Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12th, 2014 Thank You and Nothing More

November 12th, 2014 Thank You and Nothing More

It was a really good day for compliments. I received a couple of them for my physical transformation and I quickly said "thank you," and nothing more. It always seems to be hard to accept compliments. I think it's because when anyone is complimentary, it's natural to believe they're just trying to be nice. Or maybe it's because we're not convinced or we're more focused on the imperfections--so instead of saying "thank you," and dropping it right there, we add things like, "I'm not there yet" or "I've got a long way to go" or a number of other things. And if we utter something in disagreement of their compliment, it's rather impolite, I've been told. So I just said, "thank you." It felt good to accept the kind words. I did think to myself, if they only knew about the inner transformation, they would really be blown away. The inner transformation, that's the biggest and best one--sincerely.

Today was another really solid day with food and exercise. I've danced a little closer this week and held on a little tighter to the fundamentals of my plan. I do this when I'm experiencing stressful or emotional things in my life. Instincts want to send me the other way sometimes, and it's during those moments I must be very mindful to take extraordinary care in every way.

I had another incredible level 12 workout on the elliptical tonight and I just finished some pretty decent strength training exercises. I did squats and modified pushups and I attempted to use my NordicFlex machine, however I think I'm going to need to breakdown and read the instruction manual in order to figure out how to best use this big thing in the middle of my spare bedroom.

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  1. ("I just finished some pretty decent strength training exercises.")


  2. OH the compliment thing.... Yes, we down play it. Or I do. Someone the other day said "Wow, you look GREAT!" And my response? "OH I've ONLY lost 76lbs!"
    She looked at me like I was nuts! I look at myself and think I'm nuts sometimes! I'm waiting for my inner transformation to happen. I know its coming!
    Your doing so well Sean! You kick some ass every day and your williness to share that makes me strive daily on what I do!

    Have a great day!

    1. 76 pounds, Rosie--That's BIG. You're doing fantastic things, my friend!!! In the morning, look in the mirror and start your day with, "Rosie, you really do look great!!" Look at you, my friend!!! I have never laid eyes on you, but I know what 76 pounds can do physically!! Believe it!
      The inner takes a lot of work, it really does--and I'm not near where I would like to be with it. But I am happy, I can say that for sure. I'm more confident now than I've ever been in my life--and not just because of the weight loss, because the bottom line is, I know in my heart I'm a good and talented person with many gifts to share--and those things are true regardless of my weight.
      Keep on keeping on! You're doing amazing things!!
      I'm so happy that my journey is inspiring yours!!

  3. The experts tell us our weight is only the symptom, not the problem. I guess this is another way of saying what you said Sean "if they only knew about the transformation they would be blown away." I haven't wanted to believe that our weight being the symptom but am now. THAT'S why diets don't work. It's putting a bandaid on the problem! It's an AHA moment for me, Thank you Sean!

    1. Yes indeed, Nancy. You nailed it, 100%. That's pure truth. Somewhere in the archives (I wish I would have indexed better) there's a big, long, elaborate post about this very topic.
      Often times, the biggest physical transformations start with these type of inner revelations. It's got to be worked though-- it must be exercised regularly!!
      I love AHA moments!!!! Thank you!!


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