Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9th, 2014 It Felt Doable For The First Time

July 9th, 2014 It Felt Doable For The First Time

Today was a good, solid, feel good kind of day. I ate well, I exercised and I accomplished a lot at work. I napped beautifully, good sleep napping. If you go back to January and read this post, you'll get an idea of what a dramatic difference horrible sleep vs. quality sleep makes. I read that old post and I see how positive I was trying to be and how, even in the face of extreme exhaustion I was desperately trying to regain control instead of weight. Of course, we know what happened. At the time that post was written, I still had 3.5 months of struggle ahead of me, peppered with periods of good, but mostly deep, dark struggle. Even though my time management skills needs a major overhaul and I often don't get enough sleep, now, when I do--it's quality and I feel as rested as anyone can possibly hope to be with an equal amount.

Now, looking back, I clearly see where this "confrontation" with the sleep issue was really the beginning of my comeback, if you will. Had I continued ignoring it and fighting each day to stay awake and maintain some kind of balance, by now I would have been well on my way back to over 500 pounds, instead of where I am today--headed toward my healthiest weight. I encourage you, if you're suffering with untreated sleep apnea, do whatever you must do to get some kind of treatment and therapy. It's robbing you of life. And life is too short. 

I've decided to share my meal tweets each night in this blog. I made this decision after receiving a message from a long time supporter in Tennessee. After listening to my radio show with mom the other morning via the online link, she writes: "To put a voice with the pictures and words made your story and journey so much more real, and the same is true with the photos of what you eat as opposed to a written down food plan. It was seeing the food in a picture that made me know I could do this. It felt doable for the first time."

I was keeping the food pictures exclusive to Twitter because I didn't want to over do-it, you know? I understand not everyone is into Twitter. Although I have no control of how my food pictures are received-nor should I care regardless, I still don't want my food choices to be misconstrued as some kind of example of what you should eat. I never tell anyone what they should eat or not eat. My twitter feed of every bite, every calorie is simply an accountability tool I felt I needed, as a modification to what I did before. I eat what I like and nothing I don't. That simple statement was a big part of my initial weight loss blogging and is prominently featured in my book, Transformation Road. What is right and good for me, may not be anything you like.

We all must find what works for us. I believe we shouldn't ever force ourselves to choke down things we can't stand for the sole purpose of losing weight. How can we develop eating habits and behaviors to last a lifetime if we hate what we're eating along the way? When that very dear supporter said "It was seeing the food in picture that made me know I could do this. It felt doable for the first time," it touched me and gave me a slight shift in perspective. As long as you know, the food I eat is customized to my likes/dislikes and personal restrictions (nearly 100% abstinence from sugar) and it's not a suggestion or "food plan" for anyone but me, then I'll feel better about also sharing the tweets here each night. Of course, if you like the same things I like--I highly recommend all of it!! I love what I'm eating!

As you can tell from my recent food tweets, avocados have been on sale lately for 50 cents each.

My mom turned 69 today! I've already wished her a happy birthday four times today, but I'll do it again here because I know she reads everything I write: Happy Birthday Mom!! I'll be celebrating her birthday with a visit to Stillwater this coming Sunday.

My workout tonight was inspired and productive. I recently raised the resistance on the elliptical a notch, thinking it wouldn't make a big difference...I was wrong, it makes a big difference. I plan on adding spinning classes to my workout schedule next week along with some resistance weight training in my "spare bedroom gym." 

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  1. Thank you Sean for sharing your food pics. I too, now know I can prepare a colorful, tasty Breakfast, lunch & dinner!

  2. Very glad you had a good day. So did I!

  3. Do you think your weight re-gain is part of the reason your have sleep apnea? I am curious as to what part obesity plays in this condition..... Did you have a problem with sleep apnea when you were at your goal weight? I know both my son (at 500 lbs.) and his wife (over 300 lbs.) use a CPAP machine.
    I never had apnea, but I spent over half of every night sleeping in a recliner when I was obese, because the bed made my back hurt so badly. Obesity causes so many problems. It's amazing how we have the ability to ignore those problems as we stuff our faces, isn't it?

  4. Great choices! Happy Birthday to your Mom <3


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