out that one of those nice young ladies works for the Salvation Army and is booked as an in studio guest on my show in the morning. The Salvation Army still has over 300 kids on their Angel Tree, many of them will not receive anything for Christmas unless a bunch of people step up and make some wonderful donations. That will be our focus with this interview. If you're a local reader of this blog, tune in for all the details of the need and a very special broadcast we'll be doing Monday with Four States Exteriors to further help the wonderful efforts of the Salvation Army. It's a small world indeed!

I was flying solo for dinner tonight. I prepared an egg white, mushroom, and smoked chicken breast omelet. It was amazing and wonderfully low in calories at 210. Too low really, considering I still have 325 calories remaining tonight as of this writing. I may have some soup or maybe a frozen real fruit pop or both! I'll still end up leaving some calories on the table. In the morning I will not have another omelet. No, tomorrow morning I'm having steel cut oats sweetened with Splenda and topped with diced apple. I have the oatmeal in the crock pot on the low setting right now! I wonder if I should throw the apples in now? I think I will!

I hit the fitness room again tonight for a nice workout. Once again I burned for twenty minutes on that blasted elliptical. Actually it was probably a little less because I stopped every now and then to ease the burn. I know, I know...the burn is good, but it hurts! I'm such a baby, for goodness sakes. The treadmill is all mine. I own that thing. I can treadmill for a while before I even start feeling like I'm having a workout. I did jog some tonight, but mostly just a brisk power walk. After the elliptical, I was really feeling like I had a serious workout. I can still feel it, oh my.

This journey has been such a wonderful blessing to me. Thank you so much for reading and giving me your support. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. mmm....smoked chicken breast.
    I notice as I get smaller I take better care...I wear earings. I wear makeup. I try to wear clothes that fit...
    oh, and HUGE NSV..
    I threw my girl scout troop a christmas part and went in a shirt and a pair of jeans.
    Just me and my *ss hanging out lol.

  2. I feel the same way about my looks now! My husband thinks I am getting vain! LOL that makes me laugh out loud to even type it! I streaked my hair for the first time in my LIFE since I lost 100 more lbs!

  3. I love reading this when I am having one of those day!!! Your blog helps so much

  4. I just found your blog! What a wonderful inspiration you are! In August I started a journey to lose over 200 pounds, and when I find others out there struggling to get healthy it lets me know it IS possible! I can't wait to read thru your past posts and get caught up with everything!

  5. Hi Sean. Thanks for your support as ever.

    Working out every day - so great! I've never been on an eliptical but it sounds like torture! Certainly gets your metabolism going though.

    That chicken sounds good. What a great idea for a quick cheap meal.

    Glad you're doing so well after all the recent changes.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. Its funny, I've started wearing make up recently. You would think I wouldve worn it before to losing 114 pounds "improve" on my looks, but no. I'm now taking pride in how I look.

  7. I just realized that although I read most of your posts I hardly ever comment. I really enjoy reading your blog and love all the new things you are finding out about yourself.

  8. Way to go on the exercise. It sounds like it's a great thing to have a fitness center right in the building. I keep wondering if I should buy something for home.

  9. Thanks Sean for the mention. I saw this post when you posted it, read it, blushed a little, filled up a lot and was too overcome to comment, lol! I then had to dash off out and away from the computer and forgot to come back and say thank you.

    Your blog has been a great inspiration to me (and many others). I hope that by blogging about what we do, we can help more people make the small day-to-day changes in their lives that turn into massive achievements over time.

    Keep up the good work!


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