Friday, December 4, 2015

December 4th, 2015 I Think It's That

December 4th, 2015 I Think It's That

The extra sleep last night and the night before helped tremendously. Good thing, because today was fairly packed. I'm off this weekend! I'm really looking forward to some time to rest and work on some projects I haven't lately. I might even venture out to a movie.

Sunday will include a trip to Stillwater to see family as we all gather to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary. They've selected a big buffet style restaurant.

I don't cradle the same perspective I once embraced with buffets. I don't like them, really. But I don't fear them. My buffet perspective has evolved over the years. Once upon a time, it was a free for all--How much can I eat? How many entrees can I fit into one meal? Then, when I started losing weight consistently, it changed to a white knuckled perspective/approach--very careful, feeling like I was navigating a culinary minefield and resisting the urge to go too far in any one direction. Today, it's a calm approach. The extra choices ensure I can assemble a great plate within the boundaries of my plan. If it's more challenging it's because there are so many choices and that takes a little extra time to navigate. Instead of pictures on a menu, it's all prepared--it's like the menu comes to life, all hot and (hopefully) fresh, right in front of your eyes and under your nose. I'd much prefer ordering an entree. Most of these type places do not offer that option. And now, to be honest, I much prefer planning, preparing and cooking at home. I like my creations better than most restaurant meals I've ordered. Maybe I'm just not eating at the right restaurants. Or maybe I simply prefer the extra attention, care, certainty and accomplishment of a well prepared plate. Yeah, I think it's that.

As Life Coach Gerri says, I live life on life's terms--and Sunday, we're having a family gathering at a buffet. I will be there and aware and connected with support just in case my confident approach runs into something of a mind melting nature.

This habit of late Friday night workouts is a thing with me every now and again. I enjoyed mine tonight. After yesterday's full body strength training, tonight was just cardio. It was familiar and just wonderful.

I'm looking forward to sleeping without an alarm clock. Headed there right now!

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  1. I'm with you Sean - when it comes to restaurant food versus our own home prepared. Ours is MUCH better most of the time. Perhaps it is what our taste buds are accustomed to since taking top care of ourselves. Happy to hear you are getting more sleep these days. All the experts on TV are saying the latest statistics show that lack of sleep is as bad for you as smoking. WOW We need our sleep. I know it makes a difference in how well I do the next day, all around.

    1. I like the home cooked versus the restaurant meals, for sure! I'm working on the sleep issue. I am starting to make it more important. It's a start. I can't deny the benefits. It makes a profound difference.


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