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Day 511 Super Sunday Reminds Me of Potential

Day 511

Super Sunday Reminds Me of Potential

Sunday morning came a little lonely today. Courtney spends a good deal of time at her mom’s house. I started my routine today by brewing the coffee and giving my metabolism something to work on. I grabbed a banana first and then contemplated my options. I settled for a breakfast pizza on pita flat bread. It was really good and only 175 calories. I prepared the breakfast and logged on the computer to write Day 510. The computer started acting really crazy and before long it became very clear. I have another virus. I ran my anti-virus and spy bot program, but it didn’t matter. This is becoming an every three month type deal. It’s crazy. I wish I knew what kind of low life sits around all day creating these viruses. I immediately closed everything down and unplugged my internet connection. Now it’s back to writing this blog at the studio until it’s all fixed again. And again, I’m faced with the anxiety over all of my files. I really hope it’s all OK and repairable.

Nothing stops me from writing this blog. I may have to recount the previous days events, but it gets updated everyday regardless of my circumstances. It’s a consistent commitment I made from Day 1 and the result? It’s kept me on track and accountable. I can’t count the number of good choices I’ve made because I knew I’d be answering to the computer screen later, and then I end up feeling great for making the good choice.

Kyle Gershman mentioned Woman’s Day magazine in his comment yesterday. I’m with you on that one Kyle. Their incredible weight loss headlines have sold millions of dollars worth of magazines over the years, but very rarely do I see one that is something I could understand and accept as normal. Have I read them? Yes! I grew up with them in the house. Mom’s been buying Woman’s Day magazine for as long as I can remember. I despise most of these supermarket checkout headlines because their main goal isn’t to help people, it’s to sell magazines. If they do believe their own print, then they seriously need to dive into the truth. The only problem is the truth isn’t as exciting as “lose 10 pounds by Friday with this new super miracle drink!” Something more exciting than that headline? The results the truth can bring…yeah, pretty exciting stuff.

My relatively peaceful afternoon was suddenly shaken by my youngest sobbing on the phone. Her backpack had fallen from her vehicle into the street and by the time she noticed and went back, it was gone. She had all of her school books and homework, plus her iPod and camera. It was devastating to her. We looked for it a while and then I decided I would appeal for it’s safe return on the air tomorrow morning. (as of this writing—someone did leave it in the parking lot of the school, it was turned in minus her iPod and camera) When something horrible like this happens, you just hope the right person finds it, someone who would feel good about returning everything to it’s rightful owner. She wasn’t that lucky this time.

I don’t know if it’s the Super Bowl that makes me think about potential or what, but I found myself thinking about my individual potential. Then I read last years Super Bowl Sunday post and found that I was thinking about the same thing on that big day. Here’s an excerpt from last years Super Bowl Sunday, Day 140:

Why is it so important for me to go all the way on this journey without fail? One word: Potential. That word has haunted me my entire life. I've always had “potential.” We all do, but aside from being a good dad, I've always fell short of mine.

It started in grade school when the teacher would tell my mom that if I would apply myself, I had the potential to be a straight A student. In junior high, the assistant principle called me in his office and discussed the potential I possessed athletically. I was a large boy and he wanted to mold me into a powerhouse football player. All I had to do was follow his coaching and get in that weight room everyday after school. He could see potential. During my teen years I excelled at putting (organized Putt-Putt leagues) but still I wasn't living up to my potential. After three trips to nationals in Memphis, my best was 36th in the championship. They don't even give you a participation ribbon for 36th. I had the potential to become a champion putter, but fell short every time.

In high school Mr. West challenged me to make an A in his class. He knew I had the potential and I knew he was using psychology on me, but I showed him anyway when I turned in the effort and ended up with a 103% A+.

In my radio career I've been told that I have the potential to someday be a major market personality. Well, maybe I'm not finished working on that potential.

In my stand-up comedy career, the word “potential” was used from my very first performance. I'll never forget the laughter that night. When I exited the stage, the bartender told me it gave him goosebumps to see how well I did. Goosebumps? Wow, I must have potential! I remember an MC in a Dallas club telling the audience after I finished my set, “remember that name, cause he's going places.” And when a talent coordinator for CBS took a liking to me, I knew I had to move to Los Angeles. Because I had potential by golly! When I became a paid regular at the Hollywood Improv in less than a month and a half after arriving, potential was obviously clear.

I also had potential to be a great Dad, and that was far more important than any bright lights of Hollywood. I'm cruising along in the daddy and husband department and living up to my potential there everyday. But I can't say the same for any other area in my life.

I've never lived up to my potential when it comes to losing weight. I have the potential to go all the way and become trim and fit for the first time in my entire life. And I'm not letting this potential slip away. Not this one, because it's extremely critical to every other part of my life. I have potential to really do something wonderful here. And there isn't a food that taste good enough or a couch that is comfortable enough to keep me from what I have to do to reach my goals. I'm tired and fed up with doing things half way. I'm sickened by all the wasted “potential” I've left behind. That is what drives me to attack each day with an attitude of a winner.

