Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17th, 2015 Some Adjustments

December 17th, 2015 Some Adjustments

I had a midday Christmas party to attend today. My strategy is simple: Take something in total harmony with my food plan. This way, if everything else doesn't qualify, I'm fine. Everyone loved my homemade guacamole! The host of the party was dicing grilled chicken tenderloins for a more elaborate & festive dish. I requested a couple of those--and with my guac and chips, I was set.

I hurried back to work after the party for a meeting, then stayed the remainder of the afternoon--taking a quick break to ship some books, then back again for afternoon production duties. It was late afternoon when I walked in the door...hungry and tired. 

I prepared a good late afternoon snack, had a wonderful phone conversation with a mentor/support friend about my apparent instability of late (I'm blessed with incredible support friends who know me VERY well)--then, even though it was late, I decided on a short nap.

You know what happens next. 

I overslept the nap. By an hour. It was really good sleep. The smarter thing to do would have been to hit the gym, home for dinner--and then getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Again--it was some of the best sleep I've had in a while. I woke feeling rested and refreshed. That's great, sure--but not so great for my schedule.

I've struggled the past week or so. My food plan remains solid. I haven't sacrificed that in the slightest. However, I feel like I've allowed everything else to become out of sorts. This feeling of instability really fired up while preparing for my long-form stand-up gig last week. I was so full of anxiety--and then it turned out wonderful... A standing ovation after an hour of stand-up, I really couldn't have been more pleased.

But still-- I sacrificed workouts, and worse--sleep, in making sure it went well. 

I have many personal and professional goals--and sometimes I feel stuck. I get glimpses of what I love and desire, but I sometimes feel like there are too many options, too many possibilities for me--and then, instead of moving toward those things, I hold myself back in certain ways. 

And when the workouts and sleep start taking a backseat, I worry my food disciplines might follow suit.

I'll tell you right now--My recovery and stability is EXTREMELY important to me... and yes, my food (maintaining maintenance budget and abstinence from refined sugar) is VERY solid, but I must firm up the rest of my life in order for things to stay solid.

 photo l_c802fbbeb4ffc5f4d2b58b4d2a743f04.jpg
#TBT For someone who seriously hated having photos taken, I sure do have a lot of 500 pound-plus pictures. I'm glad I have them. I don't hate them anymore. I love them, actually.

My workout tonight was non-negotiable. It did me more good mentally than physically--and that's not to say it wasn't a good workout, it was a great workout--I just really needed it, in a big way.

I'm following some advice from support friends and supportive reader comments by implementing some small changes in my workout routines and schedules. The worst thing I can do is beat myself up relentlessly for perceived failure that isn't a failure to begin with--it's simply where I am. And where I am is in need of some adjustments.

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  1. Food template (food sober) and sleep trump exercise always- IMO. If you are working out less, then the intake is less.

    I hear and see more injuries- both at the gym, at home, while driving due to lack of sleep.

    Glad you have your support group. You an recoup muscles, but it's harder to recover from gym injuries, car accidents, and burns from being too tired and cooking. Onward.


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