I'm going to win this battle against my weight. And when I feel shaky, I have to ask myself questions. Why am I feeling this way? What are the consequences if I make too many bad choices? What have I learned along the way? I've learned that changing lifelong bad habits is a lot of work. But it's so worth it! So I keep on track, day in and day out, and I write about it every night. If I didn't have this time every night with my thoughts and feelings, I can't say how I'd be doing right now. Writing every night forces me to analyze my feelings, my weaknesses, my victories, and it forces me to constantly renew my strength. For anyone starting a journey like this, I highly recommend writing and keeping a journal or diary. If you want the accountability factor, then make it public, if not, then at least keep a personal diary of how you feel about each day. I've let myself down too many times and this will not be one of them. How do I know? Because like I've said many times before, I've decided. This decision is like the biggest bull dozer in the world. There's not an excuse that can get in the way without getting bulldozed.

If you like before and after pictures, be sure to check out Jack Sh*t’s blog. Here’s a link to a wonderful post he’s put together for Monday: I was honored to be included. And as I read---my jaw dropped at these amazing transformations. Oh wow, check them out! Thanks Jack for another fantastic post!

I’ll wrap up this Sunday post by saying what I say every time. Thank you for reading. I hope you realize I sincerely appreciate your support! I get really busy often and sometimes take forever to respond to e-mails and questions, please understand. Thanks again. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Oh, sorry about your girl's backpack. I hate stuff like that - taking something hard earned away from someone with no consideration. Poor thing. You sure are living up to your potential now Sean. No doubt about that at all.

  2. Sean, thanks for sharing from Day 140. One of my only regrets, and also what drives my determination now, is knowing the potential I let slip away for too many years. I can't wait to reclaim my potential and LIVE into it! Keep up the great work. :)

  3. Sean, you're going places, there's no question! :)

  4. Sean, I am so inspired by you and everything you have done so far! I just started my own blog, would you like to exchange links?

  5. This touched me deeply. I've had this same thing all my life... about potential. And now I WANT to go after some of it, whatever is still possible. Thank you for sharing this.

    And I totally agree about the journaling/blogging being a help to keep us on the right track. It really works! I didn't know it would, in the beginning. I just trusted that what you said was true, and copied your commitment of posting once a day. It has turned out to be fantastic advice!
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Sean. Have you considered a mac as an antiviral move? The mac users I know don't even have to bother with security software. It's too much for this to be happening every 3 months.

    I'm glad the bag was at least handed back. The person had a partial conscience. Maybe there is hope for that person yet.

    Hope you're having a good day,

    Bearfriend xx

  7. First, I'd like to say Congratulations! You truly are an inspiration to anyone who has any amount of weight to lose and there is always something in your writings that will kick start a journey when you're ready to take action. I have been reading for quite some time. I love your blog. You haven't written about it for awhile and I was wondering if you have kicked smoking for good.

  8. Wow...this is just outstanding. I love your blog...Thanks for being here and posting!

  9. Wow, I have discovered another GREAT BLOG to follow! Truly inspiring and I plan to follow you every day. I am a Weight Watcher at goal since June, but due to recent foot surgery, fighting a terrible cold, and getting slammed with snow on the east coast, I am tired. This morning I decided the best way to re-energize was to find some new blogs to add to my list. I have lost myself in the blogging world now for the past hour. Anyway, LOVE YOUR BLOG and plan on following you and reading your daily updates. Thank you so much for the motivation!

  10. Good Morning, Sean! I have to tell you how much I look forward to reading your blog each day now. I think I have mentioned it before, but I am reading from both ends now. My husband and I will outside D.C. and we're in a terrible line of snow storms. I teach and we have haven't school since last Thursday, so I have lots of time to catch up with your journey!
    I wanted to tell you I ended my night last night with your first motivational speech you posted back on Day 165. I think I almost stood up and gave you a standing ovation at the end! :)
    I'm on my own journey as well. My starting weight was one at had never seen before in my life...the big number that starts with a 2! 200lbs. I am happy to say I have lost to date 26lbs to 174. :) The weather sure isn't cooperating and I'm starting to stress. Even the gym is closed and there is definitely no walking outside right now. I'm keeping active in the house the best I can.
    Your grace of words are so encouraging and motivating to so many and I wanted to say thank you beyond words can say.

  11. switch to Google chrome for web browsing. Internet explorer FAILS.

  12. hm...I think you mean Woman's World. The current issue is "GET SLIM eating on $3.97 a day!" ... and then "DOUBLY DELICIOUS! Delight someone special with our Candy-Bar Cookies!" Each issue is like this LOL

  13. Hi Sean!

    I found my way back to my blog & my weight loss journey. I'm back & I'm here to stay! I'm just so upset that I stopped. I see you & all your weight loss accomplishments and can't help but wonder where I would have been if I kept at it.

    Since I've been back at my weight loss journey, I have lost 2 lbs and work out a lot more than I have been in the past. I've gotten back on my calorie counting and have been ok with 1500-2000 calories a day. I mainly try to keep at 1500 but right now I'm comfortable where I'm at so I'm not going to change anything at the moment.

    Stop by....

  14. Agreeing with Bearfriend about the computer. I've only used Apples (Macs) since our very first one in the 80's. Never had one virus! And they are just so cool. Just save your pennies up. You can find great deals on refurbished models.


